Community-Engaged Gift Project (Allies Needed!)

  • Hey everyone! I've always wanted to give a gift to the Nine, but I couldn't afford presents. Then I thought that I could do art instead, but it turns out that all the arts I do are the ones that can't be packaged in a box and shipped off. We're talking music, dance, theater, and performance art, to be specific. But then I realized... what if I could package these things in a box and ship them to Santa Monica? And that's when I also realized that I'd need your help.

    Here's the plan: I want everyone to say something that you like about each of the Nine! It should either be a word or short phrase that you would use to describe them, or it can be a personal experience (talking on Twitter, meeting them in person, a moment you had while watching their content, the effect they've had on you, etc) of any length. From there, I'll be creating one art piece for each of the Nine (probably mostly dance and performance art, though there are a couple of cases where a song might be the most appropriate) and filming them over the span of a couple of months. The pieces will be recorded and put on a flash drive to mail to the Nine along with a letter, and after they open the gift on stream, all of the pieces will be publicly viewable online (probably on some combination of YouTube, Tumblr, and Vimeo, since I haven't decided where I like keeping all of my art stuff together yet).

    Given the amount of time it takes to create, perfect, and film each piece, plus some personal scheduling restrictions, I'm hoping to present the final gift by the end of August at the latest. That said, I'm going to set a soft cutoff date for words and stories that will influence the pieces as 5/31, or the end of this month. I hope a lot of people participate!

    Love and Respect!

  • I just made this quick haiku:

    Allies are the best
    They made my life much better
    May God bless the Nine

  • Any length you say? YES! Time to get long-winded. Apologies for lack of eloquence.

    Bloodworth - The man has basically become a legend. Although he generally works a bit more behind the scenes than some of the other Allies, his presence is felt throughout everything they do. Since he also seems to be the most active one on the forums, it almost feels like he's our point of contact to the rest of the Nine.

    Damiani - I know he gets written off as a troll at times, but two things continually impress me about him - his natural ability to just "learn" a game quickly and his depth of knowledge. Watching his playthrough of the original Zelda was one of the more zen-like moments I've witnessed in a stream.

    Don - The most elusive of the Nine but always a force of positivity. Don has a knack for great storytelling and exudes charisma at every turn. My dream is one day to gamble with him, even if just with electronic horses.

    Brad - Unlike the protagonist for Persona 5, he isn't too cool, he's just the right amount. I feel as though Brad is the voice of reason amongst the hype, being the most level-headed amongst the group. Those Overwatch streams are among my favorites.

    Huber - The hype man cometh. Huber's positivity is absolutely infectious and a lot of his gaming mantras have not only changed how I look at gaming, but how I look at life as well. If I'm ever having a bad day, Huber is the light at the end of the tunnel... holding a shotgun.

    Ben - It's ben.... awhile since Ben first joined the GT crew and he probably has changed the most, for the better of course. He renewed my love of D&D and approaches each conversation from an insightful viewpoint. His love of Persona also makes him resonate with me more.

    Brandon - Let's face it, this wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for Brandon. Master of analogies and one who will take the role of devil's advocate if it's needed, he's so descriptive with his words that even if I don't agree with what he's saying, I understand completely where he's coming from. Plus, y'know, that voice.

    Ian - Beauty bois for life. Ian has a beautiful, creative soul that still tends to surprise me. He's unfairly a target of a lot of vitriol online but he keeps doing what he loves and keeps getting better at it. Well versed in lots of various artistic pursuits and somehow churning out great song week after week, I can't help but feel inspired by everything he touches.

    Kyle - Just a bum.

    In all seriousness, Kyle is such a damn delight that I need to use a bit of light cursing to really drive that point home. His comedic timing, banter, and wit astounds me, yet he also holds a viewpoint that feels very different from most sources. He's gotten me to care about details and context more than I would have ever thought possible. Seeing him take last place in our community's fantasy football league after calling all of our teams bums was also the best thing I could have ever asked for.

    I can't see how my ramblings could potentially help, but hopefully they did!

  • For me, it's pretty simple:

    United in Diversity

    While some of the allies definitely have their distinct similarities (Brad and Huber), others seem completely opposed in their preferences, and I love that. The ribbing is always friendly, and it's always based on good 'ol L&R. It's totally rad.

  • Things I like about the allies

    Kyle: The master of revealing the contents of blind packs slowly to chat
    Huber: Doing God's work with full playthroughs of games that I'm too chicken to play.
    Damiani: I admire how he can quickly switch from Master Troll to Professional Journalist on the drop of a dime.
    Brandon: The best at keeping the community well informed while maintaining transparency on the inner workings of EZA.
    Ben: How he's not afraid to stream for 5 or 6 hours straight. I'm not afraid to watch for 5 or 6 hours straight.
    Ian: He's always trying to find ways to keep things fresh.
    Don: Everything Don does seems to have weight and meaning. There's not a lot of fluff to Don.
    Brad: Move over Santa Claus. Brad is the new embodiment of Jolly.
    Bloodworth: A sub never slips by Blood. If it weren't for his watchful eyes, many subs would go unrecognized.

  • Global Moderator

    Oh I had forgotten about this, lol!

    I hope you dont mind adding in my thoughts!

    Kyle: The lovely troll that really got me into GT/EZA with his humor and odd jokes
    Huber: The hype level are over 9000! My heart always beats extra hard when I see him
    Damiani: The most mysterious of the bunch, His passion are above everyones elses
    Brandon: The dad of it all! I got nothing but love and the highest respect for this man... and his voice is golden
    Ben: Grounded, bring some great needed perspective and the one I think I've connected the most with emotinally
    Ian: I didnt like him that much at first, but the more I listened to him, the more I came to realise how impressive he is
    Don: He is like one of those people that peaks in now and then with something that just blows your socks off
    Brad: This man really seem like the jollyest and sweetest of people.
    Bloodworth: The racing god! He is like the secret guardian of EZA. Without him so much would be missing!