Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter Announced

  • From the guys behind Parappa and Gitaroo Man (Also Um Jammer Lammy and Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents)

    I was never great at Parappa, but I adored the Ouendan games, so I'm all aboard for this Kickstarter. It seems like they picked a pretty poor time to announce though. I'd have hoped they could get someone at E3 to announce it for them, like Shenmue 3 had gotten. But here we are!

    Their pitch:

    The Kickstarter page:

  • Kyle's dream game

  • Yeah, I totally backed it. Never good at Parappa, but I love rhythm games and I love the idea of having a rap battle dialogue system that is similar to Mass Effect.
    Not to mention I love that they were inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History.

  • @Inustar said in Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter Announced:

    Yeah, I totally backed it. Never good at Parappa, but I love rhythm games and I love the idea of having a rap battle dialogue system that is similar to Mass Effect.
    Not to mention I love that they were inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History.

    I'm horrible at Parappa, but I adore Ouendan, lol.

  • Backed it, though I'm not sure if I can afford it... Gladly it does have time for me to figure that out before it finishes. It all depends on few smaller things. Either way, I'm glad to see that this coming.

  • Hate it when they announce a game, then later proclaim it's a Kickstarter campaign. -___-

    Might back it though. We'll see.

  • Anyone else concerned that, after raising $100,000, they still have to raise another full million before the game will even exist? I thought Kickstarters were supposed to be something to present to investors — why are the tiers so expensive?

  • I wouldn't say concerned. If they don't hit the goal then no game really.

    I think I'd prefer them be realistic. We've seen a plenty of kickstarters where they've struggled to deliver due to underestimating.

    And Kickstarter isn't really a platform to get investors interested. Sure sometimes that happens but I'd argue the main reasons one uses kickstarter is either because you couldn't get investment or because they don't want to work with one big investor/publisher.

  • @tokeeffe9 What's suspicious is they already have a publisher listed on their Kickstarter. They also say the full game before stretch goals is simply six levels. A six level rhythm game shouldn't be costing so much money to develop, especially by people who know what they're doing already. Then factor in the reward tiers for things as simple as owning a digital copy of the game costing twice as much as they usually do in other similar Kickstarter projects and that absurdly expensive Switch version stretch goal, despite knowing how easy it is to port games that can run on Steam to the system and you kinda gotta cock an eyebrow at it.

    Yes, it's good to ask for realistic amounts, so you don't have to shamefully ask for more later or compromise your product, but you really gotta wonder with this one with them already having a publisher on board just how much they actually want to make this game. They don't seem very willing to risk anything themselves on it, which doesn't instill much confidence in the consumer. They don't even have anything like a level prototype or demo to show. It simply isn't well presented period and comes off a bit shady.

    Would have been better for them to announce they have a publisher and are making a small game, but people can support it early through buying copies and pledging for other rewards to make the game longer and better. That's not what we have however, so I worry about them even meeting their initial goal. I would like this game to exist and be great, but this was handled downright poorly.

  • @Mbun Fair enough. I haven't looked too deeply into this specific kickstarter. I was talking more generally. Should have made that a bit more apparent.

  • Apparently they've been getting hammered with requests to lower the Switch version stretch goal, lol. Just got an email saying they're going to lower it.

  • @Minamik I was just going to comment on that, saw the update this morning. Stretch Goals have been taken down while they try to reexamine the goals to prioritize a Switch release

  • Bosman's attitude on it pretty much summed my feelings.

    If we had a demo then we would feel a lot better about the goals, and generally everything. With what they've shown, feels bad.

  • I guess I'm too excited to think about it rationally, lol. We had squat on Shenmue 3 when that Kickstarter was announced too.

    Ah well, if it doesn't happen I'm out no money, and if it does, it'll certainly be an interesting ride to release.

  • @Minamik That's honestly the best way to think about it.

    I think they're going to have an uphill battle, there are a lot of people who have been feeling burned by crowd funded games in large part it is because the publicity given to underwhelming games or complete failures and the successful games not getting a lot of exposure. There are so many crowd funded games that have been in development for a long time too and I'm sure it has caused some fatigue with backers. Plus, there are so many amazing games out right now that people are either tapped out on funds or not thinking about what's coming 3 years down the road.

  • @Stormcrownn Oh, what were Bosman's feelings on it? Haven't seen him talk about it.

  • @Inustar Basically what Stormcrownn said. Not having a demo, or at least a some sort of proof of concept video with gameplay, hurts it. Chat was asking him about it during Dumb Game Monday, since it had just been announced, if you check "Stolen Part 3" it should be in there. He also talks about it with the panel on this week's podcast, which is a fresher and more in depth discussion.

  • I wonder if something happened, cause I feel like this would be doing much better if they'd gotten an E3 announcement. There's, like, no publicity here.

  • I think it's a mix of coming close enough to E3 that everyone's got their eyes elsewhere, having a more niche appeal than, say, "we're making not-megaman" or "we're making not-banjo kazooie" and, well, a lot of people (myself included) feeling a burnt on kickstarter at this point and not being willing to back something with nothing but a few famous names, a lot of fancy words and a few mockups of what the game miiiiiiiiiiight look like.

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    I love it! I hope they pull it off.