Rumor: Help me understand how are suddenly like 7 Monster Hunter games

  • I lied it's three.

    It's late so I'm just going to get this all out of my head and see what you all think about this rumor's likelihood and veracity — it feels like we'll know at E3 either way. For context, Monster Hunter Double Cross was released this March and was just announced for 8/25 on Switch in Japan.

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    Skip down to the line if you've read the images and don't want my explanation of the leak.

    So basically this poster called Double Cross 'Cross-Cross' before it was announced late last year, establishing their credibility that far and no further. They are alleging that Sony paid Capcom to develop Monster Hunter 5 as an open world game on PS4 and specifically not on Switch. PC is also listed as a platform for MH5, which is unprecedented save for the offshoot MMOs, and the 2018 release date is 'dead' with development supposedly troubled. Besides being open world, the game is streamlined, focuses on old monsters, has less than presumably the 14 weapons MH has had since 4, and features 'QTEs.'

    The rumor also claims that Capcom's main Monster Hunter team is also developing a sequel called 'Portable' for Switch in 2018. It would keep pieces of the hunting styles Cross added to the series and evolve the environmental interaction in an unspecified way.

    The old monster 'focus' is questionable to me as a MH player since they've been bringing back old monsters for the entirety of fourth generation, as are calling out 'QTEs' because cooking meat, being pinned by a monster, and mounting a monster could all be considered as such and are already in the series.

    Here's the NeoGaf thread I stole the screen grabs from if you feel the need to further enlighten yourself.

    Personally I would be down for an overhaul of the series' combat, as well as an open world entry providing that it isn't overlarge and doesn't become the norm. However the legacy monster focus bores me given how that would undercut the exploration aspect. And though I'm well-willing to buy more new Monster Hunter games that aren't just updated versions, it feels wrong that the rumored MH5 and Portable NS aren't the same game. The Switch can obviously handle open world games, and that audience (as well as the Japanese audience) is accustomed to portable Monster Hunter on Nintendo systems, which makes me think the whole thing is fake. Again, we'll probably know by E3, or failing that TGS.

    How great would it be if Monster Hunter showed up on both stages though?

  • Like all things related to 4Chan take with a pillar of salt.

  • As @DMCMaster said, I would take anything said in 4chan as pile of salt. But I'm still interested, and wouldn't be surprised to see some announcements from Capcom on Monster Hunter.

  • There are definitely a lot of things that don't add up about this rumor, like Sony being 'desprate' for Japan, Capcom's willingness to develop a major AAA entry not on portable where it sells best, and how generic going open world and QTEs are as features.

    I think we'll see Monster Hunter at E3 regardless of this rumor though. Ignoring Stories, Nintendo will probably announce XX on Switch for the west since the lion's share of that game's translation work was finished and released last year. I wouldn't expect Nintendo to show off anything new if they still have XX to market, as Monster Hunter tends to get announced at its own events or even the Tokyo Game Show. Regardless of this rumor, the main MonHan team that did 4 has been developing MH5 since possibly early 2015, and we heard about that gauntlet boomerang blade and also dog puppet weapon concepts after Cross released.

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    It would be nice to have a big budget Monster Hunter.

    I really haven't been interested in the series, but from what I can remember it's been handheld tier controls/graphics for eons.

  • Not really. Monster Hunter controls are as good if not far better than most AAA console releases. But if you mean the physical buttons of the 3DS itself, I agree they don't feel as good as Switch.

  • I don't think there'll ever be an open world MH game, unless it's a spin off or something.

  • @The-Last-Villain Well I mean the spin off Monster Hunter Stories already was an (I assume sectioned) open world. It was a 3DS game no less.

  • alt text

    Smoke, fire, and US trademarks! Capcom has filed to reserve the name 'Monster Hunter: World.' It's software, so don't go expecting a theme park or anything. To me the name 'world' strongly implies an open world game or at leas tone with a focus on environments, but that doesn't necessarily confirm the specific PS4-exclusive MH rumor this thread was originally about.

    What it does make almost certain is that a new Monster Hunter will be announced at E3, as the same thing happened before Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the west in the February 2015 Nintendo Direct about the New 3DS. Now, Monster Hunter: World could just be a translated name for Double Cross, but that would be quite strange since Cross 1 was already localized as 'Generations.'

    Ultimately, we'll just have to watch Sony's conference to see. And if it doesn't show up there, Nintendo's unorthodox Spotlight presentation.

  • Don't know why it took me so long to notice, but doesn't the info for the allegedly PS4 Monster Hunter kinda sound like Dragons Dogma?

  • @DMCMaster What part of it makes you think that. Just monster battling in an open world?

  • @Haru17
    Not quite sure honestly, could just be my sleep deprivation right now (yay not sleeping for 5 days) but looking back at it now just before E3 kicks off, it sounds like DD.
    Although I should probably give it another look once I've slept.

  • @DMCMaster I think it'd have to have a mage to be Dragon's Dogma though. I'm not very familiar with that game though, so you'd probably recognize its mechanics better.

  • Uh-oh.

    “That’s super important for us. I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein.” —Shawn Layden

    That more than anything lends credence to this Monster Hunter 5 PS4 rumor, now presumably Monster Hunter World. I'm still not down with the negativity surrounding this leak, but here we go...

  • Well Japan is not sick of Monster Hunter games. And Capcom is in need of money to stay out of the financial hole they dug themselves in.

  • @Haru17
    True but that could also be in reference to any number of games, Ni No Kuni, Shenmue, Dissida Final Fantasy, Tomba, Metal Wolf Chaos, Bloodborne, Parasite Eve, Xenosaga, Shadow Hearts, and countless other Japan made PlayStation games (Except Metal Wolf Chaos, that's wishful thinking)