A Hat In Time (NA PS4 Dec. 5/Worldwide PS4 and XBO Dec.6)

  • Waiting for console release.

  • Still waiting on it to appear on PS store.

  • Still waiting for a price on Steam. ETA in 1hour but I will wait a bit to see if there are some technical difficulties with the game. ... I need to build up a respectable hat fetish until the end of the month. :D

  • @Ikataishou The price is $29.99.

  • @michemagius Ok thanks! probably the same in €, had hoped to be slightly less.

  • I finally got to play! My computer was having a hissy fit with trying to run Steam for some reason so it took me 2 and a half hours of troubleshooting just to get the game up and running, but it was all worth it. The game is honestly Phenomenal, and that's coming from someone who as to run the game on performance settings because her computer is too weak to play games. I'll obviously pick up the game on PS4 when it comes out to get the whole experience, but even on lower settings the game is beautiful and controls wonderfully.

  • Played today for 4 hours. I like it so far; it has its charm and runs quite well on max settings (Gtx 780, 1080p).

  • Still waiting for it to pop up on the PS store

  • @DMCMaster The console versions are releasing later this fall. No hard release date yet.

  • Hoping for a Switch Release in the future. Might hold off on buying until I know if that will exist one way or the other.

  • @UnnecessaryTodd The team was finally given a Switch Dev Kit, but they have to focus on optimizing the PS4 and Xbox One ports right now. And after that's done, they still have Free DLC to develop. I certainly hope that A Hat In Time comes to the Switch, but it will probably happen long after the ports and DLC are done, and given that Nintendo was so reluctant to give them a Dev Kit until last month, I don't think Nintendo is that enthusiastic about having AHiT on their system. Not to mention (and I hate to say this, because I hate to hear it) the Switch Version will probably not show the full potential of AHiT. The game is beautiful, even on the performance settings I have to play it on because of the weakness of my PC, but the game is gorgeous when playing on higher settings. I can't confidently say that the Switch version will be worth the wait. As I said, the game is still beautiful and a total blast on lower settings, but I know that I can't wait until I get to experience it in it's full glory on my PS4 Pro. And once I get a Switch, I will definitely get AHiT for it if the game is ever released on that system since I think taking AHiT on the go would be amazing, but I'm having to time of my life with it from the comfort of my own home.

  • Banned

    Look like a really easy game to master.

    I don't know how people find platformers, 2D or 3D, hard in the first place.

  • @Art I wouldn't say that the game is particularly hard to understand. It gives you a good range of platforming methods from the start, and allows the player to add on abilities at their own pace, so I think that it's a great game for beginners to the genre, but I know that based on levels I played in the Beta, that the Devs know how to put in a real challenge. The Beta Hero's Challenge, was just that, a challenge, even for someone like me who plays 3D platformers very often. And I can't personally give testament to this but the special level "Wet/Brilliant Mushroom Heaven" that some players got access to looks like an absolute nightmare. It really shows what the devs are capable of. (It may look simple compared to other challenge levels, but trust me, those mushrooms are really hard to control.)

    Youtube Video

    And I love 3d platformers, and most 2d platformers but honestly some of them are really difficult. I'm still not able to finish the Electronic Super Joy DLC even though I love that game a lot.
    Youtube Video

  • A Hat In Time is our today for North American PS4 owners! If you didn’t play the PC version, here’s your chance! The PS4 version and XBO versions for the rest of the world release tomorrow!

  • Not really that interested. From what I've seen it looks average at best. Might get it on a sale.

  • @suplextrain Honestly, I think it is the second best platformer released this year. It controls well, the environments are varied and fun to explore, and it is just heckin' cute.

  • @Claus-Grimhildyr said in A Hat In Time (NA PS4 Dec. 5/Worldwide PS4 and XBO Dec.6):

    @suplextrain Honestly, I think it is the second best platformer released this year. It controls well, the environments are varied and fun to explore, and it is just heckin' cute.

    "This year" is honestly not saying much since we haven't exactly gotten a ton of them. 3D platformers are not that common nowadays and the only really notable one this year is Mario.
    Also I don't take anyone seriously that advocates A Hat in Time that uses "heckin", that comes off as too biased to me. Actually pretty off-putting since it contributes to the idea that people are overselling it, especially considering the lack of 3D platformers (especially on PC).
    Gotten suckered in before and this year alone I was right to rein my expectations in for games like Cuphead, Pyre and so on. Might sound pretty cynical but I'd rather be pleasantly surprised over massively dissapointed.

  • @suplextrain A Hat In Time won’t Wow you with oodles of polish like a Nintendo game. But the gameplay itself is crazy good and the worlds are super inventive and interesting. The characters are memorable, the music is awesome. It might not look super visually impressive from the outside but it’s a wonderful experience. If you go in wanting something that’s as polished and refined as a Mario game, you won’t get it. But if you’re looking for a phenomenally creative and well made indie game, AHIT will deliver.

  • I'm sold on it and will definitely get it sometime next year. I hope it does well on consoles!

  • Just bought it last night before going to bed