Kill Your Babies!: Kill YOUR FINAL Babies!

  • @jipostus well yeah, not after you killed Katamari.

  • Okami (Action-Adventure, PS2)
    Beyond Good & Evil (Ubisoft)
    System Shock 2 (PC)
    Metroid Prime (Metacritic, Nintendo)
    Shenmue (Your Favorites)

    It's just not my type of game

  • Okami (Action-Adventure, PS2)
    Beyond Good & Evil (Ubisoft)
    Metroid Prime (Metacritic, Nintendo)
    Shenmue (Your Favorites)

    Just pick a genre already. What are you, Shenmue?

  • @Sazime said in Kill Your Babies!: Kill YOUR FINAL Babies!:

    What are you, Shenmue?

    Immersive sim

  • Okami (Action-Adventure, PS2)
    Beyond Good & Evil (Ubisoft)
    Metroid Prime (Metacritic, Nintendo)

    Nice! I get to have two of my favourites in the final. No losers this time.

  • And we have our FINAL final two! Which should be the defining game of Kill Your Babies!? The game that, no matter what, stands above all slaughter and should be immortalized?

    Is it the two time winner of best Action-Adventure and best PS2 game Okami?

    or Ubisoft's premiere franchise in Beyond Good & Evil?

    Click the link to cast your vote and come back one last time around 10:20 a.m. EST to find out the winner!

  • Any chance I get to vote for Okami makes me very happy.

  • And the vote is OVER! With a resounding 13-3 decision...

    Okami is THE game above them all, winning for a third time!

    I always have wanted to thank everyone for every bit of participation, from a one-time kill to being involved the whole way through.

    But this thanks is simply for sticking with these. It's been a real treat to get to know you through your tastes and interests and over the past year, I have truly enjoyed seeing the diverse thoughts. From die hard Zelda and Persona fans, the always predictable various stances on Final Fantasy, the.... polite.... disagreement in regards to Pokemon, the opinions on what games are worthy in being the best across many categories... this has been fun.

    While I will no longer do SC or KYB! threads simply because I'm tapped out of ideas, if anyone else wants wants to make them, I look forward to being a killer... wait... that comes off wrong... nevermind.

    I'll still pop up here and there through the forums, but this long-winded thing is just to say:

    I have really appreciated the interaction.

    See ya in other threads!

  • A great winner for the final killing game! Thank you Brannox! These have been very fun to attend to throughout the whole way.

  • I'm happy with Okami. Now all we need is for it to make it into the Hall of Greats.

  • Sucks I wasn't around for this final list, but thanks @Brannox for organizing those!

    At first I didn't like the concept and found it frustrating to see great games killed for petty reasons, while crappy games stayed on just because nobody paid attention to them.

    But then I embraced my troll side and found joy in crushing other people's hopes.

    It's been great fun!

  • Yes, doing these lists helped make me even more numb inside so thank you @Brannox for organizing so many of these and keeping it together throughout! It was a lot of fun!

  • @Axel @logic__error This is why I loved putting these together. I'm really happy to see you enjoyed them. Thank you!

  • These forums aren't the same without your mind games @Brannox its so quiet now.

    You never did do a list for announced but unreleased games. Would be fun to play right after E3.

  • @CGamor7 1st: They're not necessarily MY mind games. All participants' contributions helped shaped and formed what they became, giving them a unique style.

    2nd: To me, that seems like a list that may be a tad difficult to create with numbers, but if you want to build it and post it, go for it.

  • @Brannox ive been thinking about it. Have a few ideas.

  • I'm so happy that Okami won! One of my favorite games ever made. And I look forward to making some KYB and SC of my own.

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    @Brannox Thank you for all these games! Its been a joy to read and follow, now when we've reached the end it will all feel a little emptier in here! <3

  • @Lotias Thank YOU for being a part of it! Sure, it will seem a little different without that title constantly popping up, but people will have already moved on, and there are plenty of great threads going, so it'll be just as lively!