Alpha Testers for HearthStone like game

  • Hi Allies,

    I am looking for balance testers for a digital card game I am currently developing and
    I thought that since the GT crew voted Hearthstone as Game of the Year I also might find
    some CCG friendly people here.

    The game itself is a mix between Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering and The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
    We already have these games, so what's the point in creating another digital card game you might ask?
    The difference is, that in this game all cards are free for everyone. If I am ever going to try to make
    money by selling something, it will be purely cosmetic items like Hearthstone's golden cards.

    State of the Game:
    -The PC Client is already fully functional and provides basic singleplayer and multiplayer.
    -Artworks are work in progress and mostly taken from public domain.

    So if anyone is interested please post below or PM me for the download link.

  • count me in !, always up for good, chunky alpha, (no joke) i love alphas, but real alphas not like destiny alpha , clunky kind of buggy , I am a tester , well was, for a long time so it is in my nature to write report on issues. drop me an email at or reach out on twitter @niko_tagle, im from chile, but im fluent in english , well idk if fluent but I can speak my mind


  • I love me a good card game and I wouldn't mind helping out. Count me in.

  • Sorry, I wasn't paying attention anymore to this post, since no one reacted in the first two weeks. You can download the game in it's current state from my twitter: Right now you can only play singleplayer because the server software is not part of the release, but once we got some players knowing the game (right now the number is basically 1, being me) we can talk multiplayer. So try out the game, let me know what you think and if you like the game we can play some multiplayer.