Show a Glitch Some Love

  • So I've been thinking about the goofiness of Mass Effect: Andromeda's animations and while a lot of the internet has met it with hostility, I feel an odd sense of charm when glitches and overall quirkiness invade a game, especially when it's not intentional. As a lover of terrible films such as The Room, I feel there's a spot for games that also inadvertently capture that same spirit and what better place to discuss them than here. Obviously you can feel free to type out some of your favorite examples but I think pictures/video will be much more effective in getting your point across.

    My first example is a silly one and one I couldn't find a perfect representation of. When I first popped in Red Dead Redemption all those years ago, I was unable to complete one of the tutorial missions. It wasn't from lack of skill though, my horse just kept falling through the ground. Similar to the video pictured below except I had the fun experience of seeing everything below the surface level. It was my first impression of the game and is still my first thought when someone brings it up.

    Youtube Video

    This next clip is one I recorded and isn't anything special, but I remember playing FarCry 4 and really getting a kick out of this moment. Every time I would return to this spot, I would consider this fisherman to be a sort of god, living among the people, studying them.

    Youtube Video

    My last example is also self-recorded and shows something game-breaking that still ended up being fun. I know I wasn't the first person to encounter a Bastion suddenly pop up in the themed Overwatch event Lucioball, but it's hilarious just how broken he makes the proceedings. One of the few cases in a game where I can recall something being extremely unfair, but still having a good time with it.

    Youtube Video

    Show me your glitches, community.

  • I remember when I played Sonic Adventure 2 I was looking something up and found out there was a glitch to get infinite lives, and I know I abused that since frankly I don't like that game very much (despite loving the first Adventure, go figure) and without it I probably wouldn't have even bothered with actually beating Cannon's Core. So, thanks, glitch, you made it easier to deal with a game I was gettin real sick of.

    For a more positive example though, I remember laughing like an absolute madman when I played Sonic 06 in general. One that really sticks out in memory (man, I wish I had a video of this because it was a treat) was when I was doing the jungle stage and I got stuck on some tunnel made out of an empty tree. Eventually I just fell through it and went all the way down. I was about to just reset and start again when I realized that after I finished falling I just abruptly snapped to the bottom of the floor and was basically playing the stage upside down for a little bit before I abruptly snapped back into the actual map like nothing happened. I had to pause the game for like five minutes because I couldn't stop laughing.

  • @DeweyDTruman I feel like Sonic 06 may be a contender for game with the best glitches, honestly. The only thing it's missing is backwards flying dragons.

  • The first time I found this video of a glitch from Heavy Rain, I laughed until I cried for the better part of 10 minutes.

  • @alexwhiteplays Now I'm going to be stuck randomly shouting, "SHAUN!" all day.

  • What a thing it is when your game has mini games that are actually different to the main game — it allows for fun things like infinite bomb arrows.

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  • I feel like I need to show an example since I referenced it.

    Youtube Video

    And the ending of this shows an absolute monstrosity. Makes AC: Unity look relatively tame in comparison.

    Youtube Video

  • Missingno. Duh.