Describe Your Taste in TV Shows Using 5 Titles

  • Good to see Pushing Daisies getting some love, it was excellent and short lived. I've got a conspiracy theory that shows that have PD as the initials are doomed to be wonderful, yet only receive two seasons. Party Down continues this theory.

    1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - I know a lot of people write this off as a lowbrow comedy but it's so well written at times, it boggles me how it's so underappreciated. Season 6 itself is just a meta arc about how successful the group has become and how they handle it. Even the later seasons (where most shows start to decline in quality) takes a lot of risks. Charlie Work is mostly all one shot with a few editing tricks here and there, Being Frank is shot entirely from a first-person perspective. Smart, dark, and disturbing, I've ran through the seasons at least 4 times.

    2. Futurama - Bring it back! Futurama just works so well on so many levels. Vibrant characters that do change as the series progresses, lots of sight gags, and sometimes some surprisingly emotional moments. Jurassic Bark is one of those episodes people who don't even like the show admit to loving because of how poignant and sad it is.

    3. Bojack Horseman - I want to say Futurama is my favorite animated show, but it's hard to make that distinction with Bojack Horseman around. They're similar in the way that they're both absurd concepts, naturally funny, yet it's all mixed together with a bitter sadness that permeates the whole work. Bojack has consistently gotten better with each season and I'm real ready for the 4th.

    4. Cowboy Bebop - I've been listening to the OST for years, but I finally finished the series recently. It's perfect. Nothing more to say here.

    5. Breaking Bad - Okay, yeah, I'll pick the obvious choice, but no one else has mentioned it here! Dramas usually aren't my go to genre but everything here has such a tension to it, you can't help but watch the next episode.. and the next... and suddenly it's the following month and you forgot to pay your electricity bill. I actually preferred the first season of Better Call Saul to the first season of BB, but I haven't watched past then so for now, I'll give the nod to the one who knocks.

  • My Top 2 TV shows of all time are The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. I wanted to confess my love for them right here, but I won't include both of them on this list for the sake of variety. The tale of Walter White is realised in an incredible way, and Better Call Saul is pure joy to watch as a route to that world.

    But OK, in alpabetical order, here's five:

    1. Justified - God, this is good. Just simply so entertaining to watch. It's the tone of the show together with the fascinating characters and the way they talk. That dialogue makes me smile so much. :) And hey, can you keep a secret? I have this like huuuge mancrush on Timothy Olyphant. The way he carries himself as Raylan, it looks so good and easy. Makes me want to be like him. I still have the last sixth season on my shelf, I've been saving it. Maybe now on this summer I'll say goodbye to Harlan.

    2. Lost - I was sixteen when Lost came and took over my life for the next six years. I was completely blown away by it and so deep into the lore and its secrets as one could be. It was something that changed me as a person, I feel. It was the absolutely right time between the two of us to meet and fall in love. Haters gonna hate, but I'll always love Lost. And man named John Locke.

    3. Mad Men - Mad Men was the most intimidating out of these five to approach for sure. It felt like I would be out of my comfort zone if I gave my hand to the show. And yes, it is a demanding show in a way, but it. is. so. good! The quality in this one! The cast is just truly wonderful, and of course I have a mancrush on Jon Hamm as well. Or maybe it's actually more Don Draper this time, in that era and in that place. There's just so much class in everything. What a journey this show was with the people of Sterling Cooper, simply loved it.

    4. The Office (US) - "If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice." :D Oh, Michael Scott. I love you and miss you so much! I think The Office is honestly my favourite comedy show. It was always like being with your dear friends, in a familiar location. I felt safe and good and was enjoying my half an hour with these wonderful folks I came to know for so many years. :')

    5. The Sopranos - The crown jewel of television. This is 10/10 any day. Every day. My God what a show. That grip is so tight you're in it from the beginning to the end, and why the hell would you even wanna jump off? The Sopranos is diamond and dynamite in the same package, it shines brighter than anything and blows your head off without a warning. And the late James Gandolfini... His role as Tony is The Best I've ever seen in television. He was living and breathing in that role with every single cell in his body. That performance is simply amazing. I can hear him shouting out of frustration right now and giving you that look while rubbing his fist that just hit the wall seconds ago. This is why I love television.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I've been watching a few older Always Sunny episodes lately. I forgot how good that show was in its prime

    Here are my 5 favorites, but I don't know how well it reflects my taste (if I have any)

