Far Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Peaches best companion.

  • @sabotagethetruth You're already putting way more effort than i am lol, you better share it when it's done!

  • @paper-lion Noo, Cheeseburger all the way man!

  • @bam541 Played your level last night, had a lot of fun. :D Thank you so much for creating an assault level that didn't have zombies or literally hundreds of people to kill, haha. That seems to be all I run into while randomly trying maps. The other thing I have to compliment you on is the layout of the main enemy camp. There's enough there to feel dangerous, but not overwhelming and there was a ton of stealth opportunities (which I always appreciate). I had taken out all of the guards around those small houses when suddenly a patrolling guard noticed the dead bodies and started freaking out. He kept going along my path of destruction, spotting dead body after dead body, screaming like a madman, as none of his friends decided to help him. That guy had a really rough day at work.

  • If I had time. I'd probably just recreate the Damn from Goldeneye

  • @sabotagethetruth Thanks, glad to know you enjoyed it XD. Enemy AI is the worst in Arcade, they keep climbing on the houses when i tested it, so i'm glad they worked out great for you lol.

  • I start playing it. it looks nice. gameplay is well refined but setting and story are pretty boring. all missions just involving liberate this, liberate that.

    hope it get better later. its same as FC4 but in different setting.

    Edit: the more I played the more i get bored. seriously. I loved FC2, and really liked FC3 too as it has great island setting and amazing villain that is vaas. but after than ubisoft choose 2 of most boring setting (3 of if counting primal) in franchise. im disappointed. its not good.