E3 of Dreams 2017

  • Well, at this point Paper Mario and 3D Zelda have been dead since the early 2010s. I don't have any expectation for their weird, lethargic imposters walking around in their skins, whenever they will come again. Okami 3 is probably never happening because the world forgot how to make Zelda games. In term of realistic expectations of games I will enjoy, there's;

    • A new IP from Bethesda the studio (literally any setting but generic sci-fi)
    • Monster Hunter 5 on Switch (featuring 15 or so totally new monsters to set it apart from the release games)
    • Metroid Prime 4 developed by Retro (The easy and highly accurate pointer controls and Samus' ship / interplanetary travel returns from Corruption, but just forget about the Stylux tease from that game's 100% credits. The similar planet post credits scene at the end of Halo 3 only lead to a mediocre sequel.)

  • A lot of dreams have come true in the last couple of years but here are some more! The mix in terms of possibility.

    • The unreleased Rogue Squadron trilogy gets a release on Switch.
    • We get a new Advance Wars and it's back to the old anime style.
    • Resident Evil 2 remake can be played in both first-person and with fixed camera angles.
    • We get a Resident Evil collection with every single game included, along with the remakes. The limited edition boxset smells of Barry Burton's aftershave.
    • A new Medievil game is announced.
    • Retro Studios are creating a brand new IP.
    • A bunch of cool new IPs.
    • Sonic Adventure 3 is announced as the next game after Sonic Forces.
    • Pokemon is getting a whole new 3D RPG (possibly a remake of Red/Blue) and it has a Dark Souls-style system where you can choose to play online, go into other people's games and challenge them to Pokemon battles.
    • A sequel to Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is announced, and Shigsy (aka Miyamoto) promises he'll leave Intelligent Systems alone on this one.
    • Sony do their Smash Brothers clone properly this time.
    • Spyro the Dragon gets either a remake or a new platforming game, and Stewart Copeland's doing the soundtrack.

    And as a bonus:

    • Konami apologises for being a bunch of shits.
    • The CEO of Konami comes out on Sony's stage, and then Kojima and Del Toro come in with a steel chair, smack him in the head and reveal Silent Hills is still happening.

  • http://www.gamecriticsawards.com/judges.html - second NA outlet, a dream come true for many of the allies already. :) Kudos to the EZA crew!

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    All I really want to see are:

    More of Darksiders 3
    More of Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Thank you

  • The best thing possible for me would be a sudden announcement that Sonic Mania is available to buy right now, during E3.
    A shadow-drop of Cuphead would also be pretty neat.
    Big media blow-out of REmake 2.
    Something from Retro Studios. Metroid / Donkey Kong / New IP - I'm signed up no matter what.
    Oh, and Shenmue 1 & 2 HD plz.

  • @luckywallace Shenmue 1 & 2 HD would be a legal way to print money, now that Shenmue 3 is on it's way, so I see no reason for not to release them.

  • Dreams you say?

    • From has been working on a sequel to Metal Wolf Chaos that they reveal live onstage with a character that looks suspiciously like Bernie Sanders in a mech storming the White House. I mean, if there's a better time for it than now, I don't know what it is.

    • Yakuza 2: Kyokutan is announced, which is a Kiwami-style remake of Yakuza 2. It's release date is late spring 2018 (so like a year from now)

    • Square Enix announces Sleeping Dogs 2

    • New Wipeout game is shadow dropped.

  • Don't really have E3 wishes for quite some time. Just go with the flow. Probably because I would end up playing said games a year after it came out.

    Would say more info on Destiny 2. But that's a given and the gameplay reveal is two days away from today.

  • For this E3 I'd like to watch live gameplay from several announced games, such as Beyond Good & Evil 2, God of War, Spider-Man, Darksiders III and Knack 2. However, what I'd like is for them to surprise me with new games that add something different to what's available today.

    • The announcement of Sony's next handheld
    • Codemaster's new/remake/remaster of Motorstorm
    • Demon's souls 2
    • Dreams (Media Molecule) release date
    • A new Nintendo console
    • Shadow drop of the next Oddworld game/remake
    • Spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus

  • My wishlist/predictions for E3 :


    • New IP
    • Scorpio priced at 400$ to compete with PS4 Pro
    • Lost Odyssey 2
    • RDR2 debut during their press conference


    • PS1 and PS2 games backward compatibility added. All your game discs will work.
    • Bloodborne 2 announced, coming out march 2018
    • God of War coming out this fall (yeah, not happenning)
    • Last of Us 2 dated for 2018
    • New IP announced
    • Ni No Kuni 2 coming out this fall
    • Destiny 2 will have a great story and fix all of the first game's issues
    • Nothing VR, thank you.


    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 demo, coming out spring 2018 (this is so not coming out in 2017)
    • Mario Odyssey will be delayed to winter 2018
    • This won't happen during E3, but I am hoping for a 300$ (or less) Zelda bundle for x-mas. Chance of this happenning : 0,1%

    Square Enix

    • Final Fantasy Tactics sequel announced and Yasumi Matsuno is leading the team.
    • Chrono Trigger 2 ! (yeah, this is not happenning, like ever)

  • Since this is the first E3 I'll be attending, I think I'll look back on this year as the E3 of dreams regardless. Buuuuuuut.......If we could get a new Sony handheld, that would be nice.

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    I really don't think there's anything currently existing I'm particularly excited to see get sequels or add-ons.

    I guess I'd just love to see some new IP's get announced, you know? We need more Horizon's.

    I mean, there's Bethesda and Bioware's new IP's that have yet to be revealed, but with both their track records as of late why the Hell should I be excited for either?

  • Legend of dragoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on baby its been 17 years

  • @Whiskeyjack RDR2 has already some dealings with Sony, so I highly doubt that it'll debut during MS press conference.

    As for Chrono Trigger 2, Never stop believing. One day, it will happen. Just Like Shenmue 3, or The Last Guardian.

  • @jipostus Does it ? Beside the release the date and the teaser, I haven't seen any info about this game.

    Also, I'd like to hear about the dlc/expansion for Horizon.

  • @Whiskeyjack
    Back when it was announced, they announced via the PlayStation blog that there would be some kind of exclusive content on PS4, also they promised some kind of Pro support above what is normally expected.

  • I guess I missed that. Thanks for the info.

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    Level-5 FINALLY gives us Dark Cloud 3.

    Seriously Sony. Where the fuck is Dark Cloud 3?

    You give me White Knight Chronicles and Ni No Kuni, but I can't get one sequel to one of the best PS2 games ever made?

  • Honest to goodness...

    All of the big 3 release a Netflix-like streaming service with their OG consoles all until their most recent for streaming.

    Never can happen but it would be so great.

    Entire NES-Wii U library. PS1-PS3. Xbox 1-360.