Hollow Knight (PC/NS)

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    I'm almost at the end of getting the most complete ending and I just wanted to thank Easy Allies and their fans for putting this on my radar.

    I saw the don't skip and still wasn't convinced that it was worth playing from what was said and shown in the video.

    But after a fan chimed in with his plea on the EZA Podcast, I was convinced that I had to give it a shot.

    Some of the areas and events that happen in this game are absolutely mind blowing.

    I've played almost every metroidvania I can think of, from the classics like SOTN and Super Metroid, to recent gems like Ori and the Blind Forest and Axiom Verge.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Hollow Knight is one of the all time best in the genre and just wanted to reiterate my gratitude for EZA and the fan that wrote in to the podcast.

  • Sounds good - I've got my eye on it too but will wait until the game arrives on consoles. If you don't mind me asking, how to you feel it compares to the likes or Ori and Axiom Verge (plus Guacamelle / Shantae / Shadow Complex or any other recent metroiavanias you've played)?

  • The main thing I liked about Ori besides the gorgeous art, is the escape sequences the game had. I loved having the pressure on as you platformed through the areas as fast as you could. The movement in both Ori and Axiom got pretty extravagant and I really liked that about them. I really enjoyed quacamelee but felt the colored shields and color coded doors were a big turn off for me.

    I would rate Hollow Knight as the best of the bunch followed by Ori, Axiom, then Guacamelee in that order.

    There is a hint of Dark Souls in Hollow Knight in several ways and I felt it constantly. The way the lore unfolds as you read and explore areas. There are plenty of sights to see that reveal a tone throughout the game that is very dire.

    The way healing is handled is similar in that it takes a while to heal, so you often have to decide when in combat it is safe enough to heal.

    The difficulty in Hollow Knight is extremely tough. There are times where I was blown away with what the game was demanding of me.

    The areas often include challenging platforming in the later areas, and the enemies and bosses continue to provide challenge throughout the experience.

    The way the sound and soundtrack are handled are extremely memorable to me.

    One thing I must say and I don't know if it was just me, but Ori and especially Axiom came at a time where I was absolutely craving the metroidvania genre. It took me about 2 hours to really get cozy in Hollow Knight. With all the stuff out right now I had a hard time justifying playing it, but once I really start to put into it paid in dividends.

    The scope of the game feels overwhelmingly massive at first, I would uncover new areas that I assumed were little side areas which turned in to massive and sprawling areas.

    There are amazing transitions and cutscenes that happen and moments that I don't want to spoil that blew me away.

    Sadly I feel that this amazing gem will go overlooked by many, but I believe it is one of the greats.

  • I saw the mention of Hollow Knight in the L&R thread and liked the art style so picked it up before that episode aired and the Don't Skip was made. Man I loved that game. For as much as EZA goes on about Shovel Knight being the best platformer around I really, really like Hollow Knight more. It really felt more Metroidvania whereas Shovel Knight was a lot more Mega Man.

    I've heard a lot of people complain that it's too slow. And while true the first few hours you are pretty limited in powers and map traversal that all changes as the game continues. I also enjoy the more methodical pace where you can actually appreciate the backgrounds, mobs and soundtrack. Monster design is top notch with cool modifications to standard enemy tropes.

    In all honesty, Hollow Knight is pretty much my GOTY at this point.

  • I keep hearing amazing things about this game and I can't wait to play it, sounds like one of the very best Metroidvania games around and I'm a sucker for those.

    Gotta wait for that Switch version though!!

  • @Axel said in Hollow Knight:

    I keep hearing amazing things about this game and I can't wait to play it, sounds like one of the very best Metroidvania games around and I'm a sucker for those.

    Gotta wait for that Switch version though!!

    Same here, gonna grab this as soon as it hits Switch!

  • http://teamcherry.com.au/holloweenwrap/

    Hollow Knight on Switch delayed to early 2018.

    Sucks, I'm still looking forward to it a lot! But it's also a relief in a way, there's already more than enough stuff to play.

  • Finally became a Fool. Up to 110%. This new DLC is good for tracking what you have and haven't done.

    There's a new Achievement for 112% called True Completion or something, so guessing that's the new goal line.

    Honestly, this is my least favorite of the DLC for this game, just because I'm not the kinda player who is seeking out challenges like this. I just want more lore and secrets to discover, more NPC revelations, more toys to find, etc. and this entire DLC is about challenging yourself to aspire to higher glory. It is free though, so I can't complain, especially when I've more than gotten my fifteen dollarydoos out of this masterpiece. It is even on sale right now for only around ten, because the devs are sooooo generous. I'll buy that coming Hornet Campaign Day 1 with how much I loved this game.

  • I'm very bad at video games but am thinking of picking this up from the eshop sale. Think I'll be able to enjoy myself even if I can't get very far due to difficulty?

  • @naltmank The game really eases you in and takes awhile to turn up the difficulty. Charms let you customize your play to styles that feel most comfortable for you, and the game is balanced so someone skilled with no charms on can beat every boss 100% every time. I see more people getting lost early game than getting stuck against a difficult boss. Lots of the difficult bosses can actually be put off until later when you have more health and damage and such. The real difficult stuff is all optional for true ending and the truly difficult stuff is even past true ending and just for fun extra lore stuff. Death is also not very detrimental, it is kind of like souls where you go to your corpse and get your money back, except instead of a corpse it is a specter that dies in a couple hits. Some things might seem challenging at first, especially before you get some utility tools, but stick with it and you'll be fine.

  • @mbun Done. Just bought it along with Okami hd. < 25 bucks total.