Doom [2016] (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Hi folks, I got this game for the PS4 on the weekend and played it for a couple hours. I have never tried a Doom game before and I'm enjoying it. The gameplay is solid, the enemies already have a little variety and I approach them in different ways. The levels have open spaces with several floors that add some verticality to the gameplay, I find myself running around instead of sitting in a place and slowly advancing from point A to point B. It has good graphics and a good overall presentation, although sometimes I see a horizontal line on screen; it doesn't hinder the experience, but it's noticeable. I haven't updated the game yet, but as I won't wait until it's done it's a shame if they've released the game with this problem.

  • I don't believe I've heard of anyone else having an issue with a horizontal line...check out this reddit thread.

    I absolutely love DOOM 2016. I actually haven't finished it yet...

    it's up with there Titanfall 2 for my favorite game of 2016.

  • @Stormcrownn it seems that it's a problem with the game if played without the update. Titanfall 2 looks nice too.

  • Its the kind of game I may play next. 60 hours into Mass Effect. And I'm not even finished. Makes me want to plays a more simple game that isn't as time consuming as a refreshment.

  • I was pleasantly surprised after how the genre of 1st person shooters has imo degraded in the last decade.

  • Doom is so oldschool that compared to other shooters released in the last decade it ironically feels fresh.

  • It's got a lot of style and I certainly enjoyed my time with it... yet somehow, I never got around to finishing it. When I entered Hell, I was happy and never had a reason to go back.

  • This was my first Doom game too, picked it up earlier this year.

    Not a massive fan of shooters in general, but this is really great. I loved the level design and the visuals are incredible.

    Gets a little repetitive towards the end, despite the amazing boss fights in the last few levels.

  • That is very odd. It almost sounds like screen tearing but that is largely a PC problem.

  • Finally finished this now two years later. Pretty much perfect for a summer game, I ended up liking it a lot! From the first trip to Hell onwards it felt like the game really started to gain that momentum I had heard it would contain, as the enemies began to arrive in massive numbers and my weapon arsenal had grown considerably, along with many of those skills in them. That's when the action hit the right note for me, dancing around the demons with bullets flying and glory killing those bastards every possible way. Beautiful mayhem at best. Both of the shotguns were great, and I never grew tired of shooting an Imp into a mess with them.

    Many of the secrets and collectibles were still left behind, I might return to try and find them.

  • Super shotgun is so strong once you get the mastery to shoot twice before reloading.
    Charging up the gauss cannon's siege mode is pretty fun too though.