Far Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    @black-cell Because you have ridiculous standards for what makes a game enjoyable. Hilariously, you will ignore those standards completely when you boast about your favourite games, which often suffer from the exact same problems of games you call "the worst" or "overrated".

    But yeah, you should get the game. Can't wait for your opinion.

    my friend i played far cry 3 it was good/ok game. but mostly thanks to vaas. while theres lot of tedious section in that game.

    far cry 4 was awful imo. i quit it in mid, primal was also pretty bad far cry caveman.

    this one i was not impressed at first but looking at positive feedback i really wanna play it. how it is compare to 3?

  • I'm 2 hours in so far and i'm already loving it. I thought i just gonna buy this game for Far Cry Arcade and blast through the story, but the fact is i really enjoyed my time so far. Hope County feels way different than previous settings, very colorful and vibrant place, the kind of place i would want to move in to one day when i'm tired of living in the cities. It's also refreshing to have other characters working with you, before it really felt like i'm doing it all alone (and it is still quite true here, but to a lesser extent). The customisable character also made it more fun and kinda personal here, it's good to have a silent character that i can project myself into easily, especially in a open-ended game like this. All of these things i mentioned is enough to differentiate this game from the previous entries, the fatigue i experienced during Far Cry 4 is non existent, at least for now. Oh, and no radio towers is certainly a big thing for me.

  • @stormcrownn I'm just as confused as you are. The more I play, the more I don't see the common complaints lobbed against the game - I'm not constantly under attack at all, unless I'm on the main roads, which is exactly like any other FarCry game.

    While going through some brush, I heard some men yelling, "LOOK OUT, IT'S GONNA DIVE BOMB US!" and see what I thought was one pissed off hawk attacking some cultists. I gun them down, expecting some kaws of praise, but then I start being attacked... and damnit, it's a bald eagle! I killed America ya'll. It feels bad.

    Cheeseburger is the best companion, by the way.

  • The problem is, people just aren't good at video games. We have a device for you it's called the Nintendo Swi.... I kid it's the PC.

  • @sabotagethetruth Yakuza has a better story overall, and the silly is more scripted silly. Far Cry is mostly silly because of random stuff happening.
    So while I have fun with both, there's no question that Yakuza is the better game imo.

  • @inustar Oh, I certainly think Yakuza is a better game as well, but the tonal shifts aren't exactly crazy for me in FarCry. Not more than say, Grand Theft Auto.

  • @sabotagethetruth I think that's the thing with those types of games, the tonal shifts are not because of the game setting the tone but instead because of random stuff that either the players do, or what the world throws at you.

    But you must be having a chill game because both my BF and I have had pretty non stop crazy in the world.

  • @inustar On my end, feels like normal FarCry so far - pretty peaceful off the beaten path, absolute chaos on the main roads. One thing to note for me is my internet has been down all week so I'm playing without any form of patch and unfortunately, no way of playing any Arcade mode stuff.

  • Side Note:
    I had my BF play Jones' Squirrel Town map in arcade and he loved it. Pretty masterful use of the tools.
    Arcade is pretty fun to mess around in.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Far cry 2 is easily best far cry game imo. it was better than FC3 and 4.

    it was hated when it was released now after 10 years people finally realised far cry 2 was pretty damn Good.

  • Banned

    @black-cell Far Cry 2 is very unpolished, lacks many of the improvements and QoL changes found in it's sequels, and generally suffers from bad design choices (infinitely respawning enemy encampments, weapon durability, etc).

    A single crowbcat video showing a few features that have fallen to the wayside over time is hardly "people realizing it is the best". He does videos like this for literally everything.

  • @sabotagethetruth

    My two cents on the tone in Yakuza vs Far Cry. In Yakuza, the sub-stories are zany to shift and give players an optional break from the very serious and dramatic main story. Same goes for the side activities. An endearing sub-story about pocket racer cars is tonally different but generally appreciated because these heartfelt and whimsical moments are a nice palette cleanser.

