What's my next Metroidvania to be...? Outland or Dust: An Elysian Tail?

  • I'll almost always throw in a vote for a Housemarque game, so Outland! The game is fun enough as is, but the Ikaruga polarity mechanic adds a layer that really makes you think before you leap.

  • I've played both gmaes and my prefernece goes to Outland eventhough Dust is a good game as well.

    Both are pretty different games, Dust is more about the combat whereas Outland is about challenging platforming.

  • @luckywallace if you haven't check out axiom verge then I would highly recommend it. its one of the best metroidvania games out there that came out in the last couple of years imo but I do like tail better then outland if the choice only comes down to these 2 choices

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    I'll second Axiom Verge.

  • Thanks for the ideas guys & girls.

    I have already played Axiom Verge and I fully agree that it is absolutely FANTASTIC. Not just the gameplay or retro-graphics either, I truly loved the story and lore - Sudra was one of the most fascinating environments I've explored in a long time.

    I think I might be leaning more towards Outland at the moment - I'd usually pick platforming over combat in most instances (though the combat in Guacamellee was great fun...). I've also remembered that I never played the 2014 Strider game which was apparently a metroidvania but it looked a bit bland style-wise combared to both Outland and Dust.

  • While playing through Outland, (and followed by Dust: An Elysian Tail, because it's great), I suggest to look for Bloodstained... I know, it's not released yet, but definitely keep your eyes open for that one, as it's created by IGA, the guy behind many good Metroidvanias, including the game that practically named the genre, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Just in the case you weren't aware of that.

  • @jipostus Thanks for the suggestion - I'm already a backer for Bloodstained, had to throw some money at that the day it went live!

  • @luckywallace Have you played the demo then? Feels good already. I'm a backer of Bloodstained as well, I actually put up $150 + shipping for that... Haven't regretted that yet.

  • I would play Dust.

    It's pretty staight forward, and not crazy difficult, and just looks good and play well while doing it. Love that game.

  • I'm wishing Dust was backwards compatible on the X-Bone but I could always boot up the old 360 for it... :-\

  • Hollow Knight is the absolute best in the genre for me, at this point in time. The only way I would like it more is if it had SOTN style loot.

    Be sure to play the GBA and DS Castlevanias if you haven't already, they are really amazing.

    I'm going to be checking out dead cells soon after I finish up going for 100% in Hollow Knight.

    Be on the look out for Chasm and Bloodstained.

    There is a new one that got funded with awesome pixel art called Castle something I Forgot, but the 6 hour gametime estimate has me uninterested. Hollow Knight has kept me engaged for 20+ hours.