Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales / Gwent (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • I changed the title now.
    "Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will release on October 23rd on PC via GOG.COM. A console release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow on December 4th."

    Youtube Video

    12 minutes of gameplay gives a good idea of what the game will be like. The playing field has been changed in addition to everything: now there are only two rows instead of the previous three.
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  • I'm glad to see it is not the same horrible layout as in the Gwent game, don't know if I'll check it out but after enjoying TW3 so much I just might.

  • Damn this looks good! PC players are in for great times next Tuesday. Console players early December.

    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales | Official Gameplay Trailer
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  • A trailer for Gwent itself still. I really hope I would be able to find time for all of this in December then. Sort of have this as a long-time project.

    GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play
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  • Damn they changed a LOT in the new update. The game is borderline unrecognizable now.

    The entire layout is different, they got rid of the three lane system in favor of a more focused two lane one, many of the cards are completely different from what they originally were, you don't have to wait until level 10 to play competitive, The process of getting new cards has changed dramatically (though it still relies on loot boxes, the system for getting them has changed), and the list goes on and on.

    These changes are not necessarily a bad thing, with many of the old systems being flawed. The UI, while never bad, has vastly improved with the new update, and I am getting cards much more frequently than before. There is also a sort of progression system based on in-game feats that actually encourages you to try new play styles, which is extremely nice.

    Ultimately I think the game is vastly better with these changes, but I hope old players aren't turned off by the whole thing. I definitely was at first, but I honestly think the update has revitalized my love for the game.

  • Thronebreaker is now out also on consoles! 26,75 € on PS4, a good price straight away like this.

    I just can't manage to find time for this right now, but I'll definitely try and jump in on Q1/19. Quite possibly I'll try out Gwent itself as well, now that it's completely new in so many ways. Lots to learn.

  • Thronebreaker's turning out to be pretty excellent. This is a looong game, it took me around 11 hours to complete just the first big map (in a completionist fashion). A good amount of challenge here in the card battles, it usually takes a few tries to understand the catch in a match. The story, dialogue and choices are of quality work, like you'd expect from CD Projekt RED. Big developments at the end of (the long) chapter 1, I was pleasently surprised.

    This has steadily started to affect my GOTY choices, I'm glad I haven't voted yet.

  • @sentinel-beach I've been tempted to try it, does the story require you to have played the previous games in the series or is it very much stand-alone?

  • @axel No, you don't really need to play the Witcher games, but it helps for sure. Or I mean I've only played The Witcher 3 and I feel totally fine with this. I'm not exactly sure when this takes place chronologically. Maybe it's a prequel, maybe happening at the same time as some of the games. Nilfgaard's invading the Northern Realms and you try to defend your land. Im sure Geralt will make a cameo at some point.

    But yeah, this is very much a stand-alone. Maybe it'll help a bit if you know something about the nature of things in this world, which factions there are and which creatures etc., but that's not mandatory.

  • @axel it actually takes place during the books, so it requires no game knowledge whatsoever. I'm sure looking up stuff from the books would help, but it is in no way necessary. Meve was only a minor character in them.

  • I've finished now three maps, the journey's taken over 30 hrs so far. A massive game, and in a good sense in my eyes. The story is really good, it's written with great twists here and there and with very solid dialogue. Both in the main story and in minor side events. And the characters are fleshed-out people, you simply like and appreciate them more and more as you go along. Especially Meve just works, I love and respect her attitude and actions (for sure, some / a lot of those are my own choices, but any way). And the voice actor does wonderful work as her, as do pretty much everyone. The story is a joy to live through with this group.

  • Sounds like I'm gonna have to add this one to the backlog!

  • I finished this game not so long ago and had great time despite never playing collectable card games before. I was pleasantly surprised that you can freely walk around the map. I immensely enjoyed puzzle battles (where you have predetermined deck with special (often unique) cards and have to do something specific (also usually unique)). Also I thought it’s nice that story is heavily integrated into the battles with special cards and victory conditions. And of course it has a true Witcher story, where you can’t just pick “Paragon” options every time to get the best outcome.

    Also it’s so relaxing for me to have a game that I can play with just a mouse.

  • It took me the whole January, but finally I finished Meve's journey after whopping 58 hours. That's was waaaaay more than I would have ever imagined, but luckily it was all practically quality stuff. I emptied every map of everything etc. Only for the final big match I had to turn down the difficulty and still I struggled, so I eventually googled a sound strategy and won the match. It had to do with a lot of the cards and units I'd ignored completely and was now amazed at how they actually could be played. So a bit of a bummer at the last stop, but hey, it's about the journey itself.

    Meve is up there with Arthur Morgan for my Character of the Year 2018. What a woman! A warrior queen with a heart of gold, put against often choices with only bad outcomes. And still she moved onwards, never giving up. Loved her voice talent Lucy Black, she truly brought her to life. And hats off to Timothy Watson as the Storyteller. An incredible amount of text to read, and the man delivered it all with just the perfect style and balance in his voice. It was honestly just a joy to listen to him and see it all unfold before my eyes.

    One specific choice cost me the platinum trophy, it seems, as I didn't get one of the weapons for Meve. That smarts a bit, I tell you. On a journey this long. Well, maybe at some point I'll start a new game on the easy difficulty and just speedrun through the story fights to get all the blades.

  • @sentinel-beach How interesting. My Meve wasn't a queen with a heart of gold, she was a ruler who puts the need to win the war above "good" and "justice". And it never felt out of character. Must be really incredible writing.