E3 of Dreams 2017

  • @jipostus I wouldn't be so sure. Factor 5 is now back and if I recall correctly, they have the rights to Turrican.


  • @jipostus Yeah, it happened about 3 weeks ago and wasn't widely reported. I'm also hoping that means another dream of mine, which is that the unreleased Rogue Squadron Trilogy game they made for Wii gets a release on Switch!

    Also, I'm loving the excitement! As Brad said after the announcement of FFVII remake: "Video games are the best you guys."

  • I'm a simple girl with simple dreams.

    No No Kuni 2 Release Date
    Pokémon Stars
    Animal Crossing Switch
    Atlus's new IP
    Okami 3
    A Hat in Time Release Date
    Any Persona Remake
    New Shin Megami Tensei

    EDIT: I've wanted it for so long that it didn't occur to me...MOTHER 3.
    EDIT 2: I can't believe I forgot! MORE KATAMARI!!!

  • Well, at this point Paper Mario and 3D Zelda have been dead since the early 2010s. I don't have any expectation for their weird, lethargic imposters walking around in their skins, whenever they will come again. Okami 3 is probably never happening because the world forgot how to make Zelda games. In term of realistic expectations of games I will enjoy, there's;

    • A new IP from Bethesda the studio (literally any setting but generic sci-fi)
    • Monster Hunter 5 on Switch (featuring 15 or so totally new monsters to set it apart from the release games)
    • Metroid Prime 4 developed by Retro (The easy and highly accurate pointer controls and Samus' ship / interplanetary travel returns from Corruption, but just forget about the Stylux tease from that game's 100% credits. The similar planet post credits scene at the end of Halo 3 only lead to a mediocre sequel.)

  • A lot of dreams have come true in the last couple of years but here are some more! The mix in terms of possibility.

    • The unreleased Rogue Squadron trilogy gets a release on Switch.
    • We get a new Advance Wars and it's back to the old anime style.
    • Resident Evil 2 remake can be played in both first-person and with fixed camera angles.
    • We get a Resident Evil collection with every single game included, along with the remakes. The limited edition boxset smells of Barry Burton's aftershave.
    • A new Medievil game is announced.
    • Retro Studios are creating a brand new IP.
    • A bunch of cool new IPs.
    • Sonic Adventure 3 is announced as the next game after Sonic Forces.
    • Pokemon is getting a whole new 3D RPG (possibly a remake of Red/Blue) and it has a Dark Souls-style system where you can choose to play online, go into other people's games and challenge them to Pokemon battles.
    • A sequel to Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is announced, and Shigsy (aka Miyamoto) promises he'll leave Intelligent Systems alone on this one.
    • Sony do their Smash Brothers clone properly this time.
    • Spyro the Dragon gets either a remake or a new platforming game, and Stewart Copeland's doing the soundtrack.

    And as a bonus:

    • Konami apologises for being a bunch of shits.
    • The CEO of Konami comes out on Sony's stage, and then Kojima and Del Toro come in with a steel chair, smack him in the head and reveal Silent Hills is still happening.

  • http://www.gamecriticsawards.com/judges.html - second NA outlet, a dream come true for many of the allies already. :) Kudos to the EZA crew!

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    All I really want to see are:

    More of Darksiders 3
    More of Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Thank you

  • The best thing possible for me would be a sudden announcement that Sonic Mania is available to buy right now, during E3.
    A shadow-drop of Cuphead would also be pretty neat.
    Big media blow-out of REmake 2.
    Something from Retro Studios. Metroid / Donkey Kong / New IP - I'm signed up no matter what.
    Oh, and Shenmue 1 & 2 HD plz.

  • @luckywallace Shenmue 1 & 2 HD would be a legal way to print money, now that Shenmue 3 is on it's way, so I see no reason for not to release them.

  • Dreams you say?

    • From has been working on a sequel to Metal Wolf Chaos that they reveal live onstage with a character that looks suspiciously like Bernie Sanders in a mech storming the White House. I mean, if there's a better time for it than now, I don't know what it is.

    • Yakuza 2: Kyokutan is announced, which is a Kiwami-style remake of Yakuza 2. It's release date is late spring 2018 (so like a year from now)

    • Square Enix announces Sleeping Dogs 2

    • New Wipeout game is shadow dropped.

  • Don't really have E3 wishes for quite some time. Just go with the flow. Probably because I would end up playing said games a year after it came out.

    Would say more info on Destiny 2. But that's a given and the gameplay reveal is two days away from today.

  • For this E3 I'd like to watch live gameplay from several announced games, such as Beyond Good & Evil 2, God of War, Spider-Man, Darksiders III and Knack 2. However, what I'd like is for them to surprise me with new games that add something different to what's available today.

    • The announcement of Sony's next handheld
    • Codemaster's new/remake/remaster of Motorstorm
    • Demon's souls 2
    • Dreams (Media Molecule) release date
    • A new Nintendo console
    • Shadow drop of the next Oddworld game/remake
    • Spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus

  • My wishlist/predictions for E3 :


    • New IP
    • Scorpio priced at 400$ to compete with PS4 Pro
    • Lost Odyssey 2
    • RDR2 debut during their press conference


    • PS1 and PS2 games backward compatibility added. All your game discs will work.
    • Bloodborne 2 announced, coming out march 2018
    • God of War coming out this fall (yeah, not happenning)
    • Last of Us 2 dated for 2018
    • New IP announced
    • Ni No Kuni 2 coming out this fall
    • Destiny 2 will have a great story and fix all of the first game's issues
    • Nothing VR, thank you.


    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 demo, coming out spring 2018 (this is so not coming out in 2017)
    • Mario Odyssey will be delayed to winter 2018
    • This won't happen during E3, but I am hoping for a 300$ (or less) Zelda bundle for x-mas. Chance of this happenning : 0,1%

    Square Enix

    • Final Fantasy Tactics sequel announced and Yasumi Matsuno is leading the team.
    • Chrono Trigger 2 ! (yeah, this is not happenning, like ever)

  • Since this is the first E3 I'll be attending, I think I'll look back on this year as the E3 of dreams regardless. Buuuuuuut.......If we could get a new Sony handheld, that would be nice.

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    I really don't think there's anything currently existing I'm particularly excited to see get sequels or add-ons.

    I guess I'd just love to see some new IP's get announced, you know? We need more Horizon's.

    I mean, there's Bethesda and Bioware's new IP's that have yet to be revealed, but with both their track records as of late why the Hell should I be excited for either?

  • Legend of dragoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on baby its been 17 years

  • @Whiskeyjack RDR2 has already some dealings with Sony, so I highly doubt that it'll debut during MS press conference.

    As for Chrono Trigger 2, Never stop believing. One day, it will happen. Just Like Shenmue 3, or The Last Guardian.

  • @jipostus Does it ? Beside the release the date and the teaser, I haven't seen any info about this game.

    Also, I'd like to hear about the dlc/expansion for Horizon.