Recommending Streams

  • Hi there Allies! I've been trying to catch up to the main channel videos and I'm almost there. It's been a great journey the past months, but I want more. I want to watch the streams.
    To provide some context of what I'm looking for, some Let's Play Channels' communities often provide lists of "what to watch" from the insane amount of content they do, as in a guide or list that serves something to the effect of "Hello newcomer, this is the official list of every video you have to watch from these people you've decided to start watching, just to get caught up and stuff".
    And I thought, hey, the Easy Allies community could use something similar. I know every video is important and honestly, I've had a blast watching all of them (except some of the more spoiler-centered videos), maybe some thread that said "Hey, if you're new, watch this". As an example, instead of watching the full Tabletop Escapades playlist, you could watch starting from "The Story So Far".
    And so I pose the question to you Allies, what do you think should be in that list? What stream archives are a must-watch for all of the community?

    Also sorry about my grammar, English is not my native language (standard disclaimer).

  • It is difficult since so much is subjective, especially with streams. I don't usually catch a ton outside of the Group Stream, Dumb Game Monday, and Bos v Woz unless there is a game that is being streamed that I'm really interested in.

    I actually had to think about this recently for some friends who wanted a sampling of Easy Allies stuff. They went to the concert in LA with me and SilentConsonant but had only seen a bit of EZA's content, so we decided to give them some prime cuts. My focus was on hitting some of the streams that I found especially entertaining or spawned memes in the community. These are the Group Streams I recommended to them...

    Pokemon Snap
    Mario Kart 64
    Neo Geo Night
    Halloween Spooktacular
    Jackbox Party Pack 3

    We also showed them some of the Best of EZA videos, which are fantastic for catching some stream moments you may have missed out on or getting friends interested in EZA.

  • The playlist section of easy allies plays is fun to surf through.

    Youtube Video

    Blood has it pretty well organized. One sitting playthroughs, amateur gundam construction, and then the "Special Streams' that are more regular.