Far Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    Was kinda fearing the same thing, but just enough is done differently with its open world structure that it's rather refreshing. Hell one thing I've noticed myself is that I'm not fast traveling to places just to get to the next mission. I'll take the long way, and usually find 6 or 7 things along the way.

  • Really enjoying my time with it so far!

    One gripe I have is the frequency of "emergent" encounters that keep popping up. You can't walk 5 meters without some sort of mini event to spawn, a guy to kill, a truck to loot, a wild animal to attack you... It never, ever stops. There are times when I will kill some dudes and not even have time to loot their bodies before another group shows up!

    To make matters even worse, because of that constant spawning, the game also seems to unspawn older encounters to free up memory, which means I've shot a truck, got intercepted on my way to loot it by spawned cultists, dealt with them, tried to go loot them, got intercepted by others, killed them, then turned around to find the truck had disappeared, all in a span of 30 seconds. Soooooo that's unpleasant, would be nice if they refined the pacing a bit in a patch.

    But overall it's still a very fun, goofy and relaxing experience. I just triggered my first main story sequence (I think), so I'll have more thoughts about that later.

  • Apparently PS4 Pro comes with Far Cry 5 without any additional cost. So which game should I get when I trade Far Cry 5 in: Shadow of the Colossus or Ni No Kuni II?

  • @pat It is not bashing Christians thankfully. You have the good priest and there are even missions where you protect memorials from the cultists - and that’s what extremists do, is to instrumentalise religion for their own agenda. Happy Easter brother!

  • @dipset Not sure why you ask that in the threat for the game, but if you're going to the obvious answer is Ni No Kuni 2 of course.

    I'm having Horizon Syndrome with this game, everything I see about it makes me want to play it, but I fear that I will get annoyed fast and then never touch it again, just like with Horizon ZD.
    I'm not a Far Cry fan (SUPRISE!) I only ever played Far Cry Instincts on Xbox, but unlike the other Far Cry games that all play in some exotic place, this one has a setting that interests me, just like Horizon.

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    I'm being a shit head

  • Maybe a slight spoiler to some, but this game probably broke the record for the amount of times the protag is captured, not killed and then escapes. It's absurd how many times it happens. Every time it happens (which interrupts you btw) you're rewarded with one of the low-points of the game as well. These also happen when you do the things you'd rather be doing in said area. Some brilliant design right there.

  • Youtube Video

    The scene starting at around the 2 minute mark might be one of my favorite reactions from any of the Allies ever. Ugh, really itching to play this game the more I see, I think I'm going to boot up FarCry 4 to satiate some of that desire.

  • That Checkin' Out video was really nicely put together. Ben was somehow super genuine all the time and just having fun. Boomer and Cheeseburger talk was endearing, and of course that wolverine attack and his following reaction is already One of the all-time Greats. :)

  • I've been seeing a lot of comments, including from Ben & Huber on the latest Frame Trap, how "Nowhere is safe" and they're constantly being barraged with enemy spawns.

    I'm completely baffled as to what people are talking about. I'm playing on hard, and I don't run into this at all. You can't sit on the main roads without moving and expect to have no one come after you. This seems awfully realistic, as Eden's Gate controls that area, and will be reporting on your location. I typically stay on the move and I never feel like I can't shake enemies. You won't be killing every last one and be able to sit in a main area.

    Stealth is also commented as being impossible to do, which I find to be incorrect as well. It's difficult to do, and you can't have a body drop within a range of other enemies, but if you do it quickly there's typically little issues. There are bases where enemies are close enough together that stealth isn't viable, but if you are guarding a base you shouldn't really have your men stationed so that they can't see if another gets killed.

  • @stormcrownn While I agree about the roads, and that it's expected to a point for bad guys to drive by, where I have problems is outside places I just liberated or finished a quest. I have had guys pull up right to an outpost I just liberated and then had animals come out of nowhere, and then have helicopters fly overhead and shoot me.
    Which is fine really, but man after having a vicious fight I would love a minute to breathe.
    And I have had difficulty with stealth, but that's more on me sucking at it. Doesn't stop me loving that bow though.

  • @inustar said in Far Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XB1):

    Which is fine really, but man after having a vicious fight I would love a minute to breathe.

    Same here, I don't even have time to go loot all the bodies and explore the place I just liberated before more guys show up, or some NPC is attacked by a bear or whatever.

    After a while I learned to embrace it, but it really doesn't motivate me to immerse myself in the world when I can't listen to an answering machine message without being interrupted.

    The more I play the more I ignore all the world-building elements put in place because the game clearly doesn't care about me caring...

  • Okay, so I have discovered the first thing that really pisses me off in this game.

    I am female, and I have made a female character which I was excited about, so why the hell are some people referring to me as him?

    Ubisoft seems to have just put this option in without putting effort behind it. Sure it might suck to record more dialogue, but if you're going to give me the option then you need to follow through.
    I kinda ignored it when it was random people in the wild, but the fact a main character in a cut scene did it annoyed me.

    I have embraced the stupidity of this, and it's super fun, but sometimes a small thing can just irk you.

  • @inustar
    Honestly I only think the custom characters were just to help justify adding coop (which admittedly is fun)
    But I wasn't expecting the story to reflect it in any way seeing as your character doesn't speak in at all in the game beyond a few grunts.

  • Anyone here tried making levels with Farcry Arcade? Would love to see some levels made by you guys shared here.

  • looking at positive feedback. im getting the game soon.

    hope i wont be disappoint.

  • @dmcmaster Yeah I wouldn't expect it in the story, but it's just so haphazard since some people refer to me as a female and some as a male.
    They obviously included the option to be a female character for good press, they just didn't put real effort beyond that. But I do admit to viewing this rather cynically.

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    Knowing you, you will be.

  • @inustar
    Could also be a situation of the actors recording thier lines at some point in time before the custom characters were going to be a thing, but youd think itd be easy to get a few people back in the booth to record a "She/her" version of the same line. Then again some of them might have been unavailable.

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    Youtube Video

    Funny to see how much games these days have devolved in terms of these small (and some fairly big) features.