    Now I have to disclaim that I believe Far Cry 2 is the worst AAA game I've ever played in my entire life. I absolutely could not stand that game and I've mostly written the series off since then. A major part of my disdain towards FC2 was that it took itself so seriously that it hindered any sort of fun. You'd constantly repair you Jeep, you'd constantly fix your jamming gun, you'd have to take health needles with a long drawn out animation which does not match the hyper-aggressive AI, you'd occasionally get untimely "malaria-attacks" where you need to pop a pill. Everything was so serious, so literal, and so painfully trying to be realistic that it ruined any and all fun for me. So the tone of Far Cry from my experience was very serious on a gameplay level as opposed to just story or side story. The gameplay it self was militaristic, tactical, and tried to be rooted in reality to a fault.

    Now from what I've watched my roommate play of FC3, FC4, and FC5, the series jumped from that serious military overly realistic gameplay, to batshit insanity. Fighting angry animals, taking drugs, comic book style villians, weird rituals inside of caves in Shambala. Then it'll go ahead and take itself seriously for a cut scene with cheesy dialogue.

    I see what you mean when you say it isn't fair to give one game the pass for tone issues over the other, but I find Far Cry has yet to even find its tone as a series at all. It's getting there but each game isn't sure whether it is serious or crazy or something in-between and when Far Cry 5 is jumping around still, I think it's a valid critique but maybe we should just take it for what it is - a crazy open world sandbox shooter.

  • @dipset Yeah, I've avoided FC2 for those very reasons you mentioned. A lot of it sounds like "survival" mechanics and those never do much for me.

    Listening to the most recent Frame Trap, it's a little strange to me how Huber feels towards certain things. He's critical of the new FarCry because of the tonal shifts, seemingly only wanting the insanity the game offers without it ever trying to be a little more serious and tell a story. Fast forward to his defense of the new Pacific Rim and the argument is - we shouldn't listen to reviews, just turn your brain off and enjoy the spectacle. If that's all Pacific Rim did, then sure, I totally get it... but the first act is close to a comedy, the last act has the heroes literally saving the world. A huuuuuge tonal shift (more than FarCry, Yakuza, and GTA all combined) but we're meant to ignore that because... kaiju?

    I'm not going to die on the "FarCry has a good story" hill because let's be frank, it doesn't have one. The dialogue can oftentimes come off as cheesy and forced - but there's a part of me that feels this has to be intentional. Think of some of the best action movies ever made. There's spectacle, cool choreography, but there's usually some sort of serious story tying everything together. To me, the series has always resembled a high budget action movie so when it follows similar beats, I'm not really surprised or thrown off.

    In the end, a lot of open world games have similar "problems", they take their main story seriously, most of the other stuff is pretty silly. There's games like Breath of the Wild that are close to barren with their storytelling and games like Just Cause that focus only on being insane... but if FarCry wants to interrupt my explosions for a second to tell a narrative, I'm not going to fault it for that. If it isn't effective at telling that narrative then that's valid, but I'd rather have them make the attempt instead of not trying at all.

  • @sabotagethetruth

    Here is the thing, I love Michael Huber with all of my heart, but on-the-fly critical analysis isn't his forte. I wouldn't trade him for anything but I much prefer his collected thoughts in a critical review as opposed to his discussions.

    Not that I don't respect him or that I don't enjoy him on Frame Trap, because I really do. He can make me so enthusiastic about anything but he sometimes has knee jerk responses to questions.

    With all that said... ALIEN ISOLATION IS - IN FACT - A MASTERPIECE!!

  • @dipset I re-watched that Huber Hype and it was glorious... even if I haven't played Alien Isolation yet.

  • So.. i made a level in Arcade, nothing too special, just a simple survival-esque get to the exit map. When i tried to publish it, an error keeps popping up (Redhorn-80000B). Apparently it's a pretty common error, and it seems a fix is underway, but holy hell it hurts to make a level for 5 hours only to not able to upload it at the end :(

  • @bam541 Do the levels you create publish some sort of code or are you able to browse creations via user? I still don't have internet (hopefully tomorrow, Monday at the latest) but I'd love to jump into some ally created stuff!

  • @sabotagethetruth You can search by User and map name. That's how I found Jones' level.

  • @inustar Juuust finished watching his level on stream actually. I'm blown away with what he accomplished. I can't wait to make levels that aren't nearly as good!

  • Oh yeah, just a heads up. The error i got earlier is apparently because i bumped the terrain (making hills) at the edge of the map. As long as you're not doing that, it should be fine.