Easy Allies E3 Stream bets!

  • @ib0show If we're talking the conferences, then it's suit time.
    I wanted to remind myself, so I checked the conference streams.... and got sucked into just watching that Sony conference again. So good.

    At E3 itself, yeah that's casual but I thought we were talking about those conference reactions.

  • Just wanted to give my thread a bump before the allies make their betting special which I imagine will be popping up pretty soon here.
    Get your bets in!

  • 1.) 22
    2.) 12
    3.) 13
    4.) 5
    5.) 11
    6.) 16
    7.) 33
    8.) 10
    9.) 2
    10.) 5

    1. 3
    2. 4 (on 1 or 2 specific games)
    3. 3
    4. 1
    5. 5
    6. 6 (1 for every pre-show XD)
    7. 5
    8. 10
    9. 1 ( he will pull out a hoodie from his suit when Megaman legends 3 is announced)
    10. 2

  • Funniest thing is that we seem to all agree that Bloodworth will correct them on all the preshow announcements and Jones will dislike the majority of the conference trailers XD. Cant wait!

    1. 5
    2. 4
    3. 12
    4. 1
    5. 6
    6. 17
    7. 9
    8. 6
    9. 1
    10. 1

    1. 20
    2. 7
    3. 14
    4. 1
    5. 9
    6. 8
    7. 16
    8. 10
    9. 1
    10. 9

  • @Sentinel-Beach 20 Times!!??! hahahaha

  • This post is deleted!

    1. 4
    2. 7
    3. 8
    4. 2
    5. 6
    6. 3
    7. 12
    8. 5
    9. 0
    10. 2

  • 1.) 8
    2.) 5
    3.) 4
    4.) 0
    5.) 10
    6.) 4
    7.) 6
    8.) 6
    9.) 0
    10.) 2

  • 1.) 5
    2.) 4
    3.) 9
    4.) 1
    5.) 3
    6.) 7
    7.) 5
    8.) 4
    9.) 1
    10.) 3

  • Okay, I got the results right here as best as I could count, A LOT of surprises in the count. Lets run them down
    1.) 0, Huber did rise from his chair twice but both times was to use the bathroom. Still exhibited an unhealthy amount of hype throughout the shows.
    2.) 3, Ian loved A way out three times. Didn't say much of love throughout the conferences. I suppose that is what we should expect from Ian "Destined to die alone" Hinck. I'm glad he has Bender.
    3.) 18, Brad kept his hands to himself unless he was sitting beside his proverbial brother MPH, clearly he finds great comfort in his oldest friend. 18? really?
    4.) 1, Don did show up for a couple conferences although off table, he made a great joke "Visit Disney Land" which got him a table of laughs. As viewers of Easy Allies we should realize that Don is like a sniper, his time and words are valuable and he makes sure each joke lands. So although he only once make the table laugh, he only made 1 joke. That is a 100% success rate.
    5.) 6, I'm actually surprised at this one, he did spend most of the conferences holding his chin in contemplation but I felt that was not in the spirit of the bet. Still he did bring his hands to his forehead in wide eyed excitement a number of times.
    6.) 0, I feel there are two possible explanations for this. 1. DB was aware of this thread and exercised extreme discipline or 2. the hosts were very well researched. or possibly 3; this was a poorly worded bet.
    7.) 0, Damiani barely said a word for most of the conferences and the for the Nintendo Spotlight he was very professional. He did utter a couple "And Stuff Like That" but the bet was for the word "Yo" and I didn't catch him say it once. Good work MD.
    8.) 1, Brandon made him self scarce for the broadcasts, undoubtedly doing more important things at the shows. But he didn't care for one of the Nintendo trailers, I think it was the Metroid Prime 4, if you can call that a trailer.
    9.) 1, The betters nearly unanimously agreed that Kyle would wear a suit throughout the broadcasts, I believed he would too, I was just trying to trick some fools but he made a fool of us all and wore one to the Nintendo broadcast in which he raised it during the Mario trailer.
    10.) 0, Sometimes, sometimes you have certain expectations and you forget to take in account things like cables and headphones. Of course they wouldn't stand. They are professionals. I should have made the bet how many times will the panels eyes widen in excitement.
    But I didn't.

  • Now for the winners
    1.) @edsortiz guessed the lowest number: 3
    2.) @A7X458, @holy_angel_mx, and @Killstriker all where 1 off
    3.) @Sentinel-Beach guessed the most
    4.) @Sentinel-Beach @holy_angel_mx @Killstriker and @Inustar All where right on
    5.) @youchube and @LinkJr Where spot on good job guys
    6.) @youchube believed in blood
    7.) @Inustar knew Damiani would show restraint
    8.) @Killstriker Knew Jones would be scarce
    9.) @edsortiz @LinkJr @Sentinel-Beach @A7X458 I'm not sure if you were just splitting the difference but you guys made wise bets
    10.) @LinkJr still believed they would stand once
    That means our winner is
    this is unbelievable, @Killstriker @Sentinel-Beach and @LinkJr all scored 3
    everyone else scored 2, I don't believe in ties so as a tie breakers i am going to add up all the numbers and see who is closest to the actual final total which is 30 and @killstriker guessed a total of 56.
    Making @Killstriker the winner of Boston Seans 2017 Easy Allies E3 Stream Bets!!
    It was fun doing this, I will do it again for other conferences however, I will choose my bets a bit better.
    Thank you for playing and congratulations @Killstriker, care to make a speech?

  • @BostonSean You missed my bet on bet #2 :P I was also 1 off

  • @BostonSean Awesome work btw, a lot of stuff to keep track of, it was fun :D

  • alt text
    Special thanks to @BostonSean for the creation of this thread and the fast evaluation of all the results.

  • Cool! I made it to the podium. Seems like Brad was the key for that.

    To be honest, though, I'm still not sure if the pre-show and post-show discussions were included in these. I mean there were a bunch of "Yo's" in those for sure, so that makes me believe no? Well anyway, bets are always fun. Thanks for this!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Not post show, I specified that i would count pre-show and actual show. Also you should have seen me tallying up brad touching Huber, as soon as I put the pencil down i had to pick it back up.

  • WAIT
    @edsortiz Points out that he too guessed close enough on question 2 which should put him in the winners circle.
    His point total was 40 which is far closer to 30 then @Killstriker.
    So I'm afraid I"m going to have to null and void @Killstriker's gif and speech and give the right and responsibility to gif and speech to @edsortiz, Ed, would you like to promote a video?

    (Hey, if the Oscars can make a mistake in announcing so can I)