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    Thank you all for the help! I updated the bet already.
    Now the only question left is: Does third party consoles count for this bet?
    There was a Sega Genesis classic console released but if we say "it has to be similar to the NES Classic" then the case can be made that they are different considering that the Sega Genesis Classic was not an official Sega product..or was it? Let me know if its a wrong assumption. @Bosman @Bloodworth can you guys confirm? :)
    thank you!

  • @edsortiz My interpretation of the bet was more on if an official Nintendo NES Classic 2 or SNES Classic was released. I have the feeling Huber got excited and said Genesis Classic but that wasn't really his intention, but what do I know? I personally would lean more towards an official Nintendo one though.

  • @Tragosaurus Yeah I also thought it was a new Nintendo product they were talking about.
    So more an NES Classic 2 or an SNES Classic.1

  • There was a bet a long time ago on GT Time between Kyle and Damiani about whether Last Gaurdian or FFXV Wild release first. It was never enforced

  • @Youngster-Skaymore It was :) Kyle lost and had to concede saying that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a puzzle game and NOT a platformer.
    They had to change the stakes

    During the Microsoft E3 conference Kareem Choudhry came out to talk about the Xbox One X and spent a total of approximately 4m and 30s and in between spent around 1 minute talking specifically about its specs. So as of now, @Bloodworth is the WINNER! (I say as of now because they still havent officially announced it.)
    Here is the link: Xbox ONE X presentation

  • Easy Ally

    Thank you LinkJr!
    I thought of another bet I can't fully remember! Huber and I had a bet over which would sell more: Destiny 2 or Call of Duty: World War II. Again, I can't remember if that was a podcast or what the stakes were. Does anyone else remember this?

  • @Bosman I vaguely remember that, I believe it was during a group stream. I'm not sure

  • UPDATE: Huber vs Bosman - Holiday 2017 Mini Classic Console Edition
    A new, premium Sega Genesis Flashback console from AtGames will be released this September. The system comes with 85 games built in and will also be able to read some Sega Genesis cartridges.
    Will this mean Huber wins?! Stay tuned... to the Easy Allies!

  • This isn't an official bet, but I want to put it here so we can remember. Bosman bet Damiani on the podcast #65 that Dragon Ball FighterZ will not be the top 1 or 2 selling game of its release month. Damiani did not take it because he didn't know the month, but he may take it if the month is right.

  • @SuperMaxio you could post the patron only post, for those who are $5 patrons and then change the link once it becomes for all.

  • UPDATE: Huber vs Bosman - Holiday 2017 Mini Classic Console Edition

    This just in! Nintendo officially announced it for this year. If it doesn't get delayed Huber will take the win, and Bosman will be streaming his favorite Puzzle game! :P
    (Maybe one of the reasons Nintendo is delaying the Switch VC?)

    Pre-orders are not up yet.., but it is surely sold out already and cancelled. So good luck on even seeing one in real life

  • oh, a new bets thread? nice.
    if you wanna use my weekly podcast score cards I can @ them to you every week. I usually post them as a twitpic and a link to the original gif as an answer to that
    like here

  • @kevboard Sure thing sounds great

  • Easy Ally

    I remembered another detail about my mysterious bet with Huber--I originally bet that he would have to wear a shirt with that freaky MLB The Show glitch face on it, but then had to change it to something less horrifying. And I have no idea what Huber was going to make me do still. Let me know if this jogs any memories.

    Also, one detail on official EZA rulings: While it is 100% that I will lose the "New Classic in 2017" bet, it can't be cashed in until the product is released. Otherwise, both that stupid Sega thing and the SNES could be suddenly cancelled and I would be sitting here having streamed Captain Toad for 20 minutes for no reason.

  • @Bosman said in New EZA Bet Tracker:

    I would be sitting here having streamed Captain Toad for 20 minutes for no reason.

    Isn't enjoying the best puzzle game on Wii U a good reason?

  • @Axel It not about that, it's a principle by this point. But we will see that stream, unless something drastic happens.

  • @Bosman The bet you're talking about is hidden in this early May video of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament. I couldn't watch it through again, but it's there. It was about which one would sell more: CoD WWII or Destiny 2. I, too, remember that the shirt was changed into something (Ben started to say something about it, how it's too horrible?). First you were supposed to finish Persona 5, but you didn't accept. There are mentions of Drawn to Death in the comments and that does ring a bell, so I'm guessing Huber said you'd have to stream that for X amount of time. It's all there somewhere.
    Youtube Video

  • @Bosman @Sentinel-Beach Found it! I knew I remembered it being in a Group Stream, thanks @Sentinel-Beach !

    Bet starts here:
    In-commodities brought up here: actual change:

    If Destiny sells more; Bosman has to stream Drawn to Death for 1 continuous hour for 3 days separately (Mon, Wed, Fri)(3 hours total). Finally making David Jaffe happy.
    If COD WWII sells more Huber has to wear a t-shirt live for a week that says "I just love pasta baby"

    First Huber had to wear a t-shirt with the MLB The show 2017 glitch guy but had to be changed due to the others having to watch the highly disturbing image.

    I will add the bet on main post as soon as I can

  • @Bosman Makes complete sense. Basically the way they are organized on the main post is:
    under Current bets we have the ones that the outcome is still unknown or a specific date still hasn't come (like the mini console or a game release).
    under Completed bets the outcome is 100% known and the only thing left is the payout. I have under this one the animal crossing bet because the outcome is known even though the next Animal crossing game has not been released.