Sony's Next Handheld *Allies Assemble*


    I was at that talk and it sounded like Shuhei meant it when he more or less said no.

    So unless the mentality has changed from what Shuhei said, I wouldn't hold any hope for a successor anytime soon.

  • I think people are coming at this a bit backwards in general. Ask the PSP 3 the same questions people are asking of the Scorpio: What games would you want on it? Are people really dying for more PS3 franchise handheld spin-offs? Do we need a dedicated device for visual novels when the Nintendo Switch is already all shiny and new and region free and that audience and type of game works just fine on a last gen handheld?

    I love the Vita insofar as the Gravity Rush and Persona games I've played on PS4 are great — I've never owned one and never would except to play Persona 4 Golden, which should really just get a PS4 port anyway at this point. What else is there? Freedom Wars 2?

  • @dramaticslowmo Sony expects to do record breaking operating profit this year. Their best division is the gaming division. Kaz Hirai has turned the company around.

  • @dramaticslowmo Shuhei says a lot of things ( , In all seriousness though Sony had just filed a patent for the vita successor right before that developer session you linked ( I'm sure they've been working on another handheld.

    @Haru17 What? Ask the same of the Switch. The answer was Breath of the Wild apparently. Which is also on the Wii U... with less lag. A handheld doesn't need dedicated games. It will never outperform a console counterpart which would be able to run anything that the handheld could.

  • @Ross said in Sony's Next Handheld *Allies Assemble*:

    @Haru17 What? Ask the same of the Switch. The answer was Breath of the Wild apparently. Which is also on the Wii U... with less lag. A handheld doesn't need dedicated games. It will never outperform a console counterpart which would be able to run anything that the handheld could.

    The answer is every single Nintendo game, both console and handheld. The Wii U was unexciting due to its marketing, so they had to start on a clean slate. I asked for games. If you're going to contest my point, please tell me any software at all that would be released on the PSP 3. Netflix, even.

    If you can't answer such a basic question in the gaming space, the presumptive conclusion is that your device just doesn't have a reason to exist.

  • @Haru17 Every single Playstation game, both console and handheld?

  • @Haru17 Persona 5 Golden

  • @ib0show Persona 5 Crimson, where you can optionally play as the villain and see things from their perspective. I might be dreaming a little too big here.

  • Banned

    The way things are Sony may as well just make their next handheld a phone with their own app marketplace. They've always tried to market it as an all in one entertainment device. Go all the way with it. Get people to carry it around with them not to just play games, but to have it as a necessity.

    They already have the Xperia which can stream PS4 games and use the Dualshock. They just need to take it one step further and advertise the damn thing.

  • @Ross So it's a physical virtual console? Why do people buy that? The Switch isn't that, despite your joke, it's new games that Nintendo and their partnered developers produce.

    Does the PSP 3 play new games by the time it's out alongside the PS5? If not, it loses out on the benefit of their cumulative marketing pushes and just becomes a better PS Vita TV. How would that be worth the designing and manufacturing of a next gen handheld, as well as the development costs for all of those ports?

    @SabotageTheTruth I don't think the villains in Persona 5 have perspectives, honestly. I struggle to think how this Persona game could be improved with an Ultimate or G-version. My only issues really are certain parts of the writing, which are already on the page at this point.

  • @Haru17 I mean... the previous 2 games received "enhanced" releases. I'd put money on them doing the same here, especially given sales figures.

  • @Haru17 Are you saying that no games will be released on a hypothetical console

  • @ib0show I'm saying that you guys aren't thinking of many games for Sony's hypothetical handheld. Not having Monster Hunter due to Nintendo's past exclusivity deal probably crippled the Vita in Japan, especially considering how well a 2.0 version of a series compilation title is currently selling on 3DS.

  • @Haru17 If Sony release a console there will be support. I'm sure they will get Street Fighter 2, NBA 2k18, Fifa 18 and hey maybe even Skyrim.

  • @ib0show We only get the privilege to overlook first-party games on Nintendo systems because we know they'll come to the system. That gives it a chance to succeed and garner third-party AAAs.

    Sony has literally shut down most of its Vita developer studios or moved them to other projects, like Guerrilla Cambridge who made Killzone Mercenary, Rigs for PSVR, and was then shut down.

  • @Haru17 How about GTA 5, Battlefield, Final Fantasy 15, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Last of Us, Horizon, ... , Fallout? Does it really matter if you can also purchase these for a home console and play them on a portable through cross buy/play platform? What new games do you want? Did you want 1-2-Switch, Fast RMX, Kamiko, New Frontier Days, Snipperclips, and Super Bomberman R? I can't tell you exactly what games I would want specifically for the next Sony handheld but what I can tell you is that whatever they are should have no problem running on PS4/PS5. The same goes for the Switch. No reason games on the Switch shouldn't be able to run on the next Nintendo console.

  • @Ross So people are going to buy a portable that will cost $400 to play 2013 and 2015's hits, which are also playable on the console they definitely already own? Console war complaints against Nintendo Switch launch titles do not compose a successful competitor system (I very much doubt you're going to see a stationary console from them for a while — the Switch is that).

    Anyway, you're not describing a Vita successor, you're describing a weird reverse PS Vita TV-thing that none of us will be excited for in the alternate reality where it's announced.

  • @Haru17 Why would it cost $400, it could easily cost $249 or $299 max.

  • @ib0show The Nintendo Switch cost about $260 USD per system to manufacture. A hardware bump from that plus Sony's profit margin is not going to be the same price. It would probably be larger than the Switch too.

  • @Haru17 To break things down, the Nvidia Tegra processor, the dock, and the touch screen boils down to $167. Meanwhile, the Joy-Cons amount to $45 apiece. The tablet isn't worth much and Vita 2 won't be a hybrid so it's possible.