E3 of Dreams 2017

  • Honest to goodness...

    All of the big 3 release a Netflix-like streaming service with their OG consoles all until their most recent for streaming.

    Never can happen but it would be so great.

    Entire NES-Wii U library. PS1-PS3. Xbox 1-360.

    • Code Vein gameplay footage

    • UPPERS coming to the west for Vita and PS4

    • Gravity Rush 2 Yunica DLC

    • Kingdom Hearts 3 combat footage

    • PS All-Stars 2

    • Dragon Quest XI announced for west

    • Persona 5 Arena

    • Kirby Air Ride 2

  • #1 Anything referring to the existence of SKIES OF ARCADIA
    #2 Metroid
    #3 Beyond Good and Evil 2
    #4 Anything from Platinum Games (fanboy)
    #5 Time off of work so I can watch the whole thing


  • For the ppl wanting to see Final Fantasy 7 Remake at E3, what are some hopes or predictions for what ppl want to see?

    I hope I see an air ship we can fly! I highly doubt that will even be in the game lol.

    I hope to see some more characters and some actual in game footage that is close to the final version.

  • @CGamor7 i think we'll get gameplay of the airship and then a prerendered scene of Aerith preying and Sephiroth falling behind her

  • @FF7Cloud please 🙏

  • im actually surprised they havent revealed Sephy yet

  • @FF7Cloud yeah. They need to do that ASAP. I don't even care if the games comes out this year. just show me more! A lot more! Then my thirst will be quenched for now.

  • @FF7Cloud @CGamor7 Only one keyart picture with Mr. Moody in the front, the One Winged Dem...Angel in the back and the wide shot of Midgar in between.

  • I want to add to my dream, THE GLASS SHATTERS and out comes Jack Tretton with Kevin Butler and sits in the crowd.


    • Age of Empires IV
    • Gears of War SRPG, in the vein of XCOM
    • Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay
    • Cuphead Shadow Drop – Ashen follows in July, Below in August
    • Playdead Studios' Next Game Tease
    • Crimson Skies Sequel
    • Battletoads Sequel
    • New IP


    • Super Mario Maker Switch
    • Mario Golf Switch / Super Mario Strikers Switch
    • Retro’s Next Game


    • Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • I've had another few, all based on TimeSplitters:

    • We get a TimeSplitters HD collection with online play.
    • Free Radical is reforming with David Doak, Steve Ellis and co. involved.
    • TimeSplitters 4 is getting made with all the trimmings.

  • @Churchy Oh I wish that would become reality...

  • Dreaming big this year, at least I think it's big...

    • RE2 Remake - any gameplay is welcome, but the big dream part is a shadow drop of the full game to be within a month of E3, and/or include RE3 full remake at the same time to be a collection. Optional big dream would be both static cameras for original feel, and first person option supporting full VR like RE7.
    • Doom Single Player Content - I doubt a full sequel would happen so quickly, so I'm mainly hoping for some single player DLC content like an expansion to Doom 2016. Big dream would be a complete revamp on the multiplayer side of things since that has always felt like the most lacking part of the game (dedicated private servers is the big dream)
    • Elder Scrolls 6 - Loved Skyrim, but I'm ready for a new engine that doesn't require you to limit your frame rate to prevent physics from breaking on PC.
    • Personal big wish - Sequel to Lichdom Battlemage. I loved that game and want more, I loved the crafting of spells aspect and the general attitude/feel of the game, especially after they revamped the method of creating more powerful spells to be a bit easier.

  • I'm a Sega guy so my desires are almost entirely based on them. Give me Burning Rangers HD. That 7/10 needs another chance. While we're on Sega, put the Nights Into Dreams port on PS4/XB1 as well. I will buy that game as many times as I can. For something new though:


    Okay a bit a bit more grounded in reality, I want more info on Sonic Mania. Gimmie dat release date. Gimmie new stages. Gimmie old stages, but not the same exact ones you already did in Generations. If I just see Chemical Plant again instead of something out of left field like Hill Top or Quartz Quadrant then I'll be disappointed. Also show me Yakuza Isshin getting localized. It's not too late. I feel like Shenmue 1+2 HD is a lock.

    Back to JSR though, aside from everything else, the thing I'd love the most is a new extreme sports game of some kind that actually looks exciting. Tell me Tony Hawk decided to throw his hat in the game again now that Activision doesn't have a stranglehold on games with his name on them anymore. Maybe give me a new Trials game. EA could show off a new SSX. I don't know, there's a lot of options.

  • @DeweyDTruman

    I'm dreaming of something from Sega too. They started reinvesting in console games at the start of 2016 so I dont think it's unreasonable to hope for SOMETHING.

    Shenmue HD seems like a lock and will probably be shown alongside Shenmue 3
    I'd like to see a new true sequel to Valkyria Chronicles too (neither 2 nor 3 nor the new Azure Revolution game are made by the OG team)

  • @Sieghardt Sega already announced they are planning to bring back a "big" old franchise, hopefully we will hear something about that.

  • Banned


    They should try bringing back Golden Axe only not have it suck this time.

    If the in-game graphics don't look like a Boris Vallejo painting in motion then don't even bother trying.
    alt text

  • 1666 Amsterdam

  • @bard91 Phntasy Star 5