[KICKSTARTER: 80% FUNDED!] I'm making a video game: the Village Monsters Dev Diary

  • The whirlwind rages on.

    It's stressful, sure, but there's also something fun about running around like your hair is on fire - it makes the days feel a lot more productive

    I'm foregoing the typical weekend digest this week because a) I don't have time, and b) I didn't really do a whole lot on the game this week/ Still, I do have a few things to chat about, so let's make like a gun and bullet.

    Oh, and again, I'd be silly to not link to the Kickstarter at the top of the post! If you like what you see in this topic and want to support me, then please consider sharing or making a pledge.

    Regarding Kickstarter...

    • Early this afternoon I crossed the 30% funded mark, which is a tremendous milestone. Thank you to everyone who has backed the campaign! Your support has given me so much motivation.
    • The Early Bird tier is just about sold out - as of writing this there's only ~15 slots left. Act fast if you want to get the game at the lowest possible price
    • The newly introduced Village Younger tier has slots left as well. If you're interested in a monster of your design being added to the cast of Village Monsters then please take a look
    • I've started posting longer looks at the various systems and features of Village Monsters on Kickstarter. The latest one is on the Mysteries system. They're view-able by anyone - no backing required

    [### Regarding the Game...

    • Another Alpha 1 released today. You can grab it right here. Alpha 1.03 brings with it some more bug fixes, but more importantly it's the first demo that includes Linux support! You'll see a separate link on the Downloads page for Linux. I haven't forgotten about you, Mac - it's just a lot harder to get you up and running on Virtual Box
    • Alpha 1.03 also re-implements the ability to swap your gender - a much requested feature
    • Finally, Alpha 1.03 makes it a bit easier to send feedback. It seems some people were having some issues, as my inbox has been full of feedback emails that look like the below. That should hopefully now be fixed :)


    Well, that'll do it for now. Hopefully this coming week is a bit slower, as I'll be able to get more done on the game - including more dev streams!

  • Imgur

    Last week I released a new demo for Village Monsters, and today the Kickstarter campaign crosses the 50% funded mark!

    Time is starting to run out if you want to grab an exclusive Kickstarter reward, including:

    • Adding your name or phrase to the game
    • Access to all future Alpha & Beta builds
    • Creating an original monster that can visit the village
    • Creating a set of furniture that players can buy for their homes

    Many of these rewards are limited and won't be around forever, so what are you waiting for?

    Click Here to Back Village Monsters!

    Click Here to Support our Thunderclap!


  • What seemed like a depressing longshot has turned into a possible victory in the 11th hour - uh, literally.

    An insanely generous user at another forum has breathed new life into this campaign, and it looks like it could actually make it

    Please consider backing my game on Kickstarter if this seems interesting to you!

  • Good luck with the remaining 10 hours. It's been fun to see your updates here.

  • Congrats on the funded project @WarpDogsVG

  • Totally awesome to see it funded! Can't wait to see more progress as you spend more time on it!

  • Congratulations @WarpDogsVG ! Hope everything goes smoothly for you, can't wait to play it when it comes out, very encouraging stuff!

  • Congratulations!
    Now, take your time to assess the funding you got, and make every cent count. Don't unnecessarily rush anything, and hopefully, everything goes well. Good luck!

  • Congratulations, not a fan of the style of game but glad you're making your dreams come true. A tip, you might have wanted to save the switch announcement for $25 and above when you release the switch version, that way it would have been a nice surprise.

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations on being funded! I was planning on pledging today since I got my paycheck yesterday, but it looks like I can't pledge anymore. Sorry about that, but I'll definitely pick up a copy when it comes out! Good luck with the rest of development!

  • Thanks for the kind words, everyone!!

    It was a long, strange journey, but I could not be any more grateful for all the support I've had for my dumb little game.

    I ended up taking the weekend off for the first time in forever, but I'm back at it this week. Lots to do, assess and analyze...but I'm ready for it. It's going to be a hell of a year.

    Love & Respect!