Injustice 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Fighter Pack 3 has been revealed, it's the final one, and the new characters are The Atom, Enchantress and the freaking TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!

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    That's insane, I love this! Still haven't gotten the game, but I'm hearing the Ultimate Edition comes out still this year, and with a roster like this it's a no-brainer to finally get.

  • I have to wonder if Neatherealm is thinking of doing another major cross over fighting game, imagine something like BlazBlue Cross Tag, but with MK, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Freddy, Jason, Predator, Alien, ect.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I have been putting off getting this game until it was cheaper.
    With the reveal of Hellboy it became a must buy, but now with TMNT it somehow becomes even more of a must own.
    I know some people hate crossover characters, but for me I love them especially when it might be the only chance I can play them, like with Hellboy. As long as it's not in the main story, it's just for fun.

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    @DMCMaster Considering Disney will soon own most of Fox, I doubt we'll be seeing Xenomorphs or Preds in MK or Injustice anymore.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Was trying to give an example.

    But hell imagine it Batman and Hellboy vs Rick Grims and Leonardo/Turtles

  • @El-Shmiablo You do know that WB made Lego Marvel, Lego Star Wars and Cars 3

  • For Tekken 7, but hey while we're talking about what the fuck crossovers
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  • I can't be the only one who waited. Injustice 2 - Legendary Edition with all the DLC characters and even a little extra something arrives March 30th. Excellent.

  • @sentinel-beach This is exactly what I waited for. Luckily for me I had enough games to play that I wasn't worried about waiting for this. I am super excited to finally buy this though.

  • i just played through the story, it is really, really good

  • I might buy the game again

  • I'll try and get this tomorrow. Pretty hyped, actually!

    Youtube Video

  • I got the game, the Legendary Edition. Played for about three hours now in the evening. A huuuge number of characters, love it. Feels almost intimitading when thinking that I should learn everyone at least in some measure. I still really like the way the background objects can be used during a match, and how the transitions happen through the stage ends. I've only seen a tiny amount of them and I've already cracked up many times. :)

    The story seems to be really long, which is excellent. NetherRealm did good job in MK9 especially, but I feel this'll outdo it. Many of the faces are super good, by the way. I think Harley Quinn's in particular, I feel weird almost looking at her.

    The Mother Box system will pretty much be my first lootbox system, and I finally get the magic now. The addiction catches you so fast. Won't spend any money on those, but it's rewarding to "crack some packs" and get new gear. And boy, there's a loooot of gear to be had. The customization possibilities feel nice with this system, you'll get new things slowly but surely, gradually building the roster into a tougher version of itself. The Multiverse system will really be the key for all that, just had my first bite of that.

  • I got my Catwoman to lvl 30, it's the level cap. This feels both bizarre and great at the same time, as most of this was done by the AI fighting. I put her into Multiverse and just started reading and listening to podcasts while she was going through the fights, leveling up and collecting mother boxes. It's like some sort of manager game if you want it to be. :] Gotta slow it down a bit now that I have at least this one "big gun" of mine. But a really cool system anyway, helpful to get you through some annoying and really difficult fights and get your hands on those high-level prizes.

  • Are the very first sets of gear unique? For instance Harley Quinn. Her initial head gear is the blonde hair with pink and blue, it's a lvl 1 common gear called "Crazed Pigtails". I have Harley on lvl 30, she's been there a while already, but I've NEVER gotten another gear like that, those hair I mean. I have so many epic gear (the gold ones), but none of them is "Crazed Pigtails", it's only that initial common gear. Which you can't even raise to lvl 30, I tried. So it's pretty useless, but I really like how it looks. :[

    The same thing is true also for Catwoman, for instance. Her initial head gear is the only one where her face is completely visible. I'd like to have that as well as an epic gear, but I've never gotten a similar piece of gear. And I've gotten a looooot of gear for Catwoman.

    So are those first sets truly unique, stuck only on lvl 1?

  • I'm getting really close to the platinum trophy. I played the required online matches with a friend of mine and got all those online trophies pretty easily that way. So now there's only single trophy standing between me and my platinum: the infamous Cat Fight. I need that Cat Call ability for Catwoman, either from a Multiverse event reward or "simply" from random Mother Boxes. But. It. Just. Won't. Appear. Dammit. I found a reliable site that stated that in the Legendary Edition of the game there are 245 different abilities between all the characters. At this point I currently have 199, and still no Cat Call. :[ I'm starting to smile like Joker, little by little, getting everything else except the one thing I want and need. deep breath Well, it will come. I've nearly exhausted the available abilities, not much room to hide anymore. Any day now...

  • It actually happened now. I got the Cat Call ability. Suddenly it was just there on the screen, from that golden little planet in the Multiverse. I fought Cheetah and got the trophy, then the platinum followed. Ultra Rare 0,1 %, I don't even. Pardon my French, but fuck yeah! :)