Allies Wish List

  • This I going to be a bit of a gamble really.

    I was watching the deals and gaming giveaway thread and I got thinking about all the gamers that cant afford ir just cant get to play the games they long to.

    I'd like to start a thread to help this. Today, there are just so many ways to help one another, be it game sharing via account, steam gifting, or in some cases I have seen, posting physical copies.

    I hope people can use this thread to request games they truly wish they could play, and of course don't abuse it.

    I can afford all I want, but I've always wished i could help those less fortunate to play the games they really want to

  • Earthbound SNES CiB

  • .....and of course don't abuse it.

  • Just joking. I think it's a good idea, I'll try to help out.

  • Hey, this is a cool idea! I'm digging it.

    So I've been craving X-Com 2 as a palette cleanser for when I eventually get a platinum in Persona 5, and was looking at ways I could potentially afford it. I'm selling my PS3 for some cold, hard cash, but I'm also planning on trading in the very few games I have left for it. So if anyone wants these titles, I'd be more than happy to send them out to you instead, as I'm sure the trade-in values are relatively low.

    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    Killer is Dead
    DmC: Devil May Cry
    Rock Band 2

    I realize the purchase price for a lot of these isn't too high but I've definitely been in situations where every dollar counted. Let me know! I plan on doing this all on Monday, so it doesn't leave a lot of time, admittedly.

  • @SabotageTheTruth XCOM 2 is on a flash sale on PSN for I think $25, if you didn't see it already.

  • My last big purchase was Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5. I'm happy with my decision, but new games this year such as Persona 5, Horizon, Nier, Yakuza, etc. are just out of the question now due to a lack of funds.

    Fortunately, Speedrunners for $1 on Humble Bundle has been keeping me occupied =D.

  • World of final fantasy
    Dragon quest builders
    yakuza 0
    neir automata

    are all games id like to play before the years out