Discussion: Next Gen Be Coming 'Round the Mountain.

  • I foresee this thread rubbing a lot of people the wrong way lol. But hear me out.

    There was a rumour released awhile back about an Analyst predicting that the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2018. Here is the link to the PlayStation 5 Rumour at GameSpot.

    I don't really want to touch on the article and its validity and how its just speculation and so on. Obviously its just a rumour. But I would like to discuss what you think of a 2018 release and the future of console releases. Do you think Next Gen should come sooner? or do you think we should hold off?

    The reason i created this thread is because this rumour got me thinking. I actually would like to see a PS5 come soon. For myself i always felt that the PS4 and Xbone were small steps in a next gen iteration. The main reason for this was because of cost. Sony didnt want to repeat what had happened with the PS3. Also as tech rapidly changes faster, i think 5 years is more then enough for a generation. We have seen 5 year console generations before.

    PC gaming has grown and has become a tempting option for some gamers, and 4K tv's are becoming cheaper and more popular. As for myself, I would love to see more power sooner. Better performing games with nicer graphics and and a boost to processing for more complex features is always welcome.

    I also think Scorpio is a Next Gen console dressed in sheeps clothing lol. No one at MS is going to tell you that though. Actually, the idea behind the Scorpio also has me thinking if Devs are asking for more power to work with.

    I would also like to see two PS5 scu's at release. A standard console (which is going to be amazing), and then a high end console (overpowered and costly) for the people that want it instead of releasing something like the pro half way through.

    Whats your thoughts?

  • Isn't it already here with the Switch? It's a 9th gen system.

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    @Musou-Tensei No, it's an 8th gen system.

    It's the "Wii U? F U!" special edition.

  • I don't know what sony or nintendo are going to do but I do what are MS' plans.

    Scorpio is at the same time next gen and an upgrade to X1. The core of the xbox is Windows 10 and that won't change despite the hardware where it's running on. That asure complete backwards and forward compatibility between different kind of hardware. So there is no need for MS to build next generation console as before.

    I supose the next xbox is coming probably within 4 years of when MS decides there is significant technological leap (like currently they consider 4K and HDR) to justify the upgrade. I also expect MS to eventually leave the hardware business, leaving the hardware manufacturing to their PC hardware partners and focusing on developing the frame and services for the gaming products and services to delivered.

    What do I think about having a "next gen" console coming this year? Great for people eager to upgrade their consoles. If there are worthwhile features on Scorpio that aren't posible on X1 and games show that there is an actual improvement, I may buy it at launch .Otherwise, I'm fine waiting.

  • @CGamor7 The Scorpio is not a next gen system. The CPU isn't that much powerful. Getting a new graphic card doesn't make it next gen. Also the Switch is next gen

  • @ib0show Just because the CPU isn't as more powerful, doesn't mean it cant be next gen. PS or MS could come out with a switch type hardware for their next console that has comparable power to current systems and it would be considered next gen. MS is only blurring the lines and doing so intentionally so people don't freak out. Also the fact that now there is literally no excuse for consoles to not be backwards compatible there probably wont be generations like we are use to. They will just be upgrades moving forward, kind of like how @LordBaztion said above. I could be completely wrong though, we will see in a few year lol.

    Does anyone think PS5 is going to be coming soon?

  • @CGamor7 I think 2019. I'm waiting for Project Trinity or Playstation Trinity.

  • I think "next gen" will be announced 2019, and released 2020. Before that it's just upgrades to the previous systems.

  • PS4 Pro came out 3 years after PS4, so I expect PS5 to come 3 years after that, i.e. Fall 2019.

  • @ib0show The Switch is a portable Wii U, not a next gen system.

  • @Alex840 it's a 9th generation console. After 8 comes 9.

  • @ib0show By that logic it's 7th gen. It's the 7th Nintendo console.

  • @Alex840 Great portable Wii U that doesn't plays any Wii U games.

    @Hazz3r That's not how the gens work.

  • @Musou-Tensei That's what I'm saying.

  • Personally, I think Nintendo doesn't apply to console generations anymore, it has it's own separate way of doing things, as it's Nintendo, and Nintendo does what Nintendo wants, and doesn't give a crap about console generations.