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    I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean I liked the trailer and all! it was fun and exciting.

    However, I only played through the "base" game and did a raid once or twice and got myself that sweet hawk moon or what it was called. Yet the game was missing so much... spirit? I know it was built for last gen as well, but with all the expectations it had with everything I still couldn't drop the feeling of it being rushed. towards the release when hearing key people leaving I should of known better I guess.

    Im not sure that I will pick the second game up.. unless they really blow me away at E3 and its vastly expanded instead of just "more of the same".

  • Personally, I love Destiny. I've logged my hundreds of hours since launch. It is "hamburger gaming" at its finest - it won't win any awards, it won't move you to tears, it won't stay in your mind for months, but its just a damn fun game to play. Get a couple of pals, boot up a Strike, and talk and chill as you shoot some cool, varied enemies in an interesting, beautiful sci-fi universe with some of the finest shooter mechanics to ever grace a console. Yes it could be better, but its always been fun for what it is, and Bungie has slowly but surely been improving the fluff surrounding that delicious core over the past few years.

    It isn't for everybody though, and that's fine. Destiny for me is like what FIFA, Assassin's Creed, or CoD is to other people - you just buy it every year, not expecting to light to world on fire, but just because its comforting fun.

    Also, I understand people who complain about "LOL WHY IS DER DESTINY 1 FOOTAGE HERE HURRR" but obviously I strongly disagree. When I see footage for World of Warcraft: Legion, I see footage that looks the same as a game from 2004. As in "duh," because it IS a game from 2004. Destiny is the same deal. I'm sick of people saying "oh, I'll wait a year and buy the COMPLETE game." Destiny is not a single product you burn through over a weekend. Its something you play constantly for years. You are along on its evolving journey. If you aren't into that type of game and just want a 15 hour shooter campaign, then why on Earth do you even keep up with Destiny content? That's like an MMO-hater constantly going on FFXIV videos and saying how "the game isn't even FINISHED yet, they expect me to pay full price and monthly sub??? Cheap Square Enix ripping us off."

    Rather than paying a monthly subscription fee totaling $120 a year, Bungie instead releases the $60 game and a few $20 expansion packs to total to $120 a year. Its just a different model, but the same fundamental idea. If you think its wrong to buy Destiny 2 because it will have expansions, then its equally wrong to have bought World of Warcaft for $60 in 2004 because you could have just waited for Crusade, Lich King, etc down the road and got it cheaper.

  • I'm gonna get it on PS4. A friend of mine will also be playing. Can't wait for us to get that EZA clan going and raid with you guys.

  • I'll be getting it on PS4. I'm a little nervous about their content rollout. The idea of only having one raid at launch reminded me of the mistakes they made in the release of Destiny 1, but I'm still hopeful that the story and primary campaign in general is meaty enough to cover that gap.

  • I'll also be playing on PS4. Simply because my clan is PS based. Asides from not having the other systems. Although there's probably gonna be some PS timed exclusive.

    Feel bad for Xbox owners that had to wait a year for the PS timed exclusive maps like Section 618. Which I actually really like.

  • Assuming they don't say any more things that turn me off to wanting the game I'll be on PS4 for the first year most likely, moving to PC later on when it's cheaper or offers something cool cross-promotion with other blizzard titles.

  • Was really hoping the PC/Console cross save rumour was true. Would to have loved bringing in some of my pc friends without ditching my console gang.

    But Ya I'll be sticking on PS4. Not many reasons to switch right away, especially now with the delayed release date. It would have to depend on the initiative of my pc friends to pick it up on their own

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    I can only hope that the content issue the first game had at launch will not be repeated.
    Destiny has elder god-tier gunplay, but that is par for the course with Bungie.

    The launch was terrible, true, but that can be said about literally every other game these days. If you look at the game as it is in it's current state, it is actually quite great, and there is a REASON people still play it.

    I might wait as I personally feel a little burnt out on Destiny (and my backlog is a buttfucker at this point) but it is still totally on my radar.

