Suggestion for End of MML Fun Game Monday

  • I'm not sure if this would be the proper place to put something like this, but I just had a quick, simple idea about Fun Game Monday now that Kyle is playing Megaman Legends. I would love to see Kyle, after he completes this play-through, on stream to re-watch his presentation for the game on the first Hall of Greats and see if there is anything that he might have a different opinion on or if his original thoughts on the game haven't changed since he played it so long ago. I just think it would be an interesting discussion on how nostalgia and how it affects your memories of games you loved long ago but haven't touched since then. What do yall think?

  • Easy Ally

    I thought a lot about my initial HOG speech after playing Mega Man Legends this week. While I probably won't ever rewatch it, because I'll just be ashamed, I do plan to come back to the deliberations with a much stronger case next time