E3 of Dreams 2017

  • We know a lot of stuff is going to appear, Spider-Man, God of War etc. But the unlikely hopes and dreams?


    • Final Fantasy IX PS4 Port, The most likely of my dreams, it's already on Steam and iOS. Just make it happen.

    • Resident Evil 2 Remake, they announced it in like, 2015 on Facebook. We gotta see it now right?

    • Parasite Eve Reboot, please

    • Dead Space don't be dead

    • Devil May Cry 5

    • Breath of Fire 6, in beautiful pixel art and dragon gene mixing is back

    There's probably more but I don't want to be too heartbroken.

  • well Atlus got ahead of E3 and just confirmed Etrian Odyssey 5, Radiant Historia and Strange Journey for the west on early 2018 so that's one of the things I wanted to know, after that I guess that anything is a welcomed surprise for me.

  • @bard91 The main thing I want from Atlus is Project Re:Fantasy, but that's probably a ways off.

  • @michemagius That is early, probably very early in development right now, they posted like 5 open positions for the project a few months ago so I imagine they are still in a very conceptual phase.

    That said, Project Re:Fantasy is my most anticipated game at the moment, as I really want to see what Hashino plans to do with the setting.

  • Banned

    What're you guys expecting to see from the latest sequel to The Last of Us?

    alt text

  • The only dream I want answered is a remake of Skies of Arcadia/Skies of Arcadia 2/Skies of Arcadia HD on Steam.

    I would do insane crazy things.

  • What are the chances of god of war being this holiday

  • I had an actual dream last night, the E3 hype is getting to me.

    Nintendo's conference opened with a 2.5D game.
    Think Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but nowhere near as gorgeous.
    Actually think Hey! Pikmin.

    A lone space warrior wearing a horrifyingly brown suit shoots her way from left to right through ancient jungle ruins, jumping and weaving past all sorts of obstacles.
    Eventually she reaches a dead end and turns towards the screen, now navigating in full 3D, a la Other M.

    The rest is hazy but I'm sweating at this point.
    A logo appears.
    "Metroid Future"

    I don't know what to hope anymore.

  • @Axel
    I had a similar dream the other night, except the title was "Metroid Prime:Dreadnought" also had one that Starcraft Ghost popping up at MS show.

  • Brave Fencer Musashi Remake
    Developed by PlatinumGames
    I don't really have much to say about this one. I've just wanted this for a long time.

    Developed by Retro Studios
    I would simply call this game 'Metroid', as it will be a new beginning. This isn't a reboot. It takes place after Metroid Fusion. It's a side-scroller and is strictly single player. And the reason for that is because of my next game.

    Metroid Prime Hunters 2
    Developed by Croteam
    I once threw out the idea of a first-person Metroid game to Ian after the review for The Talos Principle. I'd love to see them take on a core Metroid game, but I think the universe is begging for a side-scroller these days. I thought the first Hunters was underappreciated, and despite its weird controls on the DS, had a fun 1v1 deathmatch multiplayer. Croteam could create some interesting character abilities in multiplayer, and the puzzle solving in the single-player campaign would be fantastic.

    Super Mario 64S
    Developed by Nintendo EPD
    This is essentially an HD remaster of Super Mario 64 for Switch. I wouldn't change anything about the core game beyond fixing bugs. This would be the ultimate E3 shadow drop. I think that alone would grab people's attention, but that's not all there is to this. To ensure this game gets talked about for months to come I (as Nintendo) would simply suggest people play the game to completion. Upon beating the story of the game you unlock a remaster of the DS version of the game. Upon obtaining all the stars in the original (non-DS) version you unlock a 5 minute prologue video to Super Mario Odyssey.

  • @jipostus I didn't hate DmC, I just disliked the versions of the characters in the game.
    Also, that scene of Dante making fun of having white hair... didn't make me like him.

    To be fair, I only played the demo, and probably my nostalgia for the original games skewed my opinion.

  • @Inustar
    Id say give it a second chance, while I still hate that version of Dante, Vergil, Mundus, ect, and the story feeling like a self insert fanfic, how you can only hurt X type enemies with weapon Y. There are things I enjoy like the visual design of the stages, and the wubstep can be enjoyable under the right conditions, and the combat coming pretty damn close to a perfect blend of accessible and depth.
    Granted I'm talking about the "Were Sorry" edition on consoles, which I dont think was released on PC

    Also another to add to that second chance list is RE6, while my first time completing the game left me pissed (To the point I wrote up a 90 something page review) It's since grown on me.
    This kinda explains why its grown on me
    Youtube Video

  • @DMCMaster yeah, I wouldn't be averse to giving it another shot. I'll always be willing to give Vergil a second shot. Though I would only get it if it was pretty cheap on ps4.

  • @Inustar
    Pretty sure DmC on PS4 is like $12

  • @DMCMaster yeah... considering all the games I want to buy and play, it would probably need todrop to 5$ to get me to consider it.

  • This was more of a TGS wish, but since it was announced today.
    We're getting a 2D Dragon Ball fighting game by Arc System Works.....awesome.

  • @DMCMaster But will I finally be able to live out the dream of playing as Yajirobe?!

  • Tfw one of your dreams finally comes true, but is possibly garbage at the same time...

    Youtube Video

  • First time poster!

    I'll keep it short and keep it unrealistic.

    No announcement could make me happier than Sleeping Dogs 2. Would also be pumped for a 2D Castlevania.

  • Assassin's Creed Origins seems to be implementing a lot of new changes, making it into a action RPG with a souls inspired combat.