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  • Hi Allies,

    I'm a big gamer with a large interest. I updated my PC in 2011 to a top of the range model ready to play the crap out of the Witcher 2. I now wish to grab a laptop. While I might not be getting I for gaming specifically, I don't want to skimp out for the sake if it.

    Back in the 90s I used to know everything about PC hardware and software, but I'm a tad rusty.

    I've seen a laptop relatively cheap with a GTX860. Is this way out of date now? Or has it still got a few years?

  • The Nvidia 860m series should still have some years left in it. Even as a mobile card version that's a bit slower than the desktop version. As its around 3 years old.

    I guess you don't mind playing on a laptop. So for the right price, it could work out for you.

  • Depends what you want your experience to be really.

    If you want to play most games at 1080p/60fps on high-ultra settings you need a GTX 970m/GTX 1060 GPU as a minimum really I'd say.

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    Its a really interesting time with laptops atm, they are working on intergrating "normal" gfx into the laptops! so in the future I might go for one of those as Ive only owned laptops over the past 5 years or so (due to a lot of traveling etc).

    To anser your question, I'd prolly say that GTX860 is fine unless you planning on playing super heavy games! I got a GTX950m and had a bit of trouble with Star Citizen, but other than that its been fine.

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