Phantom Dust is free right now!!

  • Has any Ally played Phantom Dust? I'ts one of my absolute favs on the original Xbox. It's free on Windows 10 and Xbox One right now for download. If you have never played it now is the time. Excellent atmosphere with a serious adult anime style. Third person battle arena card battle game play. This game is the penultimate 7. When it first released it was a budget title for 20 bucks. You may remember it most recently for having a canceled sequel. At least we get a remastered original. Would be great to get some EZA love on this gem.

    As a fun side note lead designer Yukio Futatsugi is also responsible for the Panzer Dragoon series.

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    I loved Phantom Dust when it came out, but don't feel like buying a dead console or using objectively the worst digital storefront on PC just to play it.

    For those who do, enjoy. It is a really great game. Hopefully Microsoft gets their shit together and uncancels the sequel like they just uncancelled Scalebound.

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    @El-Shmiablo Scalebound isn't back in development. They just renewed the trademark. It's still a half finished mess that MS will never finish.

  • I heard about it quite often back then but it was never released in PAL regions before so it's nice I can give it a try now, for free even.

  • it's the first time I try a play anywhere title (since it's not much demanding on the PC side) and it's very nice to play on PC then resume your session on the console just as you left it. I'm eager to try it with Minecraft too.

    For some weird reason my captures on PC doesn't upload inmediatly to XBL as my captures on the console.

  • @Art don't worry, it's on its way back.
    alt text

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    @LordBaztion If they did get a new dev team to restart the game from scratch then good luck to them. They're gonna need it.