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    The Direct today and this game in general is some next-level weirdness. Three new characters were both leaked (the embargo for a prior preview event lifted with the Direct) and announced. Trailers for all ten launch characters including Twintelle, Kid Cobra, and Byte & Bark (one character) can be found here.

    An online beta entitled 'Global Testpunch' was announced for the end of May and early June, with hour-long play windows detailed here.

    As well as grand prix, party, skillshot, horde mode, training, and arms test; Nintendo announced two new match types today: volleyball and hoops.

    As you might expect, volleyball consists of knocking a like ball back and forth over a net and trying to get it to touch down inside your opponent's court. However, the volleyball also has a hot potato-style bomb timer, and you can extend your arms over the net without penalty.

    Hoops is a 1-hoop, 1-on-1 basketball game without a ball — instead fighters are tasked with getting grabs to throw their opponent through the hoop. There are even dunks and 3-pointers. There is some sort of aiming mechanic to it that I don't understand yet, as I've seen grabs hit the player but miss the basket. I also saw a player get knocked into the basket by a super move, so maybe just enough damage will dunk opponents without needing to perform a grab — not sure about that yet.

    Lastly, multiple unnamed free characters and their corresponding stages were announced for post-launch. One assumes that will play out over the summer and into fall and that all of the updates will be free ala Splatoon, but it's not like they signed a contract or anything.

  • I was on the fence about this game until this Direct, but the game now really feels like a full package.

    I love all the new characters, and the promise of new ones coming later for free is very appealing. Looks like they are following the template laid out by Splatoon, with a fresh take on an established genre, with a distinct art style, TONS of personality, and gameplay hooks that set it apart.

    Not sure it'll prove as popular as Splatoon did, but I can see it gaining a very strong audience, and I very well might be one of them.

  • @Axel It also bears repeating that this is a 3D fighting game. SFV, MK9, KF14, Injustice 2, Blaze Blue, Smash — no other AAA in recent years has been that.

    I was probably always going to get this game because I've been itching for something mindless to play portable on my Switch after Mario Kart, but I totally get what you mean about this Direct proving the game's worth.

    And I am way excited for

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  • This was the Direct Nintendo needed to really show off what this game is all about.

    Went from being on the fence to day one.

  • Woah. So I just noticed that, in the preview event footage, there is an 11th character and stage icon with a question mark. So perhaps there will be one final character at launch — presumably that final boss guy we got a glimpse of in the Direct and his stage.

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    This are one of the few Switch games that really interest me! maybe I'll buy a switch one day

  • I can't afford to buy a switch right now, but as soon as I have the money saved up Arms will definitely be one of my purchases.

  • Why do they focus so much on thicc butts? I'm a boob guy god dammit.

  • Alright, let's save the objectification for the fan artists.

  • I'm looking forward to trying this out durring the trial periods. Splatoon. Showed me that nintendo knows how to do multiplayer that I enjoy. I'm optimistic that arms can continue this.

  • Bump to create chaos and have two ARMS threads at the top of the forum list lol.

  • @CGamor7 Most of use probably have two arms, so why not two threads? :p

  • All this punching at air is making my ARMS sore, lol. :p

  • Played 30 mins or so of it.

    Surprisingly really enjoyed it, I did feel a bit of a tit flailing my arms about like a mad man but there's something incredibly fun and quite addictive about it, at the end of every match I always felt myself thinking 'can't wait to get into the next match'. I like the lobby system too, it always makes you feel involved and as part of a small community of fighters.

    I did have problems with the motion controls though, they felt a little imprecise to me, with the game getting left/right punches mixed up with grabs, I have no idea how to move left or right either, I was pretty much planted on the spot for every match although I could jump, dodging I couldn't manage.

    I did quite well too, managed to win my first 3 matches somehow by abusing the grab, got a couple of wins later too but didn't do so well in the last few matches though. The beach volleyball match type is great too.

  • @DisturbedSwan That's how my first testpunch was too, haha. For neutral position, hold the joycons completely vertical, to move, tilt them both the way you want to go. Think of it sort of like piloting a mech. Definitely takes a bit of getting used to, but I'm really starting to enjoy playing that way now.

  • @Minamik Cheers, will try that next time :)

    I can't believe how much I like this, I literally guffawed at this thing when it was at the Switch Conference in January and now here I am having a fucking amazing time playing it.

    Tried a few different characters after sticking with the machine Mae lookalike. Tried the Ninja, the string-arm lady and the big Mummy dude, seemed to get on well with big Mummy dude so will probably stick with him, love how he can regain health when he guards, that's a bloody godsend.

    I think the only thing I don't like is the 3/4 person 'fight' mode where you're all fighting each other, just doesn't feel very intuitive at all and you can get cheap-shotted from behind without being able to defend numerous times.

    Pre-ordered, not sure I'm gonna play the other test punch hour's this (and next) weekend as I don't want to get burnt out on it too early, but yeah, I'm sold.

  • Neutral: Hold II

    Left: Hold \\

    Right: Hold //

    Forward and backward are sort of like plane controls, push them forward, or pull them backwards.

  • @DisturbedSwan You can switch targets in 3/4 by tipping the right stick, but yeah, I'm not a huge fan of getting ganged up on, lol. I'll probably only do 1v1s when the full game releases.

  • Pink is canon, right? :p
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  • When you're in a 3 player match and the two opponents attack each other.
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