Injustice 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Since Hubers guild is full DMCMaster made one Easy Allies 2. ID: WSDZS
    Also Netherealm finally got faces down. Wow, 10/10 faces.
    Xbox is TSSPF.

  • Created an Xbox version to join you since those first two are for Playstation.

    Playstation is C564X and Q1EPM
    Xbox is TSSPF.

  • I too also created a EZA guild, ID is WSDZS on PS4

  • Sup with the weird green/blue in the logo xD gief EZA red pls.

  • Bought it the other day and am quite enjoying it, despite the fact that I suck terrible ass at fighting games.
    Flash and Black Canary are my faves so far. Black Canary's legs with the openings on the hips make me diamonds.

  • I really appreciate how Netherrealm raised the bar for fighting games with their story mode. Now teken is following.
    I will eventually buy the game, probably when it's $30.

  • @DMCMaster Sent a request to join in on the action! I'm pretty terrible right now, but maybe that will change?

  • Tried to join the guild but my application got rejected.
    Wonder Woman is growing on me.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    The office EZA one or mine.
    Since I've gotten 4 messages about it I'll post it here,
    For those that have applied to my guild, I'll add you as soon as I can. In the event time lapses on your application just reapply and I'll add you when I can.

  • Anyone from Easy Allies 2 want to group up and take on a guild boss? I'm usually on at 11 PM Central time each night. The coop looks cool.

    Maybe a discord server would help coordinate guild activities?

    I'll post a message directly on the guild board online later today, but sound off and we can try and organize something.

  • @kariwgoebel I'd be down to try and help, I should be free around that time. Close to getting my boy Scarecrow to level 20. Still not close to gitting gud though.

  • @kariwgoebel Are in DMCs group? id be down to help cos im CET too, what boss you trying to do?

  • Picked this up along with the Ultimate Pack upgrade last week, looking for folks to spar with, my PSN ID is in my signature if you fancy some matches :)

  • Hey are there any guilds still going on? I started playing injustice a few weeks ago and I wanted to join a Easy Allies guild

  • Hellboy's in, damn!

    Hellboy, Black Manta and Raiden form the Fighter Pack 2. Previously in FP1 the game had Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero as DLC characters. And there's still FP3 coming up later on.

    I feel like I totally missed this, which I did, this year, because it came at the same time with Tekken. I've heard lots of praises for the game from pretty much everywhere, but at this point it's practically easier for me to just wait for the Ultimate Edition with all the fighters. The fall's already full anyway, is what I'm saying to myself. But anyway I'm really excited to just know that there'll be a sweet package then waiting for me in the future.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    To be fair if you time it right you can probably snag Injustice 2 for $30-$40 come November, and the Season pass is bound to go on sale at some point.

    God i'd wish he was voiced by Ron Perlman

  • HELLBOY!!!!!!!

    Yeah, that's mostly all I came here to say.

  • @DMCMaster applied today and awaiting confirmation

  • @Mr.B_Lopez
    Ill try to remember to add you when I get home

  • @DMCMaster too late, it expired after 24hrs. The game is weird that way. I'll apply again but only if confirmation can happen before it expires.

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