Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles

    1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Crosses all genres in comedy, horror, drama, romance and one of the best superheros. It's just about the perfect show. Also, Xander is the greatest character of all time.
    2. Lost - A great mystery with fantastic character development. Side-note, I even liked the finale.
    3. Smallville - I love Superman so I'm drawn to anything with the character(s). It's also one of the best comic book shows of all time.
    4. Dawson's Creek - Pure guilty pleasure TV. Also, Pacey.
    5. Shameless - Racy, raunchy and often dumb humor that can sometimes be a bit offensive or crude. It also has some emotion behind it.

  • @TheChrisGriffin Which Shameless?

    Also while I'm not a huge Dawson's Creek fan, I thought it had a great finale. I love the time jump mechanic.
    And you get an A+ for loving Buffy, and maybe a B for Smallville.... mostly cause I don't know if it's one of the best comic book shows. Probably a good 6 fun seasons though 😊

  • @Inustar Ha! I kind of agree on Smallville. Those last few seasons were a little rough, but I enjoyed it. I'm also biased being a huge Superman fan.

    As for Shameless I love the US version. Frank and Lip are just the best. Haven't seen the UK one, but I've heard it's good. Based on the casting for this upcoming season of the US Shameless I think we may see that time jump mechanic. Just a speculation though.

    And Buffy is the greatest thing ever!

  • @TheChrisGriffin I really like that last 2 (?) Seasons. I loved it when Smallville started to embrace the comics more and started to bring other characters in. Having Booster Gold on it was a dream come true. I also loved Erica Durance as Lois, happy to see she's been cast on Supergirl, and Michael Rosenbaum was great. I think I disliked those middle seasons more.

    Actually never seen the US Shameless, and only one or two episodes of the UK one. Funnily enough though it's been so long since I saw any of the UK one, and all I see are ads for the American one, that I can't picture anyone but William H Macy as the lead.

  • @Inustar That's fair, I think season 8 of Smallville is where I started being disappointed. I wasn't a fan of the Doomsday arc and then the show became about postponing him getting the suit.

    I'd suggest US Shameless. It's all on US Netflix. William H Macy is perfect. His character is the worst, but I couldn't imagine the the show without him.

  • @TheChrisGriffin Fair, fair.
    Counter point. No Lana.

  • @Inustar HA! Good point! Her absence was not missed those final seasons.

  • Seinfeld, The Leftovers, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Lost.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles:

    Cowboy Bebop
    The Tick (animated)
    Black Mirror

    I'm gonna replace MST3K with Iron Chef. I always forget how much that show actually influenced my life until i start cooking something.

  • Twilight Zone (original)
    Sherlock Holmes (Jeremey Brett)
    Star Trek the Next Generation
    Non Non Biyori
    Kino no Tabi

  • @Vexchaneu I just started watching the new Kino no Tabi and really like it. What's your opinion on it? How does it rank against the original?

  • Very fun thread idea!

    Black Mirror - I've been a big Charlie Brooker fan ever since he did ScreenWipe, and this anthology series is the darkest show I regularly enjoy. Verging on emotionally harrowing rather than visually disturbing, a lot of the episode plotlines can really stick with you after the episode has ended (I still cant rewatch The National Anthem).
    Parks & Rec - The most recent addition to this list, I've been hooked on the upbeat nature Parks & Recs brings, something you would rarely find with this type of "awkward" comedy. The ensemble cast is incredible, each person has a different charm and they all play off each other really well.
    It's Always Sunny - On the flipside, Always Sunny is just as funny but insanely pessimistic, a wonderful contrast to Parks. Whilst it has become a little more hit and miss in recent times, the show is consistently clever and when a joke lands, it lands hard.
    Taskmaster - Without a doubt, this is the one show I think everyone should watch. Five contestants (usually comedians) compete in a series of eccentric challenges, all requiring some creative thinking, and all utterly absurd (e.g. "Make the best snowman (in July)", "Get a basketball through a hoop without touching it"). It's the funniest thing on TV and I adore it completely.
    Only Connect - I fear OC has peaked in recent times, honestly, but I still adore this intensely puzzling quiz show. Teams are given a series of 4 clues, one after another, attempting to figure out the common link between all of them. It is potentially the hardest quiz show aired on UK TV. Marvelous stuff.

  • 1. Survivor - I usually get some weird looks for this one! I generally dislike reality TV (although the South Korean game show The Genius is also fantastic), but Survivor is an obsession. The show has evolved over the years to the point where the the 'survival' aspects actually take a complete back seat to the social politics and strategy angle, and that's what I love about it.
    2. Seinfeld - Finished this off for the first time only a few years ago, and loved it. Definitely my favourite comedy series. Only Coupling (UK) comes close.
    3. Better Call Saul - One of the best shows on TV. Adored Breaking Bad, and I think this is close to getting on that level.
    4. Game of Thrones - The quality has really plummeted since the start of S5 imo, but I thought I should include it because I was in love with the series before then. I still follow and enjoy certain aspects of it, but I won't be super torn up when it ends tbh.
    5. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Fantastic animated adventure.

  • @Macka I was going to say it's great to see another Survivor fan (Recently got into it!), but then you said you are a fan of The Genius and AAAH!! It's so rare to find someone else who watches that show! Have you seen all 4 seasons yet? Any favourite players or games?! :D

  • @Tregard said in Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles:

    @Macka I was going to say it's great to see another Survivor fan (Recently got into it!), but then you said you are a fan of The Genius and AAAH!! It's so rare to find someone else who watches that show! Have you seen all 4 seasons yet? Any favourite players or games?! :D

    Yep, I've seen all four seasons. Still clinging onto hope that it could return someday as well. :'( As for favourite players - mainly the usual suspects. Sangmin, Kyungran, Hyunmin, Ahyoung, Dongmin, Yoonsun and Junghyun. I think Season 3 has the best games overall. Middle Race is probably my favourite from the entire show, but off the top of my head I also love the Zombie game, Scamming Horse Race, Open/Pass, etc. The death matches can be pretty hit or miss but there aren't many main matches I can think of that weren't great.

    Have you tried The Society Game yet? It's another game show by the creator of The Genius so I've been meaning to give it a go, but I've heard it's obviously nowhere near as good. Really should start it soon though.

  • 1. Avatar, The Last Airbender - My absolute favourite tv show. It just handles almost all the topics it takes on with grace and maturity and has some of the best written and developed characters of all time. Steven Universe is giving it a run for its money although that show has been spinning its wheels for a little while now sadly.
    2. Survivor - Throw me on that Survivor and The Genius are both fantastic and the pinnacles to which all reality tv should aspire to be. I think that both shows are so interesting from even a game design perspective, and the intrigue/social manipulation plus my general love of board games make these two shows a no-brainer.
    3. Firefly - Had to have a Sci-Fi entry here but also a 'serious' show. I don't really like a show unless there is at least a hint of comedy and Firefly nails that sweet spot of incredible drama intertwined with notes of comedy. I couldn't get through Breaking Bad because everyone was so despicable I couldn't bring myself to care about them, and other "serious" shows tend to just leave me staring blankly at a bunch of (imo) unrelatable characters. The old Star Trek series, Game Of Thrones, even Mr Robot all have these notes of comedy and levity with their drama and I love it.
    4. Psych - A silly show about two best friends who solve crimes with and without the police. It's just got fantastic character dynamics, which on top of the characters being fun in their own right just makes for a great time. 8 seasons and the show pretty much just rides on its core aspects, and it's incredibly consistent. Proof of just how far good characters can take you. Scrubs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Rec all fall under this mold but I feel like Psych did it best.
    5. One Punch Man - I enjoy a good anime but OPM is more than just an anime. It's a fully thought out and realised parody of an entire trope. I liken it to Angie Tribeca and Another Period where it takes this overdone formula and just gives it a completely new spin, but OPM is special in how it actually takes that comedy aspect and makes this really grounded and philosophical story. The Good Place is doing similar things with the sitcom trope as well.

    1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
    2. Futurama
    3. The Adventures of Pete and Pete
    4. Doctor Who
    5. Breaking Bad

    I have a lot to say about all of these, but I'll just talk about Hunter x Hunter for now. There are anime that I've watched that have better animation, a more carefully crafted world and plot, and more believable and interesting characters. That being said, I can think of no other piece of media that has made experience the thoughts and emotions that I experienced while watching this series. It's a beautifully flawed masterpiece, and I think most people have something to gain by watching it through.

    1. Fawlty Towers - This show doesn't have any flaws. The wit, the sarcasm, the play on words, the physical comedy, etc is all on point. I also love the fast-paced nature of it. Basil Fawlty is a perfect blend of buffoonery and relatability. Easily my favorite thing John Cleese has done.

    2. Night Gallery - The sequel to the Twilight Zone by Rod Serling. Twilight Zone is ultimately probably better and definitely more influential but I think picking this it the more interesting option. The horror and supernatural elements offered different ideas to explore and it's well worth a watch. Especially around Halloween! Lots of great episodes and a great show to watch an episode here and there of.

    3. Community - This is not a perfect show and has many flaws but I love it all. All the characters, the later seasons, etc. I'm so glad it was made when it was too considering how heavy so many people have gotten into celebrating nostalgia. I love the attention to detail that so many episodes and seasons provide. This show brings back small one-off jokes back and actually makes it work. I love that the characters actually have arcs and aren't just used for the purpose of telling jokes. I love the sincerity and the heart this show. Probably my most watched show I think I've seen the first 3 seasons 6 or 7 times.

    4. The Good Place - This is a new show airing it's second season on NBC right now. I haven't begun the 2nd season but considering how brilliant the first season was I'm shocked it's not more popular. It's so intelligently written and clever in it's execution. I really hope we get a lot more of this and I hope it all holds up. I have no idea how NBC has controlled the comedy TV market for so long.

    5. The Wire - The boring answer. The first 4 seasons are damn near perfect and are excellent television. Season 5 has some rough spots but I really love the conclusion to the Marlo storyline as well as some of the others. Boring answer but a great show.

  • @Rock said in Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles:

    1. Fawlty Towers - This show doesn't have any flaws. The wit, the sarcasm, the play on words, the physical comedy, etc is all on point. I also love the fast-paced nature of it. Basil Fawlty is a perfect blend of buffoonery and relatability. Easily my favorite thing John Cleese has done.

    Wrong. It does have a flaw. It's only two series.
    But yes, I don't think I love any British comedy series more except maybe Blackadder.

  • @michemagius I just watched the first two episodes of the new series and I think it is pretty good I think the animation is too clean looking the older series had a lower budget I think and as a result, they played around with filters and it gave it a unique feel, I didn't much care for the second episode of the new as it was a truncated version of the two-part colosseum from the first series. All in all, though I think it will turn out ok I hope they slow their pace down as it goes on.