FFVII Remake Production Being Moved to Square Enix Team

  • Looks like FFVII Remake has now moved fully over to square enix development team.

    FFVII In House Development

    This is usually a sign that there are issues within a project. Im really disappointed to hear about this because this means we probably wont see much if anything at E3 and ill be surprised to see this game released in 2018 now.

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    Not surprised. Something like a FFVII remake is a ginormous undertaking.

  • This is fascinating, not surprising, but more importantly necessary. Don't care when it comes, don't when I see it next, but I will support ANYTHING that makes this the best game it can be. Granted this may have extended the production schedule by years, but oh well...

  • As pretty much an outsider to FF this looks really bad to me as it only makes me think about how Square keeps mishandling their biggest franchise, and it honestly doesn't seem like there's good planning for this things.

  • @Brannox Yeah, all i see is Nomura taking a lighter to all the work that has been done, telling himself he can do better and starting from scratch. Fast forward 7 years and Hes now removed from the project while Tabata takes over.

    But your right, It hopefully means it will be better.

    @bard91 Yeah, it sounds like thats why they brought in that guy to manage the project better. Its unfortunate but at least they recognized that they werent managing it properly and made changes i guess.

  • @CGamor7 it's certainly good for them to recognize it, it would be far better if they would have planned things properly to not find themselves in a situation like that.

    I also remember hearing that they recently posting announcements for open positions for the project, for what seem to be some important roles, which is also concerning for something that would have been on the works for what? 2 years?

  • @bard91 Yeah, it would have.

    They said it was already in the works a year before the announcement. so 2- 3 years. Episode 1 of this game should have been a late 2017 (optimistic) to mid 2018 (realistic) in my opinion. That was the whole reason for them wanting to do it episodic in the first place. So we could get the game sooner. I would normally give them the benefit of the doubt but they stated it was a sensitive issue plus Nomura wasn't happy with things they had developed in the past. Sooooo late 2019 at the earliest i think. Probably later then that. Its probably going to need another 2 years of development time especially if theyre scrapping stuff which sounds pretty plausible from the news of the moving production.

  • I hope this has no negative consequences for CC2, also they should finally bring the entire .hack series to the PS4.

  • they should just move it to ps5

  • Saw someone post this on Gaf. Thought it was hilarious.

    Nomura hard at work on FF7

    alt text

  • Yup Development Hell again.

  • My question is what did CC2 do that made SE feel the need to switch back over to a completely internal team? Also will the game continue development under Unreal 4, or will it be switched to Luminous?

  • @DMCMaster i hope luminous

  • @DMCMaster Nomura was probably getting frustrated with their output. He wasn't happy with the first version of cloud that was shown off in the trailer. This could have become a reoccurring theme for them. Some of it was probably quality, and some of it was probably just pure drama and politics nonsense. But thats just a guess based on every work environment ever lol.

    @FF7Cloud said in FFVII Remake Production Being Moved to Square Enix Team:

    @DMCMaster i hope luminous

    Please no lol. We wont get it until 2028.

    A game built for a generation that their grandfathers all played!

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    @DMCMaster If it goes back to Luminous we probably won't see the game until the PS6.

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    I kinda hope that CC2