  • I got burned pretty hard with Destiny's launch. I don't like how much of the game is no longer playable since I didn't buy the expansions. I guess I'm just not used to the whole MMO style and it made me a bit salty about the game. I got my Dinklebot, played through the vanilla campaign, tried to get into MP, found exactly one party to go through Vault of Glass with, we ran out of time and people had to bail halfway through - and never got to go back.

    So, probably skipping D2. Don't really feel like it's "for me"

  • Might pick it up, was pretty pissed at how short the game was at launch, let alone the low level cap, and the reliance on the light system ( Which I thought would act similar to the badass tokens from Borderlands) Although about a month or so after The Taken King I decided to give it another shot, and enjoyed every bit of it.

  • Is the EZA clan still active? Just jumped back in for the first time since Taken King released. Also is anyone still managing the official EZA clan?

  • I'm likely gonna pick this up, on PS4.
    It doesn't look much different... but shooting in the game is just so good, it's why I played the first one as much as I did. Granted I never did any of the Crucible stuff, and didn't have much inclination to do the raids either. I just liked shooting stuff.

  • @Inustar the Raids are the absolute high-point of Destiny, and its definitely worth trying to gather a party to run through. Going through the Vault of Glass for the first time is one of the most memorable experiences I've had this generation. The game has a killer LFG community at destinylfg.com where you can find a party of randoms quite easily. I've used it many, MANY times and only had a couple of bad experiences - most of the time its pretty good.

  • I would really like to see how well D2 sells. Given how many content makers and streamers are on Twitch and YouTube. Asides from being one of the top streamed games on Twitch. D2 reception may surprise some people who thought Destiny was dead largely based on the vanilla launch.

  • Does the 10 year plan of Destiny end with the launch of World of Destiny.

  • @ib0show It was probably something like a 10-year minimum plan. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Destiny 4 around that time.

  • I played the game for quite some time to start out. I probably put a few hundred hours in total. It did get pretty boring with the "bosses" being bigger, more bullet spongey versions of enemies we had already killed thousands of times. But, The Taken King helped alleviate some of that. Especially the raid boss Oryx. There were actual tactics needed to complete each portion of that raid instead of "shoot it as much as possible until it dies." like everything else before it. I never played after Halloween once Taken King came out though. I have no idea how good or bad the newest content was or what it added to extend the game. I just want them to fix my 3 biggest issues I had.

    1. Ships were nothing more than glorified loading screens. Let us actually use them to fly MANUALLY from planet to planet and have space battles! I fear this won't be happening though since you can skip going to Orbit altogether in Destiny 2. Seems like this is a huge missed opportunity on their part.

    2. Make boss fights meaningful and strategic. The Taken King raid did this, but EVERY boss fight needs to be imaginative like these. So many of them were just shoot this bigger, more bullet spongey version of enemies you've been killing this whole time. The bosses definitely need to be more unique in order to really stand out.

    3. Put the story and all the lore IN THE GAME! We already know that Grimoire Cards will no longer be a thing. I'm hoping they learned their lesson and we get all the lore in the game. The grimoire cards were just a bad idea. I HATED the idea of having to stop playing the game, load up their website, find the newest card I unlocked, and then read it just to get a little bit of lore. I never once read a grimoire card. They could have at least added them in a menu in the game for us to access instead of the stupid, roundabout way they had for us to read them. I'm hoping the removal of grimoire cards means we'll get all the story and lore in the actual game and there will be plenty of it.

    I'm hopeful for the game. They have my interest. I just hope they can keep me on the hook and reel me in by the time it comes out. Maybe all the details we get come E3 and beyond will do so and I can really look forward to the game instead of being skeptically optimistic like I am now.

  • I don't know about having much more complicated mechanics in every situation. Did you ever fight Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota at the Court of Oryx? It was abysmal watching strangers trying to figure out the boss that had identical mechanics to Crota, which was deemed the least imaginative raid in Destiny.

  • @frasafrase Yeah, that's why I specifically mentioned the raid. The rest of the ship was mostly just more of the same with some enemies reskinned as Taken Less bullet sponge and more imagination definitely needs to be a regular thing in Destiny 2.