Aiming high for Patreon funding and the new studio...

  • I realise that all current / future Patrons set their pledges at a level that is financially viable, and that the Allies' crowd funding is already a huge success.

    I also realise that with E3 just weeks away, the prospect of a shiny new studio set up being designed and built in time for this years coverage is extremely unrealistic.

    However, as Kyle says, we're all riding this rocket ship straight to the sun. So let's aim for the stars!

    I currently pledge $5 a month to the Allies. I've loved their content since the early GT days, and seeing them achieve so much as an independent entity has been really exciting.

    If every one of the current 6000+ Patrons increased their pledges by $1, the Allies would smash their Studio target and Year 2 would get one helluva upgrade.

    This final push would lead to a permanent upgrade to the production values of every single EZA show, and who knows how things could develop in the future! Look at what Kinda Funny, Rooster Teeth etc... have managed to do by further engaging their respective communities. This kind of 'grassroots' thinking could be a real win for the Allies, and a fantastic reward for their ever growing fan base.

    Apologies if this notion has already been explored elsewhere on the boards, but I wanted to get thoughts from fellow Allies about this.

  • I can only viable afford that $1 pledge, and sometimes I feel that is too much, not because I don't like the content, but because I'm nearly broke. So I'm sticking with that.

  • Jones already qualified the $50K goal by saying that it wouldn't really change the Allies' travel time or behavior. The task of actually getting these people into a room together is unchanged by having a space, it just changes the target from Brandon's garage. Ben and Brad (or maybe it was someone else besides Ben) apparently live a good ways and a lot of traffic apart from each other and Brandon's home. A studio wouldn't create more group streams, as very few streams outside of the regular Tuesday one ever feature more than one ally in person. So I'm not really bothered about reaching $50K or not. It doesn't seem like the Allies will change much regardless, and I could give a damn about sets and production value.