Far Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    Which is fine really, but man after having a vicious fight I would love a minute to breathe.

    Same here, I don't even have time to go loot all the bodies and explore the place I just liberated before more guys show up, or some NPC is attacked by a bear or whatever.

    After a while I learned to embrace it, but it really doesn't motivate me to immerse myself in the world when I can't listen to an answering machine message without being interrupted.

    The more I play the more I ignore all the world-building elements put in place because the game clearly doesn't care about me caring...

  • Okay, so I have discovered the first thing that really pisses me off in this game.

    I am female, and I have made a female character which I was excited about, so why the hell are some people referring to me as him?

    Ubisoft seems to have just put this option in without putting effort behind it. Sure it might suck to record more dialogue, but if you're going to give me the option then you need to follow through.
    I kinda ignored it when it was random people in the wild, but the fact a main character in a cut scene did it annoyed me.

    I have embraced the stupidity of this, and it's super fun, but sometimes a small thing can just irk you.

  • @inustar
    Honestly I only think the custom characters were just to help justify adding coop (which admittedly is fun)
    But I wasn't expecting the story to reflect it in any way seeing as your character doesn't speak in at all in the game beyond a few grunts.

  • Anyone here tried making levels with Farcry Arcade? Would love to see some levels made by you guys shared here.

  • looking at positive feedback. im getting the game soon.

    hope i wont be disappoint.

  • @dmcmaster Yeah I wouldn't expect it in the story, but it's just so haphazard since some people refer to me as a female and some as a male.
    They obviously included the option to be a female character for good press, they just didn't put real effort beyond that. But I do admit to viewing this rather cynically.

  • @black-cell
    Knowing you, you will be.

  • @inustar
    Could also be a situation of the actors recording thier lines at some point in time before the custom characters were going to be a thing, but youd think itd be easy to get a few people back in the booth to record a "She/her" version of the same line. Then again some of them might have been unavailable.

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    Youtube Video

    Funny to see how much games these days have devolved in terms of these small (and some fairly big) features.

  • Listening to the discussion on Frame Trap, I'm a little perplexed. Huber and Ben talk about the huge tonal shifts, how one minute you're doing a super silly side quest but the main story is very serious and doesn't fit that tone. That description.... reminds me a lot of the Yakuza series. Yet for that series, it's a boon and here, it's done poorly? Granted, I'm only an hour in (I caved and bought it, I'm weak) but I actually liked that fairly serious opening, it has me way more invested than FC 3 or 4 ever did.

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    Knowing you, you will be.

    but why my friend?

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    @black-cell Because you have ridiculous standards for what makes a game enjoyable. Hilariously, you will ignore those standards completely when you boast about your favourite games, which often suffer from the exact same problems of games you call "the worst" or "overrated".

    But yeah, you should get the game. Can't wait for your opinion.

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    @black-cell Because you have ridiculous standards for what makes a game enjoyable. Hilariously, you will ignore those standards completely when you boast about your favourite games, which often suffer from the exact same problems of games you call "the worst" or "overrated".

    But yeah, you should get the game. Can't wait for your opinion.

    my friend i played far cry 3 it was good/ok game. but mostly thanks to vaas. while theres lot of tedious section in that game.

    far cry 4 was awful imo. i quit it in mid, primal was also pretty bad far cry caveman.

    this one i was not impressed at first but looking at positive feedback i really wanna play it. how it is compare to 3?

  • I'm 2 hours in so far and i'm already loving it. I thought i just gonna buy this game for Far Cry Arcade and blast through the story, but the fact is i really enjoyed my time so far. Hope County feels way different than previous settings, very colorful and vibrant place, the kind of place i would want to move in to one day when i'm tired of living in the cities. It's also refreshing to have other characters working with you, before it really felt like i'm doing it all alone (and it is still quite true here, but to a lesser extent). The customisable character also made it more fun and kinda personal here, it's good to have a silent character that i can project myself into easily, especially in a open-ended game like this. All of these things i mentioned is enough to differentiate this game from the previous entries, the fatigue i experienced during Far Cry 4 is non existent, at least for now. Oh, and no radio towers is certainly a big thing for me.

  • @stormcrownn I'm just as confused as you are. The more I play, the more I don't see the common complaints lobbed against the game - I'm not constantly under attack at all, unless I'm on the main roads, which is exactly like any other FarCry game.

    While going through some brush, I heard some men yelling, "LOOK OUT, IT'S GONNA DIVE BOMB US!" and see what I thought was one pissed off hawk attacking some cultists. I gun them down, expecting some kaws of praise, but then I start being attacked... and damnit, it's a bald eagle! I killed America ya'll. It feels bad.

    Cheeseburger is the best companion, by the way.

  • The problem is, people just aren't good at video games. We have a device for you it's called the Nintendo Swi.... I kid it's the PC.

  • @sabotagethetruth Yakuza has a better story overall, and the silly is more scripted silly. Far Cry is mostly silly because of random stuff happening.
    So while I have fun with both, there's no question that Yakuza is the better game imo.

  • @inustar Oh, I certainly think Yakuza is a better game as well, but the tonal shifts aren't exactly crazy for me in FarCry. Not more than say, Grand Theft Auto.

  • @sabotagethetruth I think that's the thing with those types of games, the tonal shifts are not because of the game setting the tone but instead because of random stuff that either the players do, or what the world throws at you.

    But you must be having a chill game because both my BF and I have had pretty non stop crazy in the world.

  • @inustar On my end, feels like normal FarCry so far - pretty peaceful off the beaten path, absolute chaos on the main roads. One thing to note for me is my internet has been down all week so I'm playing without any form of patch and unfortunately, no way of playing any Arcade mode stuff.