E3 of Dreams 2017

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    @Art I wouldn't even be mad. DmC was great.

  • @El-Shmiablo It is a great game, but many people hate it for no real reason.

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    If you want to hear some hope and dreams of me. Feel free to watch the EZA community podcast that I was lucky enough to be a guest on last night!

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    @jipostus Best story, mechanically better than half the games in the franchise, characters that amount to more than anime trope #973... I would absolutely love a sequel.

  • Show me more FF7R. Like A LOT MORE. 30 minute gameplay, shadow drop a playable demo of the first reactor on PSN, GIVE ME SOMETHING! Spiderman PS4, UC Lost Legacy, Horizon DLC, God of War, Days Gone, Detroit, Death Stranding, Sucker Punch new IP, Hot Shots Golf, Ni No Kuni 2, Bethesda new IP, maybe Elder Scrolls 6, Aegis 13, and probably a lot more I'm forgetting.

    Yes, I realize my hype is very PS centric. Unless MS can show me something worthwhile that isn't Halo, Gears, or Forza then I have zero interest in the Scorpio. I'm still waiting on the Switch to be readily available and have more games on it. I'll eventually pick one up but right now Ninty doesn't have much to hold my interest. Arms and Splatoon 2 just aren't my type of games. BOTW and MK8D I will eventually get along with a Switch and maybe Bomberman. We'll see how SMO looks and I'll decide then.

  • so according to Shawn Layden we should expect more games and less talk on Sony's Conference ... yes please :)


  • I could really go for something new from ThatGameCompany.

  • @tyler-travis
    Didn't they make Genji? Also didn't they close?

  • @DMCMaster I don't think either are the case, but I could be wrong.

    Last I heard they were working on a new game and someone from the company left. I do believe it will not be exclusive though as they fulfilled that contract.

  • @DMCMaster

    That's Game Republic and yes they closed down

    Thatgamecompany is still around but most of the staff from Journey have left

  • Kenichi Nishi and Akira Ueda and Kazutoshi Iida and Taro Kudo and Keita Takahashi and a resurrected Kenji Eno all get together and get lots of money and get to make weird experimental lovely games until the end of time.

  • We know a lot of stuff is going to appear, Spider-Man, God of War etc. But the unlikely hopes and dreams?


    • Final Fantasy IX PS4 Port, The most likely of my dreams, it's already on Steam and iOS. Just make it happen.

    • Resident Evil 2 Remake, they announced it in like, 2015 on Facebook. We gotta see it now right?

    • Parasite Eve Reboot, please

    • Dead Space don't be dead

    • Devil May Cry 5

    • Breath of Fire 6, in beautiful pixel art and dragon gene mixing is back

    There's probably more but I don't want to be too heartbroken.

  • well Atlus got ahead of E3 and just confirmed Etrian Odyssey 5, Radiant Historia and Strange Journey for the west on early 2018 so that's one of the things I wanted to know, after that I guess that anything is a welcomed surprise for me.

  • @bard91 The main thing I want from Atlus is Project Re:Fantasy, but that's probably a ways off.

  • @michemagius That is early, probably very early in development right now, they posted like 5 open positions for the project a few months ago so I imagine they are still in a very conceptual phase.

    That said, Project Re:Fantasy is my most anticipated game at the moment, as I really want to see what Hashino plans to do with the setting.

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    What're you guys expecting to see from the latest sequel to The Last of Us?

    alt text

  • The only dream I want answered is a remake of Skies of Arcadia/Skies of Arcadia 2/Skies of Arcadia HD on Steam.

    I would do insane crazy things.

  • What are the chances of god of war being this holiday

  • I had an actual dream last night, the E3 hype is getting to me.

    Nintendo's conference opened with a 2.5D game.
    Think Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but nowhere near as gorgeous.
    Actually think Hey! Pikmin.

    A lone space warrior wearing a horrifyingly brown suit shoots her way from left to right through ancient jungle ruins, jumping and weaving past all sorts of obstacles.
    Eventually she reaches a dead end and turns towards the screen, now navigating in full 3D, a la Other M.

    The rest is hazy but I'm sweating at this point.
    A logo appears.
    "Metroid Future"

    I don't know what to hope anymore.

  • @Axel
    I had a similar dream the other night, except the title was "Metroid Prime:Dreadnought" also had one that Starcraft Ghost popping up at MS show.