Tekken 7 (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    "The King of Iron Fist Tournament"

    Katsuhiro Harada brings us Tekken 7 which promises to serve as the conclusion of the Mishima clan saga. How will it all end for Heihachi Mishima, one of the most iconic fighters the world has ever known?

    A full length story mode will be part of the game, and the character roster appears to be a fine mix of old favourites and new faces. On PS4 there will be a Jukebox mode which will allow the player to create playlists composed of songs from previous games in the series and listen to them while playing the game. Tekken 3 OST, I hear you already!

    The game will be released worldwide on June 2nd, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • It's gonna be a good one. I played it in arcades a couple times and the gameplay is everything Tekken should be!

  • I'm looking forward to this a lot! I haven't really played Tekken seriously since Tag Tournament, which was awesome. Tekken 3 will always have the special place in my heart reserved though.

  • I'm terrible at fighting games, and yet still I look forward to this one.
    Tekken characters are just too much fun.

  • Looking at the trophy list I found myself thinking could this actually be the first fighting game where platinum trophy could be within reasonable limits? For me, at least. Only those promotion trophies seem to be maybe the biggest question mark, meaning how much you need to play and win to rise to those titles.

    But yeah, it'd be a really nice bonus if the trophy list were attainable in addition to the game itself being great. Less than a week, people!

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    I have really gone from "cool another tekken game I guess" to a "I need this day 1!!" over the past weeks! It comes out the day before my birthday so I will pick it up as an early gift to myself and then just see if Im any good. I'm not sure who to "main" but my guess will be on same as in Tekken 6, so Jin and Lars

  • for those who played the campaign. How is it? it is well narrated?
    tolds the story through cutscens which are well integrated to the gameplay sections (like Netherrealm) or it is just a intro slideshot with fancy intros?
    Is it accesible enough, in terms of gameplay and storytelling for newcomers?
    Does Tekken 6 has a similar campaign mode?

  • Went to the local store right at 8 AM today and bought the game, played now for three hours as the maiden voyage. Feels good to kick some ass as Law!

    Online didn't work for me yet, though. I mean it's there, but the connection was lost immediately to at least dozen opponents I tried to challenge. Shouldn't be a problem on my end, so I'll give it some time and try again later. There's a neat-looking tournament mode as well.

    There's so much troll accessories in the customization menu. Oh Japan, why you so Japan. There's some cool clothes too, but that nonsense side is strong.

    Jukebox has all the soundtracks from all the previous Tekken games, which is really nice. I might turn this into Tekken 3 at some point, as you get to mix the tracks into whatever stages you want.

    Akuma feels just wrong in the game. I knew it from the moment I saw him in that first trailer. Why would you put him in here? It's already in the way he looks, that face has nothing in common with the others, the whole style is off. I don't know. Go home Akuma.

    @LordBaztion I played a few of the early chapters of the story mode. I think it's suitably Tekken-esque, I like it. It's not that great, I'm sensing, but it works well within the game itself and its world and characters. That said, this is propably tough for newcomers to get into storywise (after all it is the 7th game), but! There's a gallery mode with huuuge amounts of videos there. Literally every character ending video from every Tekken game etc., so there's a good place to study the lore. You have to unlock them, though, with in-game money, but that's pretty easily achieved, I feel.

    Oh, and the story-mode runs in both cutscenes and drawn slide-shows or what you call them. The cutscenes before the match turn pretty neatly into the action and the match itself. And there's a help button (L1) which gives you access to four different (special) moves during the match if you want. Helps with stranger characters you end up playing with in the story, for instance.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thank you, if the story follows the presentation of Netherrealm, then I will put it on my wishlist. Thank you.

  • @LordBaztion I haven't yet played Injustice 2, but from what I've heard and read the quality with the story is (unfortunately for Tekken) definitely on NetherRealm's side. So if you've played that first it could be tough with T7 then. But again, if there's a Tekken fan in you, you'll enjoy this Mishima saga, too, of course.

    Presentation is propably pretty similar, I haven't watched I2's story mode yet because of spoilers (I'll play that eventually). The DC characters do have better faces at least, that's clear. The settings, stages and transitions are a question mark to me when compared.

    In short, it's becoming clearer to me that Tekken's story mode propably shouldn't be the number one thing on your wishlist when approuching the game.

    And in other news: after some online matches I quickly realised I'm a total Sunday driver in this game, a button-masher. Harsh. Should take my time and actually learn a character thoroughly, but that's just never been the thing in Tekken for me. Then again, I've never been too into online either, but to be able to enjoy it even in some measure it really feels like a proper strategy is needed.

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    Im really enjoying it so far! I've mainly been in practice as Im scared of going online haha!

    So far I've been mainly been playing Lars, even though people seem to find him annoying?? What do other people play?

    I also tried the story a bit... that journalist you follow sure talks in a monotonic voice!

  • I got the platinum trophy last night, yey. My first in the Tekken series. It doesn't tell much about my skills, though, as many of the trophies didn't have much to do with how good you are as a player. The longest thing that was needed was to play the Treasure Battle till the Warrior promotion. I did that with Law, earned tons of new stuff for the customization in the process as well. Including this sick tracksuit that was directly stolen from Kill Bill. You know, yellow with cool black stripes. Looks good!

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    @Sentinel-Beach congrats! Im still struggling with getting any 10 hit combo in! any tips how I could improve? I always get so stressed and get like halfway through the combo

  • @Lotias I've never gotten a good hold of long combos in Tekken and still don't. Trophy-wise I got that with Feng in Practise mode, he had a pretty easy combo to pull. But in a real fight? I just can't, it's super hard to try and find the rhytm for that in the heat of the battle. I should just pick one character and practise a lot. I'm kinda into Nina. But yeah, I'm no better than you regarding this, I would say.

    Edit. Oh, and thanks! :)

  • Tekken Bowl arrives in August! I can't believe it's been 17 freaking years already since TTT and its bowling.

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    I litterally cant win the special battles, its my last trophy... Ive tried everything! The lady with the tiger just eats me up! I've tried with cheese, different characters, but nothing works! I get her down to about half before she does super combo and I get rekt!

  • Hey all, got Tekken last week and im really enjoying it even though im always average at it. any good resources to sharpen up? have been watching alot of Aris stuff already.

  • Noctis from FFXV will arrive next spring. Okay... The gas station stage looks neat.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Saw this, I wonder of anyone main these character that are like guest stars, I mean its possible that they wont be in the next ideation of the series. To me that almost feel like a little waste of time if you take it further than just "lolz play for the fun"

  • Season Pass 2 is coming, and with it six new characters. Anna and long awaited Lei are coming back to Tekken, but the biggest surprise was that Negan from The Walking Dead will arrive to the game. Bearing Jeffrey Dean Morgan's resemblance. I don't even. The three other upcoming characters remain a mystery still at the moment.

    TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Reveal featuring Negan from AMCs The Walking Dead | PS4, X1, PC
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