Sony's Next Handheld *Allies Assemble*

  • What will this thing be? What do you want it to be? I would love to hear all allies thoughts and ideas of what will most likely be Sony's next handheld and what you hope it will be. Will there be game cartridges or download only? Expandable storage or set capacities on arrival? Will it connect to a T.V. like before or be smooth like to the Switch? Clam-shell? Low spec? Inexpensive? E3 2017? There are so many avenues Sony could take in developing another handheld. So what will it be, or what should it be?

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    I highly doubt that they will ever release anothet dedicated handheld. Nintendo owns the space, and even they are abandoning it.

  • It would lose to the Switch unless it played PS4/5 games. Sony has shown with the Vita that they're not willing to try hard enough to make a handheld platform succeed with their own studios and resources. And they've only shut down and moved more and more of those teams onto PS4 since the Vita slowed.

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    There won't be another Sony handheld. There's no audience for one.

    They can't market it as the cool and adult gaming device. That failed time and time again, and their more family friendly stuff doesn't appeal to anyone except for maybe hipsters.

    And if there is a genuinely good game on the platform people will just petition to have it ported to the PS4.

  • This most likely will never happen.

    However, hypothetically if it did, it would have to be a handheld that played PS5 and hopefully all PS library of games on the go. Thats the only thing that makes sense moving forward. The Switch is doing it or at least headed there (I think the switch is brilliant) and now Sony would have to do it. A system that just plays games dedicated to it would fail even more then the vita did.

    I am not sure sony could make a device that plays PS5 games if they dont build the hardware to be portable hardware first like the switch.

  • I think Sony should make another portable, otherwise they risk losing the mid/small japanese game development market to Nintnedo.

  • @LordBaztion Yeah maybe, if its worth it. Id be curios on what Sony's thoughts are on it but i think it would have to compete with the Switch. Thats a pretty high bar for them.

  • They shouldn't make a new one, they barely supported the Vita, just stick to home consoles.

  • Where is all the L&R? The cross buy/play platform on the Vita is amazing. I play all my psone, PSP, and indie compatible titles on it regularly. Come on guys, dig deep. What do you really wanna see from Sony's next handheld?

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    I wouldn't mind if they went back to the old PSP Go design. I liked being able to flip it up and down.

    They also gotta stop with the whole proprietary shit. Just use SD cards like everyone else.

    There should also be more interactivity between the handheld and its console counterpart.

  • If they went for the same concept of the Switch and made it their main system I think it could be great as it would probably garner more faith and support from third parties, however with the Switch existing all of that is invalidated and I don't see a reason for one since it would just be competing for the same market

  • I can't see a PS4 handheld hybrid console being made. I can see a poweful handheld that can run PS4 games being made. it just needs to be a 720p version of a PS4. Will it connect to the TV? Maybe through wireless streaming/hdmi. Cartridge based. But the problem with all this is the storage space for both external and internal. The Trinity will be revealed.

  • @CGamor7 I'm sure they don't want to go back into dedicated portable gaming (even more considering how well their phone games are doing in japan). The following years are going to be interesting for the japanese mid/small game development market. While the swtich gains momentum, developers will stop supporting the vita and with that they will drop support for PS4 too, and will give Nintendo a lot of free exclusives. Big budget games will still be on Sony's court.

  • @LordBaztion I agree with with you on the part about them not wanting to get back into dedicated gaming and devs stopping support of vita. But even if the switch becomes wildly successful, devs will still support PS4 because of the install base. It would be strange that they would miss out on sales just to make games for Nintendo when at the very least they could port a Switch game to PSN. I also don't see Nintendo out selling PS4 world wide. I think it has the chance to be really successful but i dont think its going to catch up before PS5 releases.

    On that note, as I was writing this I guess it wouldn't be completely absurd for them wanting to create a handheld since its what the Japanese market seems to want. But it better play all mobile and PS5 games. But like @ib0show said, storage space will become an issue. Better hope for some 500 GB SD cards minimum. I think its to late to make a handheld that plays PS4 games.

  • I am so surprised to see so many allies simply write off another Sony handheld as an impossibility/ improbability. A few years ago the team over at Extra Credits produced an opinion piece that sums up the Vita's failure quite well in a general sense ( Is it so hard to believe that Sony can learn from their mistakes? Or Nintendo or Microsoft for that matter? I believe Sony has been in the process of developing another handheld for quite some time now and that we may see it sooner than later. Maybe I'm a bit too excited for something that may never be and I just wanted to share some crazy ideas with fellow allies. Or maybe I'm just burnt from how underwhelming and disappointing the Switch is and wanted to look forward to something exciting. Either way I would still love to hear about any allies dream Sony handheld.


    I was at that talk and it sounded like Shuhei meant it when he more or less said no.

    So unless the mentality has changed from what Shuhei said, I wouldn't hold any hope for a successor anytime soon.

  • I think people are coming at this a bit backwards in general. Ask the PSP 3 the same questions people are asking of the Scorpio: What games would you want on it? Are people really dying for more PS3 franchise handheld spin-offs? Do we need a dedicated device for visual novels when the Nintendo Switch is already all shiny and new and region free and that audience and type of game works just fine on a last gen handheld?

    I love the Vita insofar as the Gravity Rush and Persona games I've played on PS4 are great — I've never owned one and never would except to play Persona 4 Golden, which should really just get a PS4 port anyway at this point. What else is there? Freedom Wars 2?

  • @dramaticslowmo Sony expects to do record breaking operating profit this year. Their best division is the gaming division. Kaz Hirai has turned the company around.

  • @dramaticslowmo Shuhei says a lot of things ( , In all seriousness though Sony had just filed a patent for the vita successor right before that developer session you linked ( I'm sure they've been working on another handheld.

    @Haru17 What? Ask the same of the Switch. The answer was Breath of the Wild apparently. Which is also on the Wii U... with less lag. A handheld doesn't need dedicated games. It will never outperform a console counterpart which would be able to run anything that the handheld could.

  • @Ross said in Sony's Next Handheld *Allies Assemble*:

    @Haru17 What? Ask the same of the Switch. The answer was Breath of the Wild apparently. Which is also on the Wii U... with less lag. A handheld doesn't need dedicated games. It will never outperform a console counterpart which would be able to run anything that the handheld could.

    The answer is every single Nintendo game, both console and handheld. The Wii U was unexciting due to its marketing, so they had to start on a clean slate. I asked for games. If you're going to contest my point, please tell me any software at all that would be released on the PSP 3. Netflix, even.

    If you can't answer such a basic question in the gaming space, the presumptive conclusion is that your device just doesn't have a reason to exist.