Hand of Fate Ordeals

  • So I recently backed a kickstarter for the boardgame Hand of Fate Ordeals. It looks really cool, with some great artwork and it's a weird deck builder which I love.
    Hand of Fate Ordeals Kickstarter

    The thing is, I didn't know there was a video game first.
    So how good is the video game? Cause I like the concept and was curious how it actually was regarded by people here, if anyone played it.

  • I played it a few years back thanks to Huber hyping it up on a Just Played in the GT days. I played the PS4 version so I'm not sure if some of what I have to say is console specific but here are my takeaways - it's a really interesting game, but some of the execution is a little flawed. Combat never feels quite "right". It's basically a lesser version of Batman's combat with counters and such, but it's very easy to win most fights. Framerate stutters all over the place. While about to deliver the fatal hit on the final boss, the game crashed for me, so I never went back to end it. With all the negatives out of the way, I'd recommend it for anyone that loves "choose your own adventure" books or D&D, because of how unique the storytelling and gameplay (outside of combat) can be. While most runs feel varied enough, you will eventually start to see similar stories pop up in the cards. The game does do a decent job of adding in new cards, that range from better equipment, to new quests, to new monsters though. Considering the stability issues though... I'd probably say aim for the PC version or wait for Hand of Fate 2, hopefully coming out later this year.

  • I've really enjoyed it. The combat is a bit floaty, but it works and is consistent enough not the be too frustrating.

    The thing I liked the most is that I felt like I could build a deck well enough as time went on without being overwhelmed by my options. It didn't feel like cards were added at too fast a clip.

    If anything, it might feel a bit repetitious. But, it's stylish and fun, never felt like a slog.