    • The Wire
    • Breaking Bad
    • Seinfeld
    • The X-Files
    • Had trouble coming up with a 5th.. I'll go with Lost or maybe Season 1 of True Detective if it counts

  • Hard to think of what my taste in TV is other than "whatever I think is good right now," but here we go:

    Veep - Sharp, well written comedies that aren't afraid to go dark
    The Americans - Great acting and writing that respects the audience. It's not afraid of the slow burn.
    Game of Thrones - Not sure if this is really indicative of my taste in TV, but it's definitely indicative of my tastes in books and movies so I'm throwing it up here
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - My favorite animated show
    Arrow (Seasons 1, 2, 5) - I love superhero shows, and this is my kind of trash

  • Pushing Daisies: I feel like Ned is my friend in real life, and I can connect to this him dearly.
    Seinfeld: a series about nothing.
    Shameless: everyone is busy, non-stop, always on and up to something, and yet all want a happy peaceful life.
    Fresh off the boat: can greatly relate to this series.
    American Horror Story: just because. I fancy magic, ghosts, and mystery.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Always Sunny is one of those shows I absolutely love but just don't really watch a lot of since these days my TV watching is mostly limited to Japanese children's shows about karate bugmen. Same with Drunk History. Is that still around? I dunno I just remember when I did watch it I thought it was a blast.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Ahhhh! Another Justified fan! That show is great!

  • @naltmank Personally I think Gotham is the best superhero trash. But Arrow does come close. Except for season 2, Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson could never be considered trash ☺

  • @Inustar I have a weird thing where I refuse to watch Gotham even though I'd apparently love it. I always liked the idea of "would there be supervillains in Gotham without Batman," which the show kind of sets up as irrelevant. Also, season 5 of Arrow was back to that season 2 level of trash goodness!

  • @DeweyDTruman I think Drunk History is still around yes, but it's been a reeaaaal long time since I've seen an episode.

  • @naltmank I think it's more that the show gives a definitive answer, which is yep Gotham would still have supervillains without Bats. I would recommend trying it, but skip season one like I did. That season is trash in the non fun way. It's just plain bad.
    And I did hear season 5 of Arrow got better, I just don't think I'll go back and watch it. I did see the finale though, so I'll probably tune in for season 6.

  • @Inustar Yeah maybe I'll check it out during the summer drought.
    The main villain for season 5 was really solid throughout. The finale was awesome I thought. Pumped for season 6.

  • Community
    Arrested Development (there are only 3 seasons)
    Sword Art Online

  • @Tragosaurus Funny how you chose 2 comedies with only 3 seasons!

  • @Tragosaurus People keep picking things not in a "5 define" but definitely in my Top 10.

    Of course, I think my Top 10 are primarily comedies. :D

  • @naltmank Haha yeah pretty much. I will say there were bits of Community past season 3 that a didn't hate, which can not be said about Arrested Development.

    @Sazime I would say those two are definitely in my Top 10 but also are best at defining my tastes. They are two comedies but they are slightly different. Plus it just shows that comedies are fairly important to me, its not "describe your taste in TV shows using 5 genres". But yeah those two were probably leaning a bit more in the these are my favorite direction. I guess I could have replaced Arrested Development with Game of Thrones or something.

  • @Tragosaurus I know the 4th season of Arrested Development gets a lot of hate, but I remember really enjoying it. The first couple of episodes had me really confused but then seeing how everything tied together made me call it brilliant after finishing it. Granted, that was right when it came out and I haven't revisited the series since then, so maybe that hype train was influencing my opinion.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah I've heard that all together when you see the big picture its pretty brilliant, but I couldn't get that far. I forget how much I actually watched, maybe half, but I just got to a point where I wasn't finding any of it funny and didn't care for the gimmick. I didn't want a show that you have to watch through completely twice to enjoy it. I might have to give it another shot though with season 5 in the works.

  • @Tragosaurus Yeah, I liked season 4 initially, but I actually appreciated it even more the second time around. Obviously not the same as the first three seasons since they had scheduling restrictions, but yeah, liked it!

    Community on the other hand, I will defend seasons 5 and 6, especially 5. I think people just still have a bad taste in their mouths from season 4, but season 5 has some of my favorite moments that rival some parts of the first 3.

  • @Jamicov yeah, my problems with Arrested Development season 4 were mostly due to those scheduling issues. I wanted more Buster, but I realized that it was just impossible for them to work out. In the end I was happy to have more ☺

    And I'll agree with you on Community. Not as good as the first few seasons, but there's merit to those last couple.