The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 5 Hype

  • Episode 5 releases a in a weeks time. Before it comes out, what's everyone's thoughts on the season so far?

    • Is it weaker or stronger than the previous seasons?
    • How would you rank it against other Telltale Games you've played?
    • Do you like the characters? Whose your favourite cast member? Who's your least favourite?
    • Do you think the gameplay/plot is improved over previous installments?

    Remember to make liberal use of spoiler tags.

    Spoiler I'm a spoiler

    I think that this season has been deceptively good, I already think that it's far more memorable than Season 2 and shaping up to be a climactic finale. Obviously Season 1 is the best but I think nostalgia glasses play a huge part in that.

    I think it's up their with The Wolf Among Us.

    Obviously love Clem. At the beginning of the Season I was worried that all the choices I made involving her would mean I was biased, but in episode 3 and 4 I really haven't found that to be the case. I can justify all my decisions and I'm also finding myself saying no to her many times.

    I also really like Tripp, mainly because his minor sub-plot is really cute.

    The entire engine is so good compared to previous games, the walking around parts have been minimised so that they aren't too common but also provide adequate reward should you choose not to skip straight into the next segment.

    Overall, I'm really hyped for episode 5. I think it's going to be quite epic.