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    PC Gamer: You’re doing a campaign. This team used to make up Infinity Ward, partly, this is the first single-player campaign they’ve made since Modern Warfare 2, and that includes yourself?

    Shiring: It does.

    PC Gamer: When you come back to making a single-player now, how do you change your approach?

    Shiring: This is very different from other single-player games that we’ve worked on. It’s probably not the first-person shooter campaign that people are expecting. We took a lot of creative risks of embracing the pilot mobility and really leaning in on that, and trying to make a single-player game that doesn’t try to pin you in and get you to stop using your mobility, but actually encourage you to try new and crazy things. And our single-player campaign has a lot of surprises in it, so we’re not revealing everything because we want people to not know everything when they get into it. There’s a lot of really creative things that people will find when they start playing it.

    This question has me pretty hyped for the single-player campaign. Modern Warfare 1 & 2 were some of the most enjoyable experiences of my gaming career. I highly recommend reading the full interview.

    I'll probably be pre-ordering Titanfall 2, mostly to support the awesome guys at Respawn.

  • knowing EA they will find a way to screwed it up.

    beside it will be tack on campaign.

  • @Black-Cell

    Read the article. Respawn has already said all DLC Maps/Modes will be free. A very non-EA move. It's pretty clear EA does not make decisions for them.

    While Call of Duty is still trying to sell copies off of No Russian and All Ghillied Up, the guys that actually made those missions are working at Respawn.


    It’s a very deep progression system created by Todd Alderman who created Call of Duty 4’s progression system.

  • the first one did not peak my interest, i will wait for when some footage is out before i decide