Tekken 7 (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Tekken Bowl arrives in August! I can't believe it's been 17 freaking years already since TTT and its bowling.

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    I litterally cant win the special battles, its my last trophy... Ive tried everything! The lady with the tiger just eats me up! I've tried with cheese, different characters, but nothing works! I get her down to about half before she does super combo and I get rekt!

  • Hey all, got Tekken last week and im really enjoying it even though im always average at it. any good resources to sharpen up? have been watching alot of Aris stuff already.

  • Noctis from FFXV will arrive next spring. Okay... The gas station stage looks neat.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Saw this, I wonder of anyone main these character that are like guest stars, I mean its possible that they wont be in the next ideation of the series. To me that almost feel like a little waste of time if you take it further than just "lolz play for the fun"

  • Season Pass 2 is coming, and with it six new characters. Anna and long awaited Lei are coming back to Tekken, but the biggest surprise was that Negan from The Walking Dead will arrive to the game. Bearing Jeffrey Dean Morgan's resemblance. I don't even. The three other upcoming characters remain a mystery still at the moment.

    TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Reveal featuring Negan from AMCs The Walking Dead | PS4, X1, PC
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  • I hope at least two more returning and Kiryu as a guest, I mean shit people were calling for him since it was announced more guest fighters were coming. Also Kamuro would make for an awesome stage.

  • Well I feel like my biggest takeaway here should be Negan but I'm more excited they fixed their biggest mistake and finally put Lei in the game. Now I will likely pick this up now it has my favourite character.... when it's cheap since I'm broke now 😊

    If they get Kiryu in though I might try to find money.

  • Man, it's been only 6+ hours total of offline and online matches (mostly online) and i'm already hooked with this game. After playing Injustice 2 first last year, i can definitely see the comparatively lacking singleplayer content already, but i'm having way more fun right now in Tekken. I guess Tekken's gameplay style is more my thing.

    I can't stress how fun this game is. Playing as Lee (apparently an Advanced difficulty character, whoops), mostly got my ass kicked in online but i just keep searching for matches like nothing bad is happening. Even when i'm beaten to crisps, i'm still having fun. It's addictive, maybe close to masochistic levels at this point lol.

    I'll focus on Lee (really like his moves), and i'll be playing this for a while. Thank god i'm on holidays.

    Also, i really appreciate that this game has all the CG stuff from the older games.

  • The final three characters were revealed for Season Pass 2 (pretty great ones!) and Negan had a special trailer.

    TEKKEN 7 — Marduk, Armor King, Julia, & Negan REVEAL
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