Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales / Gwent (PC/PS4/XBO)

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    The Open Beta is live! On PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This is it: no more account progress wipes, we're good to go.

    "Do you plan on wiping accounts in the future?
    No further account progress wipes are planned, but — since GWENT is still in the beta stage of development — however unlikely, wipes are technically still possible. If we need to reset your beta progress, we will inform about that in advance."

    The titillating-sounding story mode will arrive later with the version 1.0.
    "When does the beta end? What’s the release date of GWENT 1.0?
    We plan to go out of beta when the game is feature-rich, polished and sufficiently tested. Version 1.0, which we will consider the first out-of-beta version, will introduce single player story campaigns. 1.0 is just the beginning for GWENT — the game is going to be continuously updated with features and cards."

    I just loved this in The Witcher III. May take a while to get into the groove again, plus there's been changes here and there, bigger and smaller, but I'm hoping to reinvigorate this love story.

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  • I know next to nothing about The Witcher but I dig card games so I'm gonna try to give this open beta a go.

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  • Can anyone give me a brief comparison of Gwent to Magic, I play a lot of mtg (not as much anymore but I stay uptaded) and it would be easier for me to get into it if I find it at least somewhat familiar.

  • I don't play card games but I play Gwent. The netflix series needs Gwent.

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    Only CD Projekt could create a game in a game that spins off into its own game.

    Unless I'm forgetting other examples where this has happened before. I'm sure it has, but I'm too lazy to research.

  • @Art i believe square released a triple triad app for phones

  • There's been so major changes to the game balance recently, such as the removal of faction abilities. While not tenured card game developers, CDPR has shown over the course of the closed beta a strong willingness to listen AND RESPOND to their community feedback, so its looking good.

    Also, worst come to worst, that campaign is gonna be SICK

  • @bard91 My experience with Magic is pretty minimal, but they feel like radically different games. I'd say Hearthstone is a better comparison but even then, it's kinda far off.

    So unlike Magic, the players don't have hit point totals. Play is broken into 3 rounds, with any player trying to win 2. You only pull a limited amount of cards and won't go through your entire deck to end a match. Lanes are increased to 3 and you can apply certain effects (like fog/snow) that hinder entire lanes. Rounds are MUCH faster than Magic thanks to the limited card count and still quicker than most Hearthstone matches.

    I just love that the nuance from the game comes in several forms. Your deck itself absolutely plays a role but other factors such as leader abilities and knowing when to pass a round are crucial. Just an example for how I've been playing - I use a Nilfgaard deck with the starting leader, who allows me to pick up a card and place it back down. I've got a set of catapults (Rot Tossers) that when played launch a "rotting carcass" at my opponent's lane. If left untouched for two turns, that carcass will kill his lowest level troop in that lane. If I'm pulling what I need, I've got multiple cards that allow me to pick my Rot Tosser back up and fling even more carcasses over. If that particular lane has multiple troops that tie for the lowest point total, it kills all of them.. so if I throw in a weather effect to bring them all to 1 point, it destroys that whole line. While that seems way overpowered, I've played against people that countered it - either by killing the carcass or the Rot Thrower and then I had to formulate other strategies. That's only focusing on the cards though, I generally will try to force my opponent to play a lot of powerful cards in the first round while I've got my bad boys in reserve to sweep the second and third round.

    That's just a small example of one faction. Definitely worth trying out as it's free and this public beta has single player challenges and online play. Can't wait for that campaign to come out.

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    "Return to the world of The Witcher in GWENT: Thronebreaker — a single player story campaign which spins a truly regal tale of Meve, a war-veteran queen of two Northern Realms. Facing an imminent invasion, she is forced to once again enter the warpath, and sets out on a dark journey of destruction and revenge."

    Still no exact date for the single player story campaign, but it's "coming this year", and the wind's getting stronger.

  • To be honest, the SP might be the only thing I'd return to Gwent for.

    Gwent sadly suffers from numerous problems, several of them shared by other software based CCG (bad matchmaking, pay to win, rebalanced cards can make the decks you invested in suddenly bad, etc).

  • I think there might be need to either change the title of this thread or create a new one completely:
    "CD Projekt has revealed that Thronebreaker, its long-in-development single-player story campaign for The Witcher-themed free-to-play collectible card game Gwent, has evolved into a 30-hour RPG and will now be sold as a standalone title." And it's due in Q4. Holy shit.

  • pretty interesting but if it is the same layout as Gwent I'm hard out, I was so dissapointed going into Gwent to see they changed all the layout of the game to make it look like some sort of hearthstone clone that I was unable to finish the tutorial.

  • I don't understand why it's a Standalone title now. Is it purely a sales decision, thinking that they'll get more sales if it's its own client, or is there a technical reason?

    We've known that Thronebreaker was going to be a sizeable RPG for some time, so it can't be that they've suddenly realised the current client isn't up to snuff.

  • I changed the title now.
    "Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will release on October 23rd on PC via GOG.COM. A console release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow on December 4th."

    Youtube Video

    12 minutes of gameplay gives a good idea of what the game will be like. The playing field has been changed in addition to everything: now there are only two rows instead of the previous three.
    Youtube Video

  • I'm glad to see it is not the same horrible layout as in the Gwent game, don't know if I'll check it out but after enjoying TW3 so much I just might.

  • Damn this looks good! PC players are in for great times next Tuesday. Console players early December.

    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales | Official Gameplay Trailer
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  • A trailer for Gwent itself still. I really hope I would be able to find time for all of this in December then. Sort of have this as a long-time project.

    GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play
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  • Damn they changed a LOT in the new update. The game is borderline unrecognizable now.

    The entire layout is different, they got rid of the three lane system in favor of a more focused two lane one, many of the cards are completely different from what they originally were, you don't have to wait until level 10 to play competitive, The process of getting new cards has changed dramatically (though it still relies on loot boxes, the system for getting them has changed), and the list goes on and on.

    These changes are not necessarily a bad thing, with many of the old systems being flawed. The UI, while never bad, has vastly improved with the new update, and I am getting cards much more frequently than before. There is also a sort of progression system based on in-game feats that actually encourages you to try new play styles, which is extremely nice.

    Ultimately I think the game is vastly better with these changes, but I hope old players aren't turned off by the whole thing. I definitely was at first, but I honestly think the update has revitalized my love for the game.

  • Thronebreaker is now out also on consoles! 26,75 € on PS4, a good price straight away like this.

    I just can't manage to find time for this right now, but I'll definitely try and jump in on Q1/19. Quite possibly I'll try out Gwent itself as well, now that it's completely new in so many ways. Lots to learn.