Monster Hunter XX is coming to Switch

  • YES!

    Sorry. Yes. Yes please. I'd love a Monhun on the Switch. 😀
    I love the changes they made.

  • I'm just going to post this bit of historical perspective on Monster Hunter's productivity this decade apropos of nothing because it took me a good deal of research and, frankly, counting to get it all straight. The wiki pages were written a little weird, but it's really interesting to see the series' history.

    Regarding new monsters in the third and fourth generations: I never count subspecies, deviant or not. The fanged beasts in Portable 3rd get a bit dicey since they share a hit box, but I think their animations are unique enough to make them separate things, or at least as much as Great Maccao is separate from Great Jaggi. I wouldn't count any of the raptor variants as different monsters, whether Drome or Jaggi. I also count Seltas and Seltas Queen differently. Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala are counted separately as well, albeit begrudgingly, with Chaotic Gore Magala counted as a reskin. And Dah'ren Mohran is definitely just a reskin.

    Accounting for the labyrinthine continuity I've described, Monster Hunter Tri added 14 totally new monsters, Portable 3rd added 7 more, and 3 Ultimate threw in another 2 (a flagship and an online end boss), bringing third gen's total up to 23.

    Monster Hunter 4 started with a wimpy 10 even with its Magala handicap, the Ultimate version added the traditional 2 more, then Cross added 7 more monsters like a content patch, and finally XX added the final 2, leaving fourth gen at 21 brand new monsters. It just took an extra game — two more in the west — to get there.

    Granted, fourth gen expanded the series in a bunch of directions with unique monster concepts like Najarala, Seltas Queen, and Gammoth as well as what I think are the best online end bosses. Although I haven't fought Alatreon, Dire Miralis, or the new guy yet myself — and I though Dalamadur was even more gimmicky than Ceadeus and Jhen Mohran — I really enjoyed the Gogmazios and Nakarkos fights.

  • @Billy same. i would have skipped it otherwise (had 4 and generations and was just burned out) but now that its a console monster hunter too there is a lot of appeal

  • Here's the link to the JPN stream. Japanese sites report that new features will be announced for the Switch version of MHXX.

    Switch info won't be until the last 10 minutes, or 8:50 PST.

    Youtube Video

  • Nevermind? The series creator just announced the Japanese Switch release date for XX is 8/25/2017. They showed an HD trailer.

    +2-way save transferring from and TO the 3DS version!? Cross play between 3DS and Switch (probably won't matter unless MHXX's 3DS version comes to the west, but it's still cool!)!? Save transferring from Single Cross to Switch as well. And a Switch bundle with special MonHan designs on the dock. Nothing special: it's still just gray-black. Runs in 1080p docked (and presumably 720 in handheld, though they haven't explicitly said that part yet).

    alt text

    alt text

  • Trailer is up on Capcom's Japanese YouTube!

    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    Gaijinhunter posted a video compiling all the information announced about the port, including some details on the control adaptations seen (given that the Switch version is minus one screen).

    It's CRAZY that this is coming to Switch first year. Nintendo is doing a great job of regular AAA games with Zelda in March, Mario Kart at the end of April, Minecraft in May, ARMS out at the end of E3, Splatoon out only a month later in July, and Monster Hunter XX out August 25th. We don't even need Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or Smash until next year at this rate.

    MHXX might even get a simultaneous western release announced at E3 given how 70% of Cross' relatively minor translation work is already done. Then again, Japan could get a cool next gen Monster Hunter game for August while we get Mario + Rabbids and have to wait until 2018 to play MH on Switch, which could feel pretty bad. But even then we can just digitally import the game. Who thought a Monster Hunter game would make it onto Switch just a half year after release!?

  • @Haru17 I'm so excited! So, there's save transfers from X on 3DS to XX on Switch? That is so so wonderful!

    Even if it didn't have a Western release announced, the Switch isn't region-locked; we could just play it anyway. It really is a perfect game for the Switch concept; heck, I logged in over a thousand hours for the series on my little 3DS screen. This will be a huge boon for Nintendo to put this out during the Switch's launch year. It may also bring in many new fans hungry for a deep game to dive into for their new console.

    Edit: Sorry, you already mentioned the ability to play imported games. :) I'm super-speeding through the news so I can try to get back to sleep quickly.

  • Mooore gameplay! :)

    Youtube Video

    alt text

    @Billy That's totally okay, it bears repeating that we can digitally import this. There will almost certainly be a demo, so everyone can at least have a taste before the western release if they don't want to double dip. I'm hoping for a concurrent release, but I may just break down if the western release is months away.

    Playing Monster Hunter with HD rumble (admittedly uncomfirmed, but there will be some kind of rumble whereas the 3DS had none) and dual analogue stick control on a 360-ish controller for the first time with hunting arts on ZL and ZR is going to feel so good! I'm turning the whole damn HUD off unless I need it, since full hunter gauges have audio cues.

  • I am so looking forward to this, I havent played for a couple of years( my last one being 4Ult with 500hour into it) so this will get my back into MH. And its really is the perfect system for it to be on, I loved going to the park and hunting then coming back home and doing some online. Now with a really good screen and on TV should be really cool.

  • It's easy to overlook, but there is already a Monster Hunter game announced for the west this year: Monster Hunter Stories. Who knows how that plays into Capcom's translation schedule, but the 25th of August is right before Stories' fall release window. It might be a simultaneous launch, Capcom might do a Ubisoft thing of releasing two games in the same franchise for different platforms on the same day, and there is also the possibility that everyone who doesn't import on Switch might be waiting 'til 2018.

    NA / EU / PAL Stories' existance also means there is no way a mainline entry like XX isn't coming to the west. Capcom will just have to be careful with the marketing since its the smallest content update from a previous game we've gotten since MonHan was on Playstation.

  • @Haru17 I could see Stories and XX Switch both coming out this year. I think they're targeting different audiences so they may not worry about them hurting one another. It could even be part of a bigger push for Monster Hunter in the west.

  • Famitsu released with some new images and UI details.

    They can even fit all three armor pages on one screen now so you don't have to toggle through them.

    alt text

    alt text

  • I skipped Generations myself but slowly get a little farther in every MH game that I play. Super excited for this one since I loved MH3U and I am sure I can find fellow allies to play with and show me the ropes.

  • @Pikagreg Ben will probably be streaming as well whenever it comes out in English.

  • The weapon stances seem pretty cool and I am glad they kept mounting in the game.

  • @Pikagreg The styles are pretty neat, and there will be five of them by the time XX comes out here (and of course guild style, which is just normal Monster Hunter). And they actually made mounting better. The chance to mount was made rarer to compensate for the addition of aerial, but now hitting monsters while someone is mounting helps them knock it over, as opposed to just flinching the monster and knocking them off / failing the mount.

  • @Haru17 That is pretty cool. I liked lance a lot in MH4U since it was so easy to mount things and running and jumping was cool lol

  • @Pikagreg It's a great moment when you find a weapon/style that just "clicks" with you. My friend absolutely hated lance, but fell head over heels for long sword after a single hunt. I like playing around with other weapons and such, but when the hunting gets intense, I'm always gonna fall back on my trusty guild-style hammer.

  • Capcom is livestreaming Monster Hunter XX from 8-10 pm JST on 6/5.
    The YouTube page converts it for you.