Star Wars Battlefront II (EZA New Republic Alliance)

  • Hello!

     I'm new to the forums but A long time EZA fan and new Patron looking to find some people who know some things about love and respect to play video games with. . . . . . I'm also a HUGE Star Wars fan (insert touching childhood story about first action figure/movie/game). 

    If any Allies are looking for people to play battlefront 1(2015) or Battlefront II(2017) Let's start an "Easy Alliance". I play Battlefront 1 on PC, and will be switching to Ps4 for battlefront II.

    Love and Respect!

    PS username: FN-1991

  • Yes! I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and I love Battlefront! It's such a jolly game! I'm so hyped for its sequel!
    PSN: jifw52
    Love & Respect.

  • If/when I get Battlefront 2, I would totally love to have some folks to play with. I'm on PSN: BluebeardBill. One caveat, though: I'm pretty awful at online multiplayer shooters, so I may need to ride your coattails to victory.

  • I'm already playing Battlefront on PS4, and I will be getting Battlefront 2 as there's a group who are getting it as well.

    PSN: Churchy1310

  • Awesome! I play Battlefront on PS4 but my level is much lower than the PC version. Lets play sometime. I'll add you guys. See you on the battlefield!

  • @Billy It's all good. No skill level required, just a ps4 and a controller.

  • Has Galactic Conquest been confirmed or denied for this release? It's honestly the main reason I used to play Battlefront back in the day so.. I probably won't be hopping in without it.

    The idea of having a galactic conquest mode with teams would be extremely impressive.. but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

  • @SabotageTheTruth No confirmation yet, although no details have really been revealed other than there will be a single player campaign and multiplayer. Probably more news at EA play.

  • Anyone wanna group up and play this Saturday?

  • @savey_studentii Sounds like hype! Are you in the ps4 EZA Community? Perhaps we could get others to join us via there

  • I think I am, but I'm not sure cause isn't there an official one and a fan created one. I'll check again this evening.

    It would be SUPER FUN to play with some allies!

  • Hey Allies,

    Does this Saturday (tomorrow) at like 1:00pm central (11 pacific?) time work?

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    Glad to see a little group seem to be gathering up to play together! EZA friendship for the win! I might actually buy this on release. I wasnt a huge fan of the first game. However, the more I see of the sequel the more I want to play it. I can't believe they didn't bring in content from all the films in the first game. To be fair it felt like there was a huge lack of content all in all in the first game. This time around though with the campaign and all I feel like I should be game