Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles

  • (Animated Shows Included)

    You know the drill, try to pick 5 TV shows that describe your tastes. Not necessarily your favorites, but ones that best represent the spectrum of what you enjoy.

    Here's Mine:

    -Pushing Daisies : There's something for everyone in this show. Romance, comedy, music, mild horror. More than anything I've always felt like I understood this show, like it's what I would make.
    -Brooklyn 99 : My favorite comedy, with an amazing cast of ridiculous yet relatable characters. (Gina Knows Best)
    -Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : The most enthralling and well acted drama I've ever watched. Plus, I love history.
    -Lupin The Third : Likeable villains as the main characters, pulling off incredible heists. What more do you need?
    -Mob Psycho 100 : Comedy mixed with commentary on anime as a whole, mixed with heartwarming slice of life, mixed with amazingly flashy and emotionally charged action.

  • @DeweyDTruman Ressha Sentai looks amazing!

  • @michemagius It's pretty solid. My personal favorite Sentai, though really I picked it because it's a very harsh contrast to Kamen Rider Amazons tone-wise. Obviously I'd recommend them both, otherwise I wouldn't have listed them.

  • @michemagius You named a lot of specific things I like right there... But going a slightly different direction with some of the same...

    News Radio- In particular this episode.
    30 Rock- Tina Fey is a comedy genius.
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Every season, a genre. Every opening, a delight.
    Hannibal- Holding out hope fuller gets another season.
    Almost Human- Like a lot of Fox TV shows, taken too soon.

  • @Sazime Bryan Fuller just has terrible luck doesn't he? His shows are super quality, and they all end too soon. And I've been meaning to watch almost human.

  • @michemagius Oh man, Pushing Daisies is amazing! I wish more people had watched that show, though I know it's not for everyone. Definitely one of the most visually interesting shows, just overflowing with charm and humour.
    Also adore Brooklyn 99. Holt is easily one of my favourite characters in any comedy.

    • Code Geass

    • Psycho-Pass S1

    • Soul Eater

    • Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra (that's 2 I'm cheating)

    • Jessica Jones (they can't all be anime)

    So basically political thrillers and young adult fiction. Honorable mention to Firefly for being one of the only live action shows that can hold a plot thread to save its life while staying watchable due to the mostly likable cast. Also to Attack on Titan S1 for being the most intense binge watch experience I've ever had.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - It's the original favourite for me. I love all the Whedon shows to varying degrees, but this was the first. Spike is my favourite character still.

    Princess Tutu - My representative anime. It's my favourite anime, though it's a weird one I don't think most people know about. All the music is classical which is great. It's whole plot is based in ballet and stories, the bad guy is Drosselmeier from the Nutcracker. It's all about how important story is. I love it, and it's one that sounds silly on the surface, but it becomes so much more. Don't let the idea of a duck becoming a girl who then can become a magic girl stop you from trying it out 😊

    Life on Mars UK - This is sorta a scifi show.... maybe? Its sort of a cop procedural that takes place in the 70s in England. Funny, with great characters. I'd also suggest the sequel series Ashes to Ashes which takes place in the 80s, though it's not as good.

    Psych - One of my favourite FUN shows. Just so much fun, with super likable characters. Timothy Omundson is a treasure. Also has some of the best themed episodes, including a great one for Clue. I'd also include Brooklyn 99, Pushing Daisies or Eureka in its place for fun shows.

    Young Justice - I love superhero shows. This one though is probably my favourite in terms of characters, maybe tied with Justice League Unlimited but YJ has a better continuous story. I'd also suggest Green Lantern and of course Batman TAS.

  • @TokyoSlim The Tick was such a great show. I don't think there's been an incarnation of it I haven't liked, but that was my fav.

  • Futurama - I always got good chuckles out of this, and I prefer it over Simpsons.
    MacGyver (The original) - I always found this series to be fun.
    Game of Thrones - I love this series... Also, Still waiting for the 6th book to be released >_<
    Walking Dead - This series felt like Zombie scenario done right, though this series has gone downhill.
    Death Note - One of the best anime series out there. It's not perfection as some people say it is, but I would still highly recommend it to anyone interested in anime.

    I don't watch TV that much, and I know I have missed many great TV-series, but I watch what I can, when I can.

  • Game of Thrones - My main show, big fantasy universe really gets me going, any custom type universe whether fantasy or any other genre is amazing.
    South Park - Gotta be edgy and over the top.
    House of Cards - Anything politics is fantastic.
    Law and Order: SVU - Mystery and crime solving is amazing, why I love mystery games so much.
    One Piece - Anime anime anime

  • Monster - Any show that has multiple characters that ties them all together to solve one large mystery is a favourite of mine.

    FMA:B - Love for the same reasons as Monster but with completely different vibes.

    Daredevil - My favourite of the Marvel Netflix series. I don't like season 2 as much as season one but still one of my favourites.

    Avatar the Last Airbender - I love cartoons and animation. One of the reasons I decided to pursue animation as a career in the first place. Love the vibes and the characters.

    Courage the Cowardly Dog - Okay this isn't a top favourite but I love watching creepy childrens shows like Courage, Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Nice to have on when I'm working on stuff and don't really want to pay attention.

  • Stargate (Atlantis too)
    Hokuto No Ken (1&2)
    Dragonball (I count Z and Super as well as they are pretty much just different seasons)
    Invader Zim

  • @Haru17 Soul Eater doesn't get enough love. And Avatar was like my entire childhood.

  • @Inustar I'm here for Burton Guster.

  • Daredevil - I'm a big superhero guy, and Daredevil on Netflix I think takes the cake for me. I know some people didn't like season 2 as much, but I think it was still really solid and more consistent than things you might see from DC CW shows (which I still enjoy).

    Community - I just rewatched the series again. So smart and well-written, really hoping that movie gets made at some point. I don't know what they could possibly do for it, but I'm sure Dan Harmon could figure something out.

    Master of None - Super good and thoughtful comedy, love how it's so character-focused.

    House of Cards - Not fully caught up, especially with the new season dropping today, but I really like the well-written drama of it all.

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Walks that line of hilarity and absurdity so well.

    Looking back now that's a lotta comedy, but I think they're all distinct and show different ways to show that character development that I love.

  • I don't watch a lot of TV and haven't since around high school, so my scope of shows is somewhat limited, especially in today's age when I have never used a streaming service. With that said, the five I came up with are different in some way:

    1. Whose Line is it Anyway? (Drew Carey hosting, American version): Never have I not watched this area and haven't hurt from either smiling or laughing. The Robin Williams episode is my all time favorite and the classic "Scenes from a Hat" will always be a worth watch.

    2. Samurai Jack: I would like to preface this by stating I have not seen the new season that was put out recently and its been many years since I've watched this, but from what I remember, every single aspect of this show appealed to me in some way, so even it's been forever and a day, I cannot NOT (double negative) place it on my list.

    3. Courage the Cowardly Dog: A cartoon dealing with heavy themes, this blew my mind as a kind. The one featuring Courage's birth parents and the one about the tower shooting cannonballs of depression will always stick with me.

    4. X-Play/Cheat!: When I discovered G4, I was flipping through channels one day when I saw a video game on screen. Now, I can't remember what that game was, but from that point forward, G4 became my channel, and my first introduction to dedicated video game coverage. While it may have went down hill, it will forever be something that means something dear to me. I know it's cheating (pun intended) to have two, but I can't think of one without the other.

    5. Attack of the Show: Much what I just said above, but instead of games, I tuned in for tech and internet videos, and sometimes awesome interviews with various people from pop culture.

    Those are my five that I feel helped shaped my interests and personality.