GOTY made differently/new show

  • Hi Allies,

    just wated to share a cool idea. I love GOTY shows, even though they usually don't mean that much. Either people didn't play all relevant games or they are biased because games came out too soon, too later. But wouldn't it be cool if EZA did a show called "GOTY" where they would discuss which game deserves to be called GOTY of - I dont know - year 1990? And then another episode with 1991. I think it would be amazing if community could somehow nominate their picks and even have their own version of these GOTYs. Those discussions would be amazing!
    Let me know what you guys think and let's bring it to EZA attention :-)

  • This seems like a topic for the feedback section.

    Carry on... nothing else to see in this post.