Lost Sphear (PC/PS4/NS, 23rd January)

  • Tokyo RPG Factories new project early 2018 release

    Youtube Video

  • Just updated the topic title as it's coming to PC & PS4 as well. Judging by the trailer and I am Setsuna, the soundtrack will be very good.

  • I should be hyped for this, but it looks incredibly generic, and that trailer was an abomination. They're lucky Trailer Jones isn't up and running yet...

    Hopefully the combat system is fun and engaging, let's wait and see.

  • Im not to excited for this yet since i have not really enjoyed their last game. I'm really happy with the revival of this class style RPG but its not entirely in the direction i would like to see. I understand they probably are given only so much time and budget, but i wish they could really flesh the classic RPG out more. Maybe in a few more games. Its also $50 which might be seen as to much or maybe means this game might be more fleshed out. So i want to see more. Also Ive been wanting a switch, so i think this would be perfect for that. Wish they wouldn't stick to the same art style.

  • The premise isn't that interesting, the trailer should've been shorter (way too much just running around in bland areas) and it basically just looks like I am Setsuna 2.

    I feel they need to do more than just iterate on I am Setsuna. I am Setsuna got attention because "it's like Chrono Trigger" but they can't rely on that this time around.

  • Aside from the ridiculous name (which I have to admit I kinda like) there's nothing in there that gets my attention.

    I don't want to feel like I'm being unfair to Square but other than giving Yoko Taro a job I just see things being mishandled all over the place.

  • also just in other news I am Setusna is getting a Physical Release in Europe and Japan only on Switch however

  • It's no Project Octopath Traveller, that's for sure, lol.

  • Banned

    The characters so far are completely forgettable.

    HA! Get it?

    But seriously. The character designs look like something out of an indie rpg that you'd download on Steam for $5.

  • why would they show this now and not at e3

  • @FF7Cloud Because its not a megaton. Get the small stuff out of the way. Usually happens every year.

  • Looks fantastic, still haven't got round to playing I am Setsuna but have pre-ordered the physical version of this on the Squeenix EU store, I'm sold.

  • This looks like a $50 mobile game lacking an interesting combat system, plot, over the shoulder camera, voice acting, and any ambition at all. All those games and this is what Square Enix decides to port to Switch. Not good enough.

  • @DisturbedSwan I would play Setsuna first before pre-ordering this. I have less interest in this because of their first game. But thats just my opinion.

  • Looks like January should be pretty good for JRPG fans with Ni No Kuni 2 and now, Lost Sphear releasing that month.

  • @tokeeffe9 so switch gets it early? its still listed at Q4 2017 for switch

  • Hmmm, I imagine that needs to be updated. It's be very odd if Sony announced a release date first and then Nintendo announce an earlier date. Usually it's the other way around. We'll see I guess.

  • This really really looks like a generic RPG. Nothing really stands out about it. I'll probably still give it a try though.

  • Yeahhhh .... I checked out more of the stuff they showed, still see nothing grabbing my attention.

  • @glitch i think thats the whole point of the studio. to make games like the did in the early to mid